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Food truck Schagen  (NL) De WentelTeefjes

De WentelTeefjes

Food truck

Hello! Hello! I'm Miranda, the "WentelTeefje" Since January this year (2017) I am the proud owner of this unique Foodtruck, From this bright red caravan, the WentelTeefjes on wheels, I serve, often together with my girlfriends...

€ 330,-

Food truck Lelystad  (NL) Poke bowls

Poke bowls

Food truck

Poké bowls is a new act by the Exclusive Asian. By using their sushi expertise in a different setting, they make the most delicious Poke bowls for your guests! Book Poké bowls now at ShowBird!

€ 500,-

Food truck Lelystad  (NL) The Handroll King

The Handroll King

Food truck

This purebred sushi artist is a must-have at every event. Because of his expertise and fast handroll techniques, this sushi chef ensures that his customers can enjoy his delicious sushi rolls. Book the handroll king today at ShowBird!

€ 200,-

Food truck Lelystad  (NL) The Walking Grill

The Walking Grill

Food truck

The Walking Grill is a new act by the Exclusive Asian. By using their sushi expertise in a completely new cooking concept, this show is the must-have at your event! Book the The Walking Grill now on ShowBird!

€ 350,-

Food truck Purmerend  (NL) Cocktailtruck


Food truck

An attention grabber: With beautiful Brazilian ladies for a colourful cocktail truck, this truck is a must-have at your party or festival. The cocktails are freshly made and ready while you wait. Book the Cocktailtruck now at ShowBird!

from € 900,- from

Actor De Meern  (NL) Caviar King

Caviar King

Actor, hosting

Our ladies look gorgeous, wear beautiful costumes with big fur hats and present delicious caviar.

€ 875,-

Food truck De Meern  (NL) Patanegra King

Patanegra King

Food truck

The Patanegra king presents delicious Patanegra at your party. The Patanegra King cuts delicious Patanegra at your party. He walks with his driving Patanegra bar between your guests and provides beautiful entertainment.

€ 988,-

Food truck Rotterdam  (NL) Ray's Car

Ray's Car

Food truck

Ray's Wagen Foodtruck has been on the road since 2014 From my converted Mercedes 711D I serve the most delicious fresh fries of organic potatoes at various festivals. Just delicious with mayonnaise or maybe with one of the toppings that...

€ 999,-

Food truck Mechelen  (BE) Pizza cones Foodtruck

Pizza cones Foodtruck

Food truck

Horns of fresh pizza dough, filled with your favorite pizza flavors, baked in a rotating oven. Your favorite flavor... in a new form. Easy to eat... Ready to go... party!

€ 415,-

Food truck Tilburg  (NL) Holy Dogs!

Holy Dogs!

Food truck

This hotdog food truck is a must-have at any event that wants to combine good food and good looks. Because of the sleek appearance of the trailer and the special hotdogs, the Holy Dog truck is not to be missed and can therefore be booked...

€ 650,-

Food truck Lelystad  (NL) Sushi Foodcar

Sushi Foodcar

Food truck

This sushi-car makes the best sushi you can get at your event! With years of experience, the sushi chefs are a guarantee for delicious food and fun looks! Book the Sushi Foodcar now at ShowBird!

€ 400,-

Food truck Heiloo  (NL) Pasta Joe

Pasta Joe

Food truck

We from Pasta Joe run our own pasta on location! With our food trucks and pop up bars we are at festivals, corporate events and parties.

€ 943,-

Food truck De Meern  (NL) Kingkrab King

Kingkrab King

Food truck

The Kingkrab King presents 10 kilos of delicious Kingkrab to your guests. The Kingkrab King walks around between your guests and presents delicious fresh Kingkrab. He scratches the Kingkrab in front of you and provides wonderful...

€ 989,-

Food truck De Meern  (NL) Sushikoning


Food truck

The Sushi King walks around among your guests and presents delicious fresh sushi at your party.

€ 929,-

Food truck Vinkeveen  (NL) Poffertjesporem


Food truck

This unique poffertjes stall is a real crowd puller! Because of the versatility in luxurious taste sensations and the enormous dose of conviviality it is always a party!

€ 550,-

Food truck Amsterdam  (NL) Joe's Kitchen Foodtruck

Joe's Kitchen Foodtruck

Food truck

Joe's Kitchen serves Puerto Rican Style Cuisine, a unique combination of Spanish, African, Taíno and Asian influences. We only use authentic and natural ingredients. Our vision is to create an unforgettable Soulfood culinary experience.

€ 450,-

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