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Sports/games Rixensart  (BE) The


Sports/games, spectacular

A figure competition a complete game! This is new and you can book this on ShowBird now!

€ 1.450,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Tennis Speed Check Simulator

Tennis Speed Check Simulator

Sports/games, spectacular

Always wanted to know who can serve the fastest? The record is currently at 249 km/h. Are you up to the challenge?

€ 795,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Ski Simulator

Ski Simulator

Sports/games, spectacular

Are you looking for a nice ski simulator for your event or party? This one can also be booked on ShowBird!

€ 425,-

Sports/games Erp  (NL) Highland Games

Highland Games

Sports/games, spectacular

They may take our lands, but they may never take our freedom! Are you going to compete with colleagues or friends for a bottle of delicious Scotch Whiskey?

€ 443,-

Sports/games Erp  (NL) Wrong Bingoshow

Wrong Bingoshow

Sports/games, spectacular

BINGO! You don't have to be a senior to enjoy the Bingoshow. Take your chance and play along with our awesome Founder Wrong Bingoshow and win fun prizes!

€ 443,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Spider Climbing High Wall

Spider Climbing High Wall

Sports/games, spectacular

You wanna climb walls like Spider-Man and be the superhero? Hire this act now and climb up to 8 meters high! You'll learn the technique behind it from the operator and learn how to balance yourself.

€ 1.275,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Mobile Laser Game

Mobile Laser Game

Sports/games, spectacular

You land in a spaceship on an unknown location with only one mission. Take out the other team! Do you want to kill each other during a laser game on location?

€ 825,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Air Power

Air Power

Sports/games, spectacular

Do you want to be able to fly without wings? Feel the power of a hurricane with this Air Power activity!

€ 6.950,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Virtual Reality Football

Virtual Reality Football

Sports/games, spectacular

Now play a game of soccer in VR. Take on your opponent and score in Virtual Reality!

€ 695,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Helicopter flight in VR

Helicopter flight in VR

Sports/games, spectacular

Do you want to make a Co2 neutral helicopter flight? Can you see yourself flying high in the sky thanks to Virtual Reality? Then book this Helicopter Flight activity now!

€ 895,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Virtual Reality Walk the Plank

Virtual Reality Walk the Plank

Sports/games, spectacular

Will you accept the challenge and walk on a thin board at 160 meters height? This is your chance to do it in VR!

€ 895,-

Sports/games Heemstede  (NL) Virtual Reality F1 Pit Stop Game

Virtual Reality F1 Pit Stop Game

Sports/games, spectacular

Take on the challenge together with your friends or colleagues. Find out who's the one with the real quick fingers.

€ 695,-

Sports/games Erp  (NL) Just One Minute - Game show

Just One Minute - Game show

Sports/games, spectacular

What can you do in a minute? Find out at the 'Just One Minute Game Show'.

€ 368,-

Sports/games Rosmalen  (NL) VR Experience

VR Experience

Sports/games, spectacular

VR takes a huge sprint in the Netherlands. Now you get the chance to experience this unique 3D experience for yourself. Discover the wonders of virtual reality and book this event now via ShowBird!

€ 995,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) Air duct shooting

Air duct shooting

Sports/games, spectacular

Are you a born sniper? Demonstrate your marksmanship in air duct shooting. An ideal outdoor activity where the aim is to score as many points as possible. Are you able to hit the target?

€ 130,-

Sports/games Amersfoort  (NL) BMX Bicycles

BMX Bicycles

Sports/games, spectacular

Cycling is fun, BMX's even more fun! Racing at your own chosen location, or on our racetrack gives a huge adrealinekick and it's perfect as a team outing, event or party. Learn all the tricks and have a great day!

€ 225,-

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