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Tasting Oostende  (BE) Beer teambuilding with Zythologist Kurt

Beer teambuilding with Zythologist Kurt


Almost every activity becomes more fun with beer. Especially when it's with your colleagues or teammates. Tasting and getting to know beer together under the supervision of Zythologist Kurt Gunst!

€ 350,-

Tasting Amsterdam  (NL) Tasting of Wine

Tasting of Wine


A special wine tasting on location with several high quality wines. Wine tasting ensures that your wine tasting will be a great success. Book a Tasting of Wine now via ShowBird!

€ 186,-

Tasting Haaksbergen  (NL) Wine tasting

Wine tasting


During this wine tasting you will get to taste 6 high quality wines under the guidance of a real registrar vinologist. You will not only taste the delicious wines but also gain a lot of knowledge about tasting / drinking wine. Book now...

€ 266,-

Tasting Noduwez  (BE) Beer Roller: Beer and Chocolate Pairing

Beer Roller: Beer and Chocolate Pairing


Werner is a chocolate connoisseur and a beer connoisseur and has made it his life's mission to blend these flavours into pure art. Be surprised by the knowledge and flavours of the unique Beer and Chocolate Tasting of Beer Rolls.

€ 216,-

Tasting Klijndijk  (NL) A Wine Tasting On Location

A Wine Tasting On Location


Taste the real passion for wine with A Wine Tasting On Location. A wide variety of different wines with expert explanations. Book A Wine Tasting On Location now via ShowBird!

€ 145,-

Tasting Lelystad  (NL) Spanish Wine Tasting

Spanish Wine Tasting


Tasting the tastiest Spanish wines while enjoying tasty Spanish snacks? With this Spanish Wine Tasting you get the total package! Book this tasting for an unforgettable evening now at Showbird!

€ 500,-

Tasting Eindhoven  (NL) Bottelair Brothers Tasting

Bottelair Brothers Tasting


With a huge load of humour and good food or drink, these two men are a perfect addition to your party! From jokes to food to complete sketches these breed artists can do it all! Book them on ShowBird!

€ 1.350,-

Tasting Oostende  (BE) Beer Tasting with Zythologist Kurt

Beer Tasting with Zythologist Kurt


Would you like a nice beer tasting on location? Then look no further, Kurt Gunst can tell you everything about the golden yellow drink! Educational, but most of all very enjoyable! Make a quick request and get in touch with the wonderful...

€ 350,-

Tasting Oostende  (BE) Beer Food Pairing with Zythologist Kurt

Beer Food Pairing with Zythologist Kurt


We can all drink beer (if you are over 18 of course!) but what can we do to make the drinking experience even better? With good food of course! In this tasting we will see which beer goes best with which dish.

€ 350,-

Tasting Heemstede  (NL) Beer tasting with a twist

Beer tasting with a twist


Let's Bier provides a special beer tasting with a twist. And with a twist means real beer with a twist. Choose from different themes so there's always one to suit you! Book Let's Beer now at ShowBird!

€ 374,-

Tasting Amsterdam  (NL) Champagne tasting

Champagne tasting


During this tasting you will get to taste 6 unique sparkling wines. Of course you will also be taught everything you need to know about how to taste them and what you can and cannot do! Book a Champagne tasting on ShowBird now!

€ 270,-

Tasting Veenendaal  (NL) Girls of the Wine

Girls of the Wine


This wine tasting promises to be a happy one. The wine girls make this tasting special. During this tasting you get to taste 7 wines of top quality. Book now Girls of Wine on ShowBird!

€ 199,-

Tasting Zoetermeer  (NL) VIVAPortugal Wine Tasting

VIVAPortugal Wine Tasting


Extensive Portuguese wine tasting at your home or on location by VIVAPortugal. Get acquainted with 10 different wines from Northern Portugal, Bairrada, Douro and Vino Verde.

€ 275,-

Tasting Voorburg  (NL) Candy Girls & Food Entertainment

Candy Girls & Food Entertainment


We offer fun concepts in the field of food entertainment. Our ladies and gentlemen serve delicious, freshly made finger food in a fun way to your guests. On the spot they take care of the finishing touch in terms of preparation. Our candy...

€ 550,-

Tasting Rotterdam  (NL) Mobile wine bar

Mobile wine bar


For a truly unique wine experience you have to be at this mobile wine bar! With a vintage mobile wine bar they provide the right atmosphere and the best wines finish it off. Book now the Mobile wine bar on ShowBird!

€ 541,-

Tasting Amersfoort  (NL) Beer tasting

Beer tasting


In this cozy workshop a good atmosphere is guaranteed! Not only tasting good beer, but also learning all about beer. Book this beer tasting now at Showbird!

€ 396,-

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