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Actor Leerdam  (NL) Handing out the Moppies - cleaning lady act

Handing out the Moppies - cleaning lady act

Actor, hosting

A centuries-old act in a modern outfit. These beautiful cleaning ladies brighten up your party while chatting with the guests. Nice as a reception, near toilets or mobile entertained at your party.

€ 300,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) Donut Worry - Donut handing out act hostess

Donut Worry - Donut handing out act hostess

Actor, hosting

The doughnut ladies put a scoop on it. An act full of goodies. Also possible with a real donut wall. Nice at the entrance of the party, or walking around between your guests.

€ 300,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Ocean Decor with Mermaids

Ocean Decor with Mermaids

Actor, hosting

This summery Ocean decor is a unique piece of scenery at your event and can be used in various functionalities!

€ 360,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Life-size Easter basket

Life-size Easter basket

Actor, food

Elegant rolling Easter basket accompanied by 1 table lady, who treats your guests and visitors to treats during Easter

€ 694,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Blossom Spring ladies

Blossom Spring ladies

Actor, hosting

Imposing Blossom hostesses with handout action

€ 93,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Flower Hostess

Flower Hostess

Actor, hosting

Impressive Flower Girls, deployable in various functionalities

€ 93,-

Actor De Haan  (BE) Candy Girl/Lolly Boy

Candy Girl/Lolly Boy

Actor, food

Sweet and candy everybody loves it! Now you can let your guests or your party enjoy delicacies handed out by a candy girl or lollipop boy!

€ 300,-

Actor Dronten  (NL) Hire Christmas girl(s)

Hire Christmas girl(s)

Actor, hosting

IT'S JUST THE CHRISTMAS GIRLS. These Christmas girls give your event extra personality, and can be used at company events or in shopping malls. These Christmas girls create a convivial atmosphere, and are fully equipped in the Christmas...

€ 175,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Thematic Polaroid act

Thematic Polaroid act

Actor, hosting

Would you like to give your visitors a personalized memento in an interactive way? Let our Polaroid Ladies do it! Fully dressed in any theme, always in for a chat and a perfect extension of your event.

€ 848,-

Actor Leerdam  (NL) The Sweethearts - handing out hostess

The Sweethearts - handing out hostess

Actor, hosting

The sweethearts put a scoop on it. An act full of love, delicious sweets and a compliment for everyone. Fun at the entrance of the party, or walking around between your guests.

€ 300,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Graveyard Spiders

Graveyard Spiders

Actor, hosting

This Graveyard Spiders costume will not go unnoticed by your guests and is guaranteed to bring Halloween to your event! It can be used for multiple applications, and can be completely tailored to your event.

€ 93,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Skeleton Ladies

Skeleton Ladies

Actor, hosting

Fright Night? Halloween night? Skeleton Lady fits the theme perfectly. In combination with mobile game entertainment or dance acts it gives the wow effect you desire. Book her now easily via ShowBird.

€ 186,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Mermaid Mermaid

Mermaid Mermaid

Actor, hosting

Unique! A lifelike mermaid for your summer event.

€ 84,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Ocean Seahorse

Ocean Seahorse

Actor, hosting

Looking for a unique eye-catcher for your summer (beach) event?

€ 149,-

Actor Oude Pekela  (NL) The best Christmas team for your events

The best Christmas team for your events

Actor, hosting

The Christmas team from the far north that brings the magic of Christmas to life.

€ 600,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Candy Carousel

Candy Carousel

Actor, food

Mobile circus player in illuminated Candy Carousel as a theatrical walking table at your event. Completely illuminated, rolling and decorated with beautiful details like rocking horses, candy and sweets! Performable in a wide variety of...

€ 695,-

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