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Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Flamenco dancer Laura Rivas

Flamenco dancer Laura Rivas

Dancer, latin/caribbean

Flamenco dance performances and Flamenco dance workshops for parties. Something to celebrate in Spanish style? Laura Rivas provides Flamenco dance performances and Flamenco dance workshops at your party!

€ 300,-

Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Belly dancer Mariana

Belly dancer Mariana

Dancer, belly dancer

Belly dancer Mariana gave a beautiful and graceful belly dance performance. Are you looking for a bellydance performance at your party or event?

€ 300,-

Dance group Den Haag  (NL) Fa Fa International Showdancers - Back in Time

Fa Fa International Showdancers - Back in Time

Dance group, rock/jive

From Baroque, to Charleston, Hippies and 50ties via Disco to modern times. A dazzling ballet with lots of style, class and beautiful costumes. Price depends on the number of dancers and for the fixed repertoire. Tailor-made...

from € 1.415,- from

Dancer Zutphen  (NL) Bollywood Dancer

Bollywood Dancer

Dancer, other

Give your event an oriental warm frame and book a Bollywood Dancer! This energetic Indian dance and the cheerful music, guarantee a party!

€ 236,-

Dance group Amsterdam  (NL) Break dance show

Break dance show

Dance group, hiphop/street

This break-dance show is there to whip things up. Head spins and handstands nothing is too crazy! Everyone will show his or her skills. This is definitely an explosive show not to be missed.

€ 453,-

Dance group Amsterdam  (NL) Belly Dance Dance Show

Belly Dance Dance Show

Dance group, belly dancer

A dizzying belly dance show where you will be amazed by the flexible movements. The hip movements and graceful arm movements will amaze you. This show can be extended with fire spitters so that you will imagine yourself in the fairy tales...

€ 453,-

Dancer Amsterdam  (NL) Elegant Poledance Show

Elegant Poledance Show

Dancer, showdans

Are you looking for something special? Then you can also come to us for a spectacular pole dance show. This elegant sensual way of entertainment is a special asset to your event.

€ 453,-

Dance group Amsterdam  (NL) Salsa Show

Salsa Show

Dance group, showdans

Are you looking for something special? Then you can also come to us for a spectacular salsa show. At the salsa show there will be a short demonstration by top dancers from the salsa scene with lots of spectacle, show, atmosphere, romance...

€ 452,-

Dance group Amsterdam  (NL) Line Dance Dance Show

Line Dance Dance Show

Dance group, showdans

We have linedance shows with top 40 music. Of course you can also book the famous cowboy shows with us. We have a group of linedancers dressed up in cowboy costumes so you will feel like you're in the wild west. A nice idea for a theme...

€ 453,-

Dance group Rotterdam  (NL) Capoeira Show

Capoeira Show

Dance group, showdans

Meet the growing martial art Capoeira. This graceful martial art is a combination of fighting techniques, music and singing.

€ 660,-

Dancer Amsterdam  (NL) Gogo Dancer Lola

Gogo Dancer Lola

Dancer, freestyle

Lola is a dancer with specialties in South American dances such as Salsa, Bachata and Zouk. She will blow the guests away at your event / party with her explosive way of dancing. Book gogo dancer Lola via ShowBird!

€ 150,-

Dancer Rotterdam  (NL) Snake shows

Snake shows

Dancer, other

Various Burlesque acts with live snakes.

€ 350,-

Dance group Voorburg  (NL) Showdance Cheerleaders

Showdance Cheerleaders

Dance group, showdans

Real cheerleaders, nice as an entrance at a party or as an act at the party night. The cheerleaders are a unique addition if your party needs some spice.

€ 549,-

Dancer Rotterdam  (NL) Pop Out Cake

Pop Out Cake

Dancer, other

A spectacular and playful surprise that is indispensable in classic Hollywood.

€ 600,-

Dance group Rotterdam  (NL) Chinese Dragon Dance

Chinese Dragon Dance

Dance group, showdans

The dragon dance is ideal for large parties or events. The fast and large movements of the dragon create a true spectacle for the audience!

€ 1.300,-

Dancer Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Illusion Character dance duo

Illusion Character dance duo

Dancer, freestyle

A special show: these Illusion Characters serve as freestyle or slow-motion dancers at your event. They undoubtedly stand out because of their abstract appearance. Nice as a reception act or mobile dance act!

€ 750,-

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