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Sports/games Losser  (NL) Fullsize F1 racing simulator

Fullsize F1 racing simulator

Sports/games, day entertainment

This fullsize racing simulator is a special attraction for all kinds of events (e.g. open days, trade fairs, openings, company / staff / theme parties, city festivals, shopping malls etc.) With which you can entertain your guests...

€ 1.216,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Pubquiz


Sports/games, quiz

Success is guaranteed with this Pubquiz! This quiz will work with images and sound fragments, besides that the quizmaster will put the fire to you by asking all the questions. Book the Pubquiz now on Showbird!

€ 197,-

Sports/games De Meern  (NL) Richard's Karaoke Factory

Richard's Karaoke Factory

Sports/games, karaoke

Richard's Karaoke Factory Enjoy singing along to all your favorite songs? This one man Show will be accompanied by Richard who will help you sing along. The file contains more than 300.000 songs with lyrics that can sing along from...

€ 598,-

Sports/games Velden  (NL) Basketball Deluxe White

Basketball Deluxe White

Sports/games, arcade/sports tables

With the basketball deluxe white you don't have to go to the gamehall but the arcade comes to you. Give your party or event a unique element and challenge your guests to a playful game of basketball.

€ 200,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Pubquiz


Sports/games, quiz
Online performance

Success is guaranteed with this Pubquiz! With this quiz you will work with images and sound fragments, besides that the quizmaster will put the fire to you by asking all the questions. Book the Pubquiz now on Showbird!

€ 125,-

Sports/games Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Casino Rental

Casino Rental

Sports/games, casino

We provide a mobile casino throughout the Netherlands and Belgium for corporate parties, theme parties and other parties. We work exclusively with customer friendly, professional croupiers and with the latest HAFRA gaming tables.

€ 557,-

Sports/games Velden  (NL) Boxing machines

Boxing machines

Sports/games, arcade/sports tables

Who can hit the punching ball the hardest? Get competitive with your guests at your party or event! The best arcade game to create a real gamehall feeling at your event!

€ 200,-

Sports/games Velden  (NL) Air hockey

Air hockey

Sports/games, arcade/sports tables

The best game in the arcade can now be rented at your own party. Play the evening away with a nice game of air hockey.

€ 200,-

Sports/games Oud Gastel  (NL) I love Holland Quiz

I love Holland Quiz

Sports/games, quiz

If you or your colleagues think you know everything about Holland, then the Ik Hou van Holland Quiz is for you! Book the ladies of the I Love Holland Quiz today via Showbird and put your knowledge to the test!

€ 375,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Steppen


Sports/games, day entertainment

Need a sporting experience? Then this is the perfect activity for you! You will go stepping with (or without) a guide, through the beautiful places that nature has to offer. This experience responds to the demand for a fun and sporty...

€ 168,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Outdoor teambuilding

Outdoor teambuilding

Sports/games, day entertainment

Do you want to improve the atmosphere within a certain group? This can be at an association, in the workplace, or in any other group. Then this is the right experience for you! In this experience the groups are challenged and forced to...

Price on request

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Catapult


Sports/games, day entertainment

With this experience, it looks like you're engaged in a siege in the Middle Ages. Take on another group, and see who can build the best catapults!

€ 143,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Blowpipe Shooting

Blowpipe Shooting

Sports/games, day entertainment

Blow pain shooting. Maybe you did it as a kid with a PVC tube. Now it is also there as an activity for your event, a team training outing, team building outing or simply with friends.

€ 108,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Allies


Sports/games, day entertainment

Do you like a challenge? Looking for an outdoor activity for your event? Then book this act! In different teams you will be looking for a mysterious person, who finds the person has won! Look for clues and go hunting!

€ 208,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Air duct shooting

Air duct shooting

Sports/games, spectacular

Are you a born sniper? Demonstrate your marksmanship in air duct shooting. An ideal outdoor activity where the aim is to score as many points as possible. Are you able to hit the target?

€ 130,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Dropping


Sports/games, day entertainment

Can you find your way back? Drop into small groups and try to return as quickly as possible, while also looking for the hidden beacons. Will you make sure you get back before dark?

€ 372,-

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