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Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Pop quiz livestream
Act of the week

Pop quiz livestream

Sports/games, quiz

A pop quiz streamed 'live' via our YouTube channel. Participants play at home (with remote teammates) and get questions and puzzles about pop music. An ideal way to compete with each other as a team or organisation online.

€ 150,-

Sports/games Losser  (NL) Fullsize F1 racing simulator

Fullsize F1 racing simulator

Sports/games, day entertainment

This fullsize racing simulator is a special attraction for all kinds of events (e.g. open days, trade fairs, openings, company / staff / theme parties, city festivals, shopping malls etc.) With which you can entertain your guests...

€ 1.216,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Pubquiz


Sports/games, quiz

Success is guaranteed with this Pubquiz! This quiz will work with images and sound fragments, besides that the quizmaster will put the fire to you by asking all the questions. Book the Pubquiz now on Showbird!

€ 197,-

Sports/games Velden  (NL) Basketball Deluxe White

Basketball Deluxe White

Sports/games, arcade/sports tables

With the basketball deluxe white you don't have to go to the gamehall but the arcade comes to you. Give your party or event a unique element and challenge your guests to a playful game of basketball.

€ 200,-

Sports/games De Meern  (NL) Richard's Karaoke Facory

Richard's Karaoke Facory

Sports/games, karaoke

Richard's Karaoke Factory Enjoy singing along to all your favorite songs? This one man Show will be accompanied by Richard who will help you sing along. The file contains more than 300.000 songs with lyrics that can sing along from...

€ 598,-

Sports/games Velden  (NL) Boxing machines

Boxing machines

Sports/games, arcade/sports tables

Who can hit the punching ball the hardest? Get competitive with your guests at your party or event! The best arcade game to create a real gamehall feeling at your event!

€ 200,-

Sports/games Velden  (NL) Air hockey

Air hockey

Sports/games, arcade/sports tables

The best game in the arcade can now be rented at your own party. Play the evening away with a nice game of air hockey.

€ 200,-

Sports/games Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Casino Rental

Casino Rental

Sports/games, casino

We provide a mobile casino throughout the Netherlands and Belgium for corporate parties, theme parties and other parties. We work exclusively with customer friendly, professional croupiers and with the latest HAFRA gaming tables.

€ 557,-

Sports/games Beerse  (BE) DJ Wacko Jacko Karaoke Party

DJ Wacko Jacko Karaoke Party

Sports/games, karaoke

Complete your party with DJ Wacko Jacko's karaoke concept! Make sure your guests get loose! Can be used at any event and with +6000 Hits to sing along with. Book DJ Wacko Jacko's Karaoke Party!

€ 600,-

Sports/games Erp  (NL) Just One Minute - Game show

Just One Minute - Game show

Sports/games, spectacular

What can you do in a minute? Find out at the 'Just One Minute Game Show'.

€ 368,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Tennis Speed Check Simulator

Tennis Speed Check Simulator

Sports/games, spectacular

Always wanted to know who can serve the fastest? The record is currently at 249 km/h. Are you up to the challenge?

€ 795,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Ski Simulator

Ski Simulator

Sports/games, spectacular

Are you looking for a nice ski simulator for your event or party? This one can also be booked on ShowBird!

€ 425,-

Sports/games Erp  (NL) Highland Games

Highland Games

Sports/games, spectacular

They may take our lands, but they may never take our freedom! Are you going to compete with colleagues or friends for a bottle of delicious Scotch Whiskey?

€ 443,-

Sports/games Erp  (NL) Wrong Bingoshow

Wrong Bingoshow

Sports/games, spectacular

BINGO! You don't have to be a senior to enjoy the Bingoshow. Take your chance and play along with our awesome Founder Wrong Bingoshow and win fun prizes!

€ 443,-

Sports/games Erp  (NL) Pubquiz


Sports/games, quiz

Do you have any of those colleagues who (think you) know everything?! Then this is your chance to test if they also have real knowledge. A pub quiz! Who will be the new Quiz-King(in)?

€ 443,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Spider Climbing High Wall

Spider Climbing High Wall

Sports/games, spectacular

You wanna climb walls like Spider-Man and be the superhero? Hire this act now and climb up to 8 meters high! You'll learn the technique behind it from the operator and learn how to balance yourself.

€ 1.275,-

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