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Band Leuven  (BE) Pretzel And The Cookies

Pretzel And The Cookies

Band, pop/rock

This cool gang of musicians has been proving themselves on the Flemish stages for 5 years with their super amusing and dazzling rock and roll show, old music brought by young guys.

€ 950,-

Kids show Vilvoorde  (BE) Kids Magic Show | John K. Magic

Kids Magic Show | John K. Magic

Kids show, magician

I'm John K. Magic and magic is my life! It all started after experimenting with a magic box at a young age, but after a while they became shows with professional tricks and effects. In 2017 I participated in my first Magic Championship,...

€ 240,-

Stunt show Tremelo  (BE) BMX Show

BMX Show

Stunt show, bmx

Everyone knows the BMX hype of the 80s. Since then, that hype has grown into a self-sufficient, mature sport that combines technique and creativity. Result: the craziest bike jumps you'll ever see! BMX riders can ride almost anything. From...

€ 700,-

Stunt show Tremelo  (BE) Monotrial Show

Monotrial Show

Stunt show, bmx

Monotrial is a form of "unicycling". The athletes deliver a top show with a unicycling bike. The stunts and tricks that athletes show on the obstacles are professional and fun for young and old to watch! The monotrial show can now be...

€ 700,-

Stunt show Tremelo  (BE) Slackline Show

Slackline Show

Stunt show

Slacklining refers to the act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing stretched between two anchors. Slacklining is similar to slack rope walking and tightrope walking.

€ 700,-

Stunt show Tremelo  (BE) Pitbikes Show

Pitbikes Show

Stunt show, bmx

A pitbike is a small off-road / on-road motorcycle that was originally used for touring in the pits or gathering place of a motocross race.

€ 950,-

Stunt show Tremelo  (BE) Bike Show: BMX, Biketrial, Monotrial

Bike Show: BMX, Biketrial, Monotrial

Stunt show, bmx

This is a great trio bike show where the athletes use a BMX bike, biketrial and monotrial all in one show. Athletes go over obstacles with impressive stunts!

€ 1.650,-

Stunt show Tremelo  (BE) Moto Show: Pitbike, Mototrial, Big Moto

Moto Show: Pitbike, Mototrial, Big Moto

Stunt show, bmx

This Moto Show consists of a combination of a pit bike, monotrial and a big bike. The experienced athletes will do different parkours with tough stunts.

€ 2.500,-

Trainer/Workshop Tremelo  (BE) Stuntstep Workshop

Stuntstep Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

With this workshop you will learn how to do cool tricks on a scooter. You'll go over obstacles and follow a fun course. Would you like to be active and learn cool tricks on a scooter? Then book now the stunt scooter workshop with sporty...

€ 450,-

Trainer/Workshop Tremelo  (BE) Longboard Workshop

Longboard Workshop

Trainer/Workshop, sports

Longboarding resembles skateboarding, only here the wheels are bigger. Do you want to learn how to do tricks with big wheels on a longboard or just learn how to longboard at all? Then book this workshop with your friends via ShowBird.

€ 450,-

Singer (male) Aarschot  (BE) Mario Kennes

Mario Kennes

Singer (male), party

Party or event, big or small, private or public, Mario Kennes is at home! With his own ambiance numbers he is guaranteed to get the party going!

€ 395,-

Singer (male) Leuven  (BE) Somebody Called Me Sebastian

Somebody Called Me Sebastian

Singer (male), singer-songwriter
online performance

With "Somebody Called Me Sebastiaan" Sebastiaan takes you through the process of a self-discovering singer-songwriter. It's a profoundly human musical story about the endless search for essence, direction and inspiration. Universal in his...

€ 150,-

Band Aarschot  (BE) Rhythmstix Mobile Interactive Tape

Rhythmstix Mobile Interactive Tape

Band, coverband

Ritm Stix has been on stage as a mobile professional band for 15 years. With a.o. three singers who were in the finals of The VOICE Van Vlaanderen. Gypsy Kings melt together with Kings of Leon, flavoured with a Bruno Mars clove, served by...

€ 1.073,-

Singing group Pellenberg  (BE) Vocalix


Singing group, other

A Vocal group that brings polyphonic songs of different genres, contemporary, pop, light music, from then and now in a program adapted for you, with or without musical accompaniment!

€ 975,-

Trainer/Workshop Leuven  (BE) DaDa-Da'Dist


Trainer/Workshop, cabaret

With this workshop Collectief Ablatief brings people closer to their talents, fascinations and dreams and we want to give them the confidence to make their choices in life based on those talents, fascinations and dreams.

€ 390,-

Band Leuven  (BE) Doc's Reflection

Doc's Reflection

Band, coverband

Do you want a Flemish cover band with an extensive repertoire and an energy you can say yourself to? Then look no further and book Doc's Reflection! check ##### for a short impression

€ 1.200,-

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