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Actor De Haan  (BE) Candy Girl/Lolly Boy

Candy Girl/Lolly Boy

Actor, food

Sweet and candy everybody loves it! Now you can let your guests or your party enjoy delicacies handed out by a candy girl or lollipop boy!

€ 300,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Fishing ducks

Fishing ducks

Actor, hosting

For the little ones, duck fishing! Very fun and of course with a lady providing the game in a costume with an appropriate theme.

€ 750,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Roller skate candy girl

Roller skate candy girl

Actor, hosting

Super fast this act comes along! This fun act on roller skates zooms past your guests to hand out fun goodies or do a trick. This act is suitable for the following events: Sporting event, Fair / Congress, Opening, Festival, Shopping mall...

€ 495,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) cleaning lady act out

cleaning lady act out

Actor, hosting

An age-old act in a modern guise. These beautiful cleaning ladies will brighten up your party while chatting with your guests. Nice as a reception, near the toilets or mobile entertainment at your party. These ladies dressed as cleaning...

€ 300,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Mother's day donut wall valentine donut

Mother's day donut wall valentine donut

Actor, hosting

The doughnut ladies take it up a notch. An act full of goodies. Also possible with a real donut wall. Nice at the entrance of the party, or walking around between your guests. Highly recommended for openings of companies or stores. This...

€ 325,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Festival Kokkies Handout Girl

Festival Kokkies Handout Girl

Actor, food

We can't ignore it anymore, cooking is hip and baking is hot! Armed with a table full of delicious snacks, they appeal to everyone. A real eye-catcher at any event! Our table maid always makes it a party. Nice entertainment for young and...

€ 300,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Horse game

Horse game

Actor, hosting

Who will get their horse around the course first? Fun during all kinds of events!

€ 675,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Oyster Girl

Oyster Girl

Actor, food

These professional oyster cutters are a great addition to your event. They are agile, hospitable and of course they will look well-groomed. All in the theme of the oyster.

€ 895,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) King's day handout lady Dutch

King's day handout lady Dutch

Actor, food

These typical Dutch ladies come to hand out licorice, cheese cubes or orange flags at your party. They suit both any occasion where orange or Holland is the theme. Would you like our orange ladies to walk through the crowd on stilts...

€ 350,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Butterflies mother's day spring summer easter

Butterflies mother's day spring summer easter

Actor, hosting

Cheerful right? And they are! With this act at your parties it will be fun right away. Let them flutter around, have a chat with your guests or give them a warm welcome at the entrance. Great for theme days like Mother's Day, Easter,...

€ 695,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Disco fever - Festival animation

Disco fever - Festival animation

Actor, hosting

These disco ladies have packed many a party! They can walk around as a mobile disco act on the event site, provide a central act or blend in with the crowd. This act is also fun to perform on roller skates during a real rollerdisco. Much...

€ 675,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Heart ladies valentine, mother's day

Heart ladies valentine, mother's day

Actor, hosting

These heart ladies are perfect for any occasion that has to do with love. They walk around and hand out compliments to everyone they meet to spread their joy.

€ 595,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Flower lady

Flower lady

Actor, hosting

This beautiful costume will ensure many looks from the audience. This Flower Lady will stop by your event to impress through her magisterial flower. Her act is perfect for spring or summer events.

€ 395,-

Actor Utrecht  (NL) Caviar King

Caviar King

Actor, hosting

Our ladies look gorgeous, wear beautiful costumes with big fur hats and present delicious caviar.

€ 875,-

Actor Utrecht  (NL) Oyster King

Oyster King

Actor, food

The Oyster King presents delicious oysters at your party. He walks around among your guests in a beautiful oyster suit and provides wonderful 'dining entertainment'.

€ 425,-

Actor De Haan  (BE) Figuration or Host(ess)

Figuration or Host(ess)

Actor, hosting

Are you looking for an eye-catching host(ess) or extra for your event? Then you don't have to look any further! These seductive ladies and gentlemen can be hosted in an erotic way, or used as an extra. Book these sexy extras now via...

€ 300,-

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