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  • Showbird is the ideal way to generate more attention for your act.
  • Potential clients can find you quickly and easily.
  • Showbird advertises its site and therefore also your act.
  • We're non-exclusive, which means you're free to do whatever you like.


  • The client sends a request, you send a proposal, the client approves the proposal and your booking is arranged.
  • The system automatically generates a contract with the agreements you made.
  • After the performance, Showbird will send an invoice on your behalf. It couldn't be easier.


  • If you have different acts, you can enter them all in the platform.
  • Use the 'My gigs' option and the 'Calendar' option to keep track of your acts.

One-on-one contact with clients

  • Make agreements with your clients quickly and easily.
  • Keep an overview of the needs and wishes of both parties.

Professional presentation

  • Your act and all relevant information will be presented on Showbird.
  • The Showbird booking system is clear and comprehensive.


  • Only clients who booked your act can submit reviews.
  • We take care of the payment details, which means you always get your money.

Agents welcome

  • You can easily link an agent to your account.
  • Your agent can manage your acts and bookings on your behalf.

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