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Wedding officiants

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Wedding official Almere  (NL) Angela Groothuizen Wedding Officer

Angela Groothuizen Wedding Officer

Wedding official

If you want to be married by Angela Groothuizen, that's certainly possible. Besides her other talents, Angela Groothuizen is officially a BABS (Extraordinary Civil Servant), and with her unique character will be an added value at your...

Price on request

Wedding official Amsterdam  (NL) Wedding official Dirk Zeelenberg

Wedding official Dirk Zeelenberg

Wedding official

"It doesn't get much more personal than a wedding day. I therefore consider it a great honour to be asked as a wedding official and to be admitted to the intimate circle of family members and good friends' - Dirk Zeelenberg

Price on request

Wedding official Hengelo  (Overijssel)(NL) Allison Esman

Allison Esman

Wedding official

Getting married can be different too! With more than 15 years of experience as an Extraordinary Civil Servant, I will ensure that your day will be the most special day of your life. So don't hesitate and contact me for more information or...

€ 545,-

Wedding official Eindhoven  (NL) Wedding official Johan Vlemmix

Wedding official Johan Vlemmix

Wedding official

Without a wedding official no official yes, and without a nice wedding official no nice and nice chat beforehand! Let your yes-word be made official by none other than Johan Vlemmix!

€ 741,-

Wedding official Nijmegen  (NL) Sacha Bucciarelli

Sacha Bucciarelli

Wedding official

Marry with a touch of Italian charm. As you wish and at your service!

€ 496,-

Wedding official Heemskerk  (NL) Marijke Plas Wedding Officer

Marijke Plas Wedding Officer

Wedding official

As a wedding official Marijke Plas fits into every picture to be created at home and abroad. Because of her flexibility she has already been able to attend many ceremonies, and each time it was a great success. Do you need a nice energetic...

€ 666,-

Wedding official Heerde  (NL) Love Wedding

Love Wedding

Wedding official

Give love a story! Your story. I think it's an honor to connect you for real. In a personal conversation, I want to know everything so the story becomes "pure". Yeah, so do your embarrassing moments. ? Let's meet!

€ 550,-

Wedding official Delft  (NL) Wedding Officer Yolanda

Wedding Officer Yolanda

Wedding official

Yolanda is a nice cozy wedding official who can give your wedding day extra character. She knows exactly what you want on your special day! Do you need a nice energetic wedding official? Then book wedding official Yolanda on Showbird!

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Wedding official Helmond  (NL) Margot Cuppen Wedding Officer

Margot Cuppen Wedding Officer

Wedding official

Your wedding might be the best day of your life. Of course, that includes a good wedding official. Are you looking for someone who will give your unforgettable day even more colour? Then book Margot Cuppen via Showbird!

€ 750,-

Wedding official Leiden  (NL) Ineke Heesterbeek

Ineke Heesterbeek

Wedding official

Soon it will be! One of the best days of your life. This special experience of course includes a special wedding official, who knows exactly what is needed on this day. At Ineke Heesterbeek you are at the right address to fulfill this task!

€ 492,-

Wedding official Andelst  (NL) Annemarie Brüning

Annemarie Brüning

Wedding official

There are many things that can make a ceremony very personal so that your special day will stand out from other ceremonies. Make the day you are getting married your own, and book Annemarie Bruning through ShowBird!

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Wedding official Nieuw Vennep  (NL) Wedding Officer Carla den Hartog

Wedding Officer Carla den Hartog

Wedding official

From bucket list to reality! Carla responds flexibly to the question of what the couple wants, and makes sure it becomes a ceremony not to be forgotten! Book Carla den Hartog now via Showbird.

Price on request

Wedding official Arnhem  (NL) Sabine Willemsen Wedding Officer

Sabine Willemsen Wedding Officer

Wedding official

Are you getting married? Then make sure there's a special ceremony planned! With this Sabine Willemsen can help perfectly. She will fill in the ceremony exactly the way you want.

€ 447,-

Wedding official Rotterdam  (NL) Wedding Officer Eelco

Wedding Officer Eelco

Wedding official

Informal & relaxed marriage Congratulations! You're getting married... choose a nice wedding official now. Because if you pay a lot of care and attention to your wedding, you also want the wedding ceremony to go as you have in mind. And I...

€ 545,-

Wedding official Aartselaar  (BE) Ceremony Speaker Carolingian

Ceremony Speaker Carolingian

Wedding official

Ceremony speaker Karo brings your day to life! Make your wedding ceremony perfect and book Karo to make it a great ceremony.

€ 450,-

Wedding official Koudekerk aan den Rijn  (NL) Marie-France Aarnink Wedding Officer

Marie-France Aarnink Wedding Officer

Wedding official

For stylish and exclusive wedding ceremonies

€ 651,-

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