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Trainer/Workshop Asten  (NL) Balloon Folding Workshop

Balloon Folding Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, arts

Always wanted to make a balloon dog, butterfly or flower Rolando will teach you the basics in a 2 hour workshop. With an online course on his own YouTube channel with more than 260 videos.

€ 275,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) Capoeira Dance Show

Capoeira Dance Show

Trainer/Workshop, dance

Do you think it's so cool to be able to? At least it's great to do! Capoeira is a Brazilian fight dance. This martial art used to be disguised as a dance so it didn't notice that it was trained to increase resilience. The dance is formed...

€ 453,-

Sports/games Wormerveer  (NL) Roulette table rental (croupier included)

Roulette table rental (croupier included)

Sports/games, casino

On a real CasinoAdventure, Roulette cannot be missing. Suitable for every event!

€ 299,-

Sports/games Wormerveer  (NL) Blackjack table Rent (including croupier

Blackjack table Rent (including croupier

Sports/games, casino

Splits, doubles, passes or a card are the possibilities for the already famous casino game. Blackjack is very popular and shouldn't be missing at your very own CasinoAdventure!

€ 299,-

Sports/games Wormerveer  (NL) Wheel of fortune (including croupier)

Wheel of fortune (including croupier)

Sports/games, casino

Let the guests at your event try their luck at the wheel of fortune. Is happiness on their side? Find out now and book the wheel of fortune through ShowBird!

€ 299,-

Sports/games Wormerveer  (NL) Horse racing hire (including croupier)

Horse racing hire (including croupier)

Sports/games, casino

Six horses are ready in the boxes, place your bets and GO! What's your horse's name? Lucky Wind or maybe Flashing Dragon?

€ 299,-

Sports/games Wormerveer  (NL) Golden Ten rent (including croupier)

Golden Ten rent (including croupier)

Sports/games, casino

Golden Ten is the counterpart of the classic roulette game. Extremely suitable to create a Las Vegas atmosphere at your event. Book this experience including croupier now via ShowBird!

€ 300,-

Sports/games Nieuwegein  (NL) Richard's Karaoke Factory

Richard's Karaoke Factory

Sports/games, karaoke

Richard's Karaoke Factory Enjoy singing along to all your favorite songs? This one man Show will be accompanied by Richard who will help you sing along. The file contains more than 300.000 songs with lyrics that can sing along from...

€ 598,-

Trainer/Workshop Haarlem  (NL) Magic Workshop | Louis

Magic Workshop | Louis

Trainer/Workshop, magic

During this magic workshop every participant will be actively involved. Louis Baerts always knows how to find the perfect balance between information and entertainment. Book the Magic Workshop on ShowBird now!

€ 695,-

Trainer/Workshop Haarlem  (NL) Ballooning Workshop

Ballooning Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, arts

During this workshop you will learn to really go one step further with balloons. During this workshop Louis Baerts shows that everyone has a hidden talent. Book the workshop Ballooning on ShowBird now!

€ 750,-

Trainer/Workshop Amsterdam  (NL) The Magic Code: Magic Workshop

The Magic Code: Magic Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, magic

During this workshop Jasper Oberon teaches the audience to perform their own magic tricks. This workshop is full of surprises and action. This workshop is very suitable for teambuilding. Book a Magic Workshop on ShowBird now!

€ 550,-

Trainer/Workshop Utrecht  (NL) Forest golf

Forest golf

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Forest golf is a fun and surprising variation on ordinary golf where fun, team work and competition go hand in hand. Enjoy the healthy outdoor air and the forest itself in a playful way!

€ 300,-

Trainer/Workshop Utrecht  (NL) Workshop Theatre sports

Workshop Theatre sports

Trainer/Workshop, cabaret

In this workshop you will get acquainted with improvisation theatre in an accessible way. First and foremost is having a lot of fun and energizing from each other. After a hilarious way of forming teams, you will be introduced to theatre...

€ 290,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Music quiz

Music quiz

Sports/games, quiz

This quiz is a must for the music lover! Test what you know about artists, what lyrics and music you recognize and what song titles you can name. Is your team a real music connoisseur?

€ 197,-

Trainer/Workshop Amersfoort  (NL) Pop Art Workshop in style of Andy Warhol

Pop Art Workshop in style of Andy Warhol

Trainer/Workshop, arts

In this original Pop Art workshop you go home with a beautiful work of art. You will make your own Pop Art portrait in style of Andy Warhol! Book this creative workshop now on Showbird!

€ 375,-

Sports/games Soerendonk  (NL) A3 Compen QUIZMASTER


Sports/games, quiz

HILARIOUS BRABANTIA QUIZMASTER Have a good laugh with your friends or colleagues. Answering questions fanatically. Who comes up with the right answer the quickest?

€ 350,-


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