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Photographer Haalderen  (NL) Singing Photographers

Singing Photographers


As an event organiser, can't you choose between a live music act or a photobooth? Then go for The Singing Photographers! That's a combination of live vocals and instant photos. In other words, a 2-in-1 act! Sisters Evelien and Marlies...

€ 874,-

DJ Ellecom  (NL) Rico Easter

Rico Easter

DJ, allround

All-round DJ with over 11 years of experience, from private parties, business parties to club parties in Europe. Specialized in subgenres: (Club)-House, Techhouse and deephouse. (There are more reviews under the pictures!)

€ 450,-

Actor Nijmegen  (NL) Samples


Actor, stilt-walker

In the present they make contact with the people of the earth through their overwhelming gaze and with the mirror balls and lance they have with them; an intimate rapprochement... Book the Samples now via ShowBird

€ 500,-

Actor Nijmegen  (NL) Explorer


Actor, living statue

This explorer interacts with the audience. He will brighten up your street party or event and give it extra character! Book this explorer now via ShowBird!

€ 500,-

Actor Nijmegen  (NL) Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

Actor, living statue

Let these magnificent angels, with their own view of the world, brighten up your event. They will steal the show as a duo at your event! Book these angels now via ShowBird.

€ 900,-

Actor Nijmegen  (NL) Resistance fighter

Resistance fighter

Actor, living statue

This living statue the resistance fighter will interact with the public and entertain them. Make sure you bring extra entertainment to your event / party and book the living statue the resistance fighter.

€ 500,-

Actor Nijmegen  (NL) Hansje Brinker

Hansje Brinker

Actor, living statue

By keeping his finger in the dike, Hansje saved the country from a dike breach. His guests at the event help when Hansje doesn't pull anymore. Book Hansje Brinker now via ShowBird!

€ 500,-

Actor Nijmegen  (NL) Crouching Boy

Crouching Boy

Actor, living statue

In its broadest sense, this image can represent the defeated loner. The suffering, not so much physical as emotional, resulting from the tragedy of the Renaissance. Book the living statue the Crouching Boy now via ShowBird!

€ 575,-

Actor Nijmegen  (NL) Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

Actor, living statue

Joan of Arc: An icon of female combativeness! Make sure you bring this passion and fighting spirit to your event. This living statue will make this fighting spirit skip your party or street theatre! Book Joan of Arc now via ShowBird.

€ 500,-

Actor Nijmegen  (NL) Penny For Your Thoughts

Penny For Your Thoughts

Actor, living statue

The act 'Penny For Your Thoughts' guarantees a lot of interaction with personal contact. An intense act, suitable for everyone, indoors and outdoors, summer or winter. Ceremonies, Christmas markets, weddings, and birthdays... Penny knows...

€ 500,-

Acrobat Arnhem  (NL) Standing Ring Act aerial acrobatics/aerial

Standing Ring Act aerial acrobatics/aerial


A beautiful acrobatic ring act on a stand! Can be used everywhere without a suspension point.

€ 449,-

Speaker Arnhem  (NL) Innovation through History | Speaker

Innovation through History | Speaker

Speaker, science

Frank Bouman - van Veen is a historian, trainer and workshop leader and also leads the legal department of a large value carrier in the Netherlands. The combination of experience in speaking for groups, insight into the commercial business...

€ 550,-

DJ Leuth  (NL) Saxotone's DJ set - (DJ-Sax duo)

Saxotone's DJ set - (DJ-Sax duo)

DJ, allround

A regular DJ with live Saxophonist is a dynamic combination for every occasion. Saxotone's Dj sends every conceivable style of music through his speakers, with the 'live energy' of saxophonist Toon 'saxotone' Meijer. This DJ-Sax...

€ 949,-

DJ Nijmegen  (NL) HeroS


DJ, allround

With more than 250 bookings in many a student city, this curly ball knows what turning is... Expect hot slides, dirty buttocks music, the thickest house and the tastiest guilty pleasures!

€ 150,-

Singer (male) Nijmegen  (NL) Youngest


Singer (male), singer-songwriter

Hi! My name is Verney van der Sluys, aka Youngest, and I'm a guitarist, pianist and singer from Nijmegen. As an all-round musician I can be deployed at a wide range of occasions such as (food)festivals, weddings, company parties and...

€ 250,-

Singer (female) Arnhem  (NL) Wynonna Stoové

Wynonna Stoové

Singer (female), soul/r&b

My name is Wynonna Stoové, a 24 year old singer from Arnhem and I like to take you on a journey through oldschool/new R&B, Jazzy and Soul-full songs.

€ 350,-

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