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Eindhoven acts

339 items found
Artist Aarle Rixtel  (NL) Karikatuur - Duo-act op Bierviltjes

Karikatuur - Duo-act op Bierviltjes

Artist, draftsman

Tekenen op bierviltjes, een mobiele, snelle en luchtige vorm van entertainment op klein formaat!

€ 1.400,-

Artist Aarle Rixtel  (NL) Caricature - beer mat artist

Caricature - beer mat artist

Artist, draftsman

Drawing on beer mats, a quick and light-hearted form of entertainment in a small format! Sandor or Harold from Team Caricature walks around among the guests to draw them on beer mats in a short time.

€ 750,-

Artist Aarle Rixtel  (NL) Caricature - quick artist on location

Caricature - quick artist on location

Artist, draftsman

Are you hosting a party or event soon and still looking for fun entertainment? Look no further! Team Caricature immortalizes your guests with a quick and accurate line on paper; you will give them a fun and unique memory of your party!

€ 850,-

Singer (male) Eindhoven  (NL) Troubadour and mood maker - Chiel

Troubadour and mood maker - Chiel

Singer (male), pop/rock

Chiel has been playing covers of well known and lesser known pop songs from '60 but also repertoire from the TOP 2000! After about 25 years of band experience in various companies, both as a guitarist and as a singer, Michiel decides to...

€ 198,-

Guitarist Eindhoven  (NL) Spanish & Latin guitar lounge, Ruud Post
Showbird's choice

Spanish & Latin guitar lounge, Ruud Post


With 70 guitar covers of beautiful (often well-known) songs from various countries and genres (including Pop, Jazz, Flamenco, and Bossa Nova), I provide "nice vibes" on my Spanish guitar.

€ 300,-

Guitarist Eindhoven  (NL) Top 2000 Acoustic - Solo/duo

Top 2000 Acoustic - Solo/duo


De leukste liedjes uit de Top 2000 op uw feest met aangenaam volume. Zanger-gitarist Michiel Walter zingt allround poprepertoire, verzoekliedjes en liedjes op maat.

€ 253,-

Magician Son  (NL) Jos Schings | Close Up Magician. unique

Jos Schings | Close Up Magician. unique


Close-up magic happens right under the spectator's nose. Jos moves among the standing audience and makes his amazement felt there. He leads guests astray and leaves them completely confused and doubting themselves! And...........sure of...

€ 350,-

Clown Veldhoven  (NL) Balloon Clown Babsie

Balloon Clown Babsie


Babsie is the clown with the happiest talk in the world! She can make the most wonderful balloon creations, from rainbow fish to crocodile and from Princess to Pokémon!

€ 190,-

Violinist Eindhoven  (NL) VladaViolin



I can make your event more interesting and exciting. Your guests definitely likes the performance! The program can be discussed, it can take one week to prepare everything what you want

€ 275,-

Balloon artist Veldhoven  (NL) Miss Twist

Miss Twist

Balloon artist

Balloon artiste Miss Twist walks between the audience and makes beautiful balloon creations. She can "turn out" pretty much the entire animal kingdom!

€ 190,-

Singer (female) Bakel  (NL) Zangeres NOA

Zangeres NOA

Singer (female), pop/rock

Noa heeft een gevarieerd repertoire, van Anouk tot aan Andre Hazes. Ze is dan ook voor verschillende evenementen te boeken. Denk hierbij aan een etentje/ receptie/ feest etc. Noa zingt het tot een succes!

€ 450,-

Clown Veldhoven  (NL) Balloon clown Boebie

Balloon clown Boebie


Balloon clown Boebie. Boebie has a degree in balloon modeling! He makes beautiful creations in a jiffy.

€ 190,-

Singer (female) Bakel  (NL) Ceremony singer | NOA

Ceremony singer | NOA

Singer (female), other

With her beautiful voice, Noa knows how to touch everyone during the ceremony. She sings the songs that have special meaning to you, making the ceremony (or reception, dinner, etc.) even more personal and unique.

€ 350,-

Magician Son  (NL) Jos Schings Mind entertainer. Unique.

Jos Schings Mind entertainer. Unique.

Magician, mentalist

Jos moves objects, makes predictions, bends metal objects such as spoons, forks, nails, coins, house keys, etc., makes objects float, stops watches or lets them run again, can touch spectators from a distance. To name but a few.

€ 350,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) Toddler show by children's artist Rolando

Toddler show by children's artist Rolando

Kids show, activity

An active show where children can sing along and experience magical moments. The exciting story about gnome Stip and Giant Step. With songs from Rolando's CD (written and composed by Gert Jan v.d Ende (from Ernst Bobbie and the rest)

€ 385,-

Juggler Eindhoven  (NL) Juggler & Circus Artist
Showbird's choice

Juggler & Circus Artist


Nigel Voets is a young professional juggler. He has over 10 years experience in the most famous circuses, variety shows & TV shows. Juggler Nigel is a fresh and modern artist who is very versatile. Nigel is: ''A real entertainer with a...

€ 650,-


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