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Food truck Den Oever  (NL) Eel smokehouse on location

Eel smokehouse on location

Food truck

Delicious eel, freshly smoked by winners NK eelsmokers 2001, 2004 and 2014. A top product, a typical Dutch delicacy. We smoke eel on the spot, the demonstration of smoking makes many visitors salivate. The taste of our product is the...

€ 921,-

Food truck Voorschoten  (NL) The Real Gentlemen & co.

The Real Gentlemen & co.

Food truck

We love to make you smile and seriously cook.

€ 600,-

Actor Zoelen  (NL) Caviar King

Caviar King

Actor, hosting

Our ladies look gorgeous, wear beautiful costumes with big fur hats and present delicious caviar.

€ 875,-

Food truck Purmerend  (NL) Cocktailtruck


Food truck

An attention grabber: With beautiful Brazilian ladies for a colourful cocktail truck, this truck is a must-have at your party or festival. The cocktails are freshly made and ready while you wait. Book the Cocktailtruck now at ShowBird!

from € 900,- from

Food truck Zoelen  (NL) Patanegra King

Patanegra King

Food truck

The Patanegra king presents delicious Patanegra at your party. The Patanegra King cuts delicious Patanegra at your party. He walks with his driving Patanegra bar between your guests and provides beautiful entertainment.

€ 988,-

Food truck Tilburg  (NL) Holy Dogs!

Holy Dogs!

Food truck

This hotdog food truck is a must-have at any event that wants to combine good food and good looks. Because of the sleek appearance of the trailer and the special hotdogs, the Holy Dog truck is not to be missed and can therefore be booked...

€ 650,-

Food truck Heiloo  (NL) Pasta Joe

Pasta Joe

Food truck

We from Pasta Joe run our own pasta on location! With our food trucks and pop up bars we are at festivals, corporate events and parties.

€ 943,-

Food truck Zoelen  (NL) Kingkrab King

Kingkrab King

Food truck

The Kingkrab King presents 10 kilos of delicious Kingkrab to your guests. The Kingkrab King walks around between your guests and presents delicious fresh Kingkrab. He scratches the Kingkrab in front of you and provides wonderful...

€ 989,-

Food truck Zoelen  (NL) Sushikoning


Food truck

The Sushi King walks around among your guests and presents delicious fresh sushi at your party.

€ 929,-

Food truck Nijmegen  (NL) The Gazelle Smoothie cargo bike

The Gazelle Smoothie cargo bike

Food truck

Renting a smoothie bike is great fun for various occasions. Think of freshly made smoothies during the reception of your guests, as a healthy treat for your employees or as a crowd puller. Whatever occasion you wish to use the cargo bike...

€ 371,-

Food truck Nijmegen  (NL) Coffee Tuk Tuk

Coffee Tuk Tuk

Food truck

Bar Company has three very cool tricycles that are used weekly as mobile coffee bar. Our tuk tuks cross to locations throughout the Netherlands and are equipped with all modern conveniences.

€ 413,-

Food truck Nijmegen  (NL) The Wheatgrass Bar

The Wheatgrass Bar

Food truck

Bar Company was the first in the Netherlands to professionally rent out wheatgrass bars on location! In America it's already completely hyped up and here in the Netherlands it's starting to get more and more popular with the general public.

€ 413,-

Food truck Rotterdam  (NL) Candyfloss machine with Animation

Candyfloss machine with Animation

Food truck

There she is, our Ien with her cotton candy machine, she is a nice girl, blond and loves children, even when they are over fifty. Book this cotton candy now through ShowBird!

€ 1.095,-

Food truck Den Haag  (NL) Poffertjes stall De Bolle Boffer

Poffertjes stall De Bolle Boffer

Food truck

The delicious poffertjes of the Bolle Boffer provide extra fun at your event. Can be used at small-scale events and large festivals. Book the Bolle Boffer now via Showbird!

€ 695,-

Food truck Monster  (NL) Hot Mulled Wine stall

Hot Mulled Wine stall

Food truck

Who doesn't like a nice cup of hot mulled wine? Our Santa Claus is already waiting for your shopping public in a fully Christmassy stand to offer you a delicious glass of hot mulled wine.

€ 595,-

Food truck Monster  (NL) Warm pea soup

Warm pea soup

Food truck

In these cold days, shoppers are treated to a delicious cup of pea soup. An employee dressed in Dickens style hands out this warm snack from an attractively decorated luxury distribution stall. Book the pea soup now at ShowBird!

€ 695,-

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