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Wedding officiants

21 items found
Wedding official Rotterdam  (NL) Wedding Officer Eelco

Wedding Officer Eelco

Wedding official

Informal & relaxed wedding Congratulations! You are getting married... now you just have to choose a nice wedding officiant. Because if you spend a lot of care and attention to your wedding, you also want the wedding ceremony to go as you...

€ 736,-

Wedding official Nijmegen  (NL) Our Wedding Officer René Peters

Our Wedding Officer René Peters

Wedding official

As BABS, I am very happy to contribute to the revelry of the unforgettable day that your wedding day is sure to become.

€ 1.395,-

Wedding official Amsterdam  (NL) Wedding Ceremony Speaker & Pianst

Wedding Ceremony Speaker & Pianst

Wedding official

Congratulations your getting married! Clover Jean - Your native English wedding ceremony speaker/marriage officiant/storyteller tells personal stories of love built around you. This can be done accompanied by a gospel and soul singer /...

€ 989,-

Wedding official Aartselaar  (BE) Ceremony Speaker Carolingian

Ceremony Speaker Carolingian

Wedding official

Ceremony speaker Karo brings your day to life! Make your wedding ceremony perfect and book Karo to make it a great ceremony.

€ 750,-

Wedding official Broek In Waterland  (NL) Karin Bloemen as BABS

Karin Bloemen as BABS

Wedding official

As a singer and cabaret performer, she is a striking and unique presence. But what you may not have known is that Karin is also available as a wedding officiant.

from € 3.950,- from

Wedding official Delden  (NL) Bas Nijhuis as BABS

Bas Nijhuis as BABS

Wedding official

Do you want a special wedding? YES, you can! Top referee Bas Nijhuis can now be booked as your wedding officiant through ShowBird.

from € 3.000,- from

Wedding official Duivendrecht  (NL) Wedding Officer/Ceremony Speaker Josina

Wedding Officer/Ceremony Speaker Josina

Wedding official

You're getting married! Congratulations! Saying yes to each other, being the shining center of attention and experiencing that totally. This is such an important moment in your lives! An official of your own choice can be a great help then.

€ 600,-

Wedding official Moordrecht  (NL) Yeah I want Ria

Yeah I want Ria

Wedding official

Yes I want Ria to be the wedding official for you! Ria shows over and over again that she has a lot of heart for her profession, and always leaves a nice spontaneous impression, making your wedding day an unforgettable day.

from € 575,- from

Wedding official Den Haag  (NL) Wedding officiant Jeroen Smits

Wedding officiant Jeroen Smits

Wedding official

I am a sworn Wedding Official ( BABS ) and am therefore allowed to perform weddings before Dutch law. My ceremony is always customized and unique! The laughter is guaranteed, the beautiful tears come naturally.

€ 1.495,-

Wedding official Houten  (NL) Wedding officiant Frits Broer

Wedding officiant Frits Broer

Wedding official

Yes! You are getting married or at least looking for a wedding officiant. Getting married is so nice! And so is the honor of marrying a couple! I love to be there both at home and abroad.

€ 850,-

Wedding official Nijmegen  (NL) Sacha Bucciarelli

Sacha Bucciarelli

Wedding official

Marry with a touch of Italian charm.

€ 1.071,-

Wedding official Laren  (Noord Holland)(NL) Babs Ferri Somogyi

Babs Ferri Somogyi

Wedding official

Ferri Somogyi offers himself as a wedding officiant for a personal, humorous and empathetic ceremony. He highlights his previous experience and dedication to contribute to an unforgettable wedding day. ferri promises not to disappoint the...

€ 3.000,-

Wedding official Arnhem  (NL) Gretel Pottie Wedding Officer

Gretel Pottie Wedding Officer

Wedding official

Gretel Pottie can think of plenty of reasons why you should choose for her on the day of your life! Through her 17 years of experience, she knows exactly how to respond to the need to make it a crazy day! Book Gretel Pottie now through...

€ 574,-

Wedding official Hoorn  (Noord Holland)(NL) Special wedding official

Special wedding official

Wedding official

Robert-Jan Knook is known as a newsreader for the ANP and has been reading the news for 25 years for 538, Sky Radio and 100%NL, among others. Besides being a presenter and chairman, Robert-Jan is the wedding official who will make your...

€ 1.750,-

Wedding official Leeuwarden  (NL) YES with JD, wedding officiant

YES with JD, wedding officiant

Wedding official

I'm JD van Ravesteijn, your extraordinarily unusual registrar throughout the country. If you want to be truly original and incomparable..... Then dare to call on me. Due to my work as an actor/singer, I am in front of groups playing and...

€ 2.500,-

Wedding official Den Haag (NL) Wedding Officer Yolanda

Wedding Officer Yolanda

Wedding official

Yolanda is a nice cozy wedding official who can give your wedding day extra character. She knows exactly what you want on your special day! Do you need a nice energetic wedding official? Then book wedding official Yolanda on Showbird!

from € 702,- from

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