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Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Christmas insertion

Christmas insertion


Provide extra spectacle at your event! Practice some great acrobatic stunts, and perform them in a short presentation. Extremely suitable for young and old!

€ 975,-

Actor Amsterdam  (NL) Acrobatic Climbing Dancing

Acrobatic Climbing Dancing

Actor, character

The daily, neck-breaking rides of this peasant couple are interwoven in simple wooden shoe dances. Anyone who wants to can join in with one of those little wooden shoe dances. Or else in a good conversation, a nonsensical joke or just an...

€ 974,-

Kids show Amsterdam  (NL) Wish list

Wish list

Kids show

This performance is an exciting interactive performance in which the audience can determine the further course of the story.

€ 975,-

Event show Amsterdam  (NL) Dutch reception

Dutch reception

Event show, introduction

At the entrance a giant Farmer Driekus and his wife Bertha create a cozy Dutch atmosphere and everyone is warmly welcomed. Driekus wants to help the guests and Bertha knows where to go If the walk-through is limited, there may be time for...

€ 975,-

Event show Amsterdam  (NL) Cirque Colourique

Cirque Colourique

Event show, intermezzo

A musical and colourful circus parade brings life to the brewery with a lot of cheerfulness and frivolity. Ideal to give your event more! Book this animation now via ShowBird.

€ 2.075,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Circus Clog: Calf Love

Circus Clog: Calf Love


Slightly poetic farmhouse with spectacular stunts. It's coffee time for farmer Driekus and his wife Bertha. Their daily pattern is broken as a game of teasing and challenging grows from daredevilry on stacked chairs to acrobatic romance...

€ 975,-

Actor Amsterdam  (NL) Circus Clog: Stilt-Animation

Circus Clog: Stilt-Animation

Actor, stilt-walker

Cheerful interaction of this beautiful eye-catcher. of a Farmer and Farmer's wife on stilts. For a warm welcome or as a running animation. Beautiful costumes in giant format. But even the smallest spectator can still get a hand. While...

€ 975,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Acrobatic Pete's

Acrobatic Pete's


These naughty pete's are actually acrobats and they'll climb up and down everywhere; so they'll climb up and down on you too! Do you want to make the spectacle even bigger? Then these Acropites can bring their own stunt bikes or go out...

€ 975,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Santa Claus at ball

Santa Claus at ball


A playing Christmas lady dances on and around a giant Christmas ball. Everyone who wants to can join her; young and old!

€ 565,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Cycling Circus

Cycling Circus


The acrobats of Cycling Circus tell their romantic stories while balancing on, under and around all kinds of bicycles.

€ 1.320,-

Actor Amsterdam  (NL) Pete With Horse

Pete With Horse

Actor, animals

Book these 2 Petes with a big horse at your event. Would you like to ride the pair yourself? This is also possible! Book the pieten with horse now via ShowBird!

€ 975,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Circus Clog: Workshop

Circus Clog: Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, spectacle

What can you learn with us in a workshop at the circus farm; Making brooms fly, throwing eggs, stacking people, throwing water, playing handball, spinning plates, rope jumping with clotheslines, waving flags with tea towels, hoops with...

€ 975,-

Actor Amsterdam  (NL) Christmas stilts

Christmas stilts

Actor, stilt-walker

A giant eye-catcher: this Santa Claus and Santa Woman in giant size

€ 975,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Circus Clog: Bike Rodeo

Circus Clog: Bike Rodeo


Cycling animation just samples Ros Rinus tamed before the eyes of the audience. Then acrobatic rides are made with the tame lamb. As soon as the peasant couple cycle on, the beast starts to buck again a little further on and all the moves...

€ 975,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Christmas acrobatics

Christmas acrobatics


Acrobatic tours of Santa Claus. In spite of his big belly and big beard he knows a lot about mittens. Book this acrobatic animation show to give a special interpretation to the Christmas theme.

€ 1.320,-

Event show Amsterdam  (NL) Circus Clog: Family on Wheels

Circus Clog: Family on Wheels

Event show, intermezzo

Farmer Driekus and his wife Bertha cycle with child and car through the streets. Sometimes on 1 wheel, sometimes on 2 wheels, but mostly on 6 wheels. Here and there they stop and show the public their strange baby bikes on which the public...

€ 975,-

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