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Barista / Cocktail

46 items found
Kids show Heinenoord  (NL) Kids Cocktail Bar

Kids Cocktail Bar

Kids show, activity

The kids can enjoy cocktails with this delicious bar! By serving fun comic names and delicious cocktails, this bar is a must-have at every event! Book the bar now on ShowBird!

€ 850,-

Cocktails Lelystad  (NL) The Cocktailbar with an oriental touch

The Cocktailbar with an oriental touch


Would you like to serve drinks at your party and event with an Arab theme? Then book a nice bar with cocktails such as "sheikh your body" "taliba teaser" and much more!

€ 850,-

Barista 's Gravenmoer  (NL) THE BARISTA'S - from the netherlands

THE BARISTA'S - from the netherlands



€ 299,-

Cocktails Alphen aan den Rijn  (NL) Cocktailbar + Prof. Cocktailshaker

Cocktailbar + Prof. Cocktailshaker


All-in cocktail catering including cocktail bar, cocktail shaker and cocktails! Enjoy the perfect cocktail atmosphere and experience at your party. A truly special addition! Please note that the base price does not include cocktails.

€ 395,-

Cocktails Purmerend  (NL) Caipirinha Bar

Caipirinha Bar


Freshly made, exotic cocktails known all over the world as a Brazilian topper. That's what our Caipirinha Bar brings. With lots of decoration we are a huge addition to your party! Book our Caipirinha Bar now at ShowBird!

from € 375,- from

Cocktails Purmerend  (NL) Cocktail bar

Cocktail bar


With a choice of 4 exotic cocktails freshly made by beautiful Brazilian ladies, this cocktail bar is a must-have at your party! The cocktail ladies make the cocktails fresh and this can be tasted in the fantastic taste! Book the cocktail...

from € 375,- from

Cocktails Amsterdam  (NL) Cocktails and bites

Cocktails and bites


A smooth bartender, with excellent skills and delicious cocktails. Combined with a chef's best appetizers, make your evening a party!

€ 950,-

Actor Eindhoven  (NL) Coffee ladies

Coffee ladies

Actor, food

The smell of freshly brewed coffee with conviviality. Something better doesn't exist, does it? The Coffee Ladies make this possible. In addition, they sprinkle all kinds of interesting facts and saving tips. Book The Coffee Ladies on...

€ 849,-

Barista Nijmegen  (NL) Latte Art

Latte Art


Latte art literally means milking art. It is the art of pouring the most beautiful shapes into your cappuccino or caffe latte. By pouring the foamed milk into the cream layer of the espresso using a special technique, the most beautiful...

€ 372,-

Barista Houten  (NL) Coffee bike

Coffee bike


With our beautiful characteristic bakfiets we like to provide your party with delicious coffee tea or smoothies. We also give workshops on location or at our bar.

€ 300,-

Barista Beilen  (NL) First coffee

First coffee


Boost your event with a First coffee espresso bar.

€ 404,-

Barista Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Barista with Mobile Espresso Bar

Barista with Mobile Espresso Bar


As Barista on Wheels we are happy to provide you with our mobile bars, real coffee at your event, fair, party, opening, wedding.

€ 363,-

Barista Winschoten  (NL) Barista with beautiful vintage cars

Barista with beautiful vintage cars


TastyBakkie, Delicious Coffee on Location We are happy to provide delicious coffee on location, whether it's for a corporate party or a wedding, for example, we make quality coffee prepared with care. LekkerBakkie has a varied choice of...

€ 212,-

Barista Nijmegen  (NL) De Bakfiets - Coffee bar

De Bakfiets - Coffee bar


Our cargo bike is a real 1940 Gazelle. In his earlier years he served a baker. We have restored this bike and equipped it with all the desired options, such as two power groups and a roof with spotlights.

€ 413,-

Barista Nijmegen  (NL) The Benelli - Coffee Tuk Tuk

The Benelli - Coffee Tuk Tuk


This baby blue pantydropper is a barn discovery in Italy. Because the factory where this tricycle was made was bombed flat in the second world war, only 2 of these Benelli's drive in the Netherlands. It doesn't get more vintage/industrial.

€ 413,-

Barista Nieuwersluis  (NL) Barista Company: Smoothiebar

Barista Company: Smoothiebar


Almost every visitor to any type of event has room for a delicious portion of vitamins. Hiring a smoothie bar at your fair or congress is therefore a guaranteed success!

€ 620,-

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