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Balloon artist Leiden  (NL) Balloon artist Balloon animals
Showbird's choice

Balloon artist Balloon animals

Balloon artist

Our balloon artist makes balloon figures like the best. In the blink of an eye, our balloon artist conjures up all kinds of animals from what used to be simple balloons. Ideal for children from 2 to 8 years old. And with her shows also...

€ 500,-

Clown Veenendaal  (NL) Clown Poodle with loose acts

Clown Poodle with loose acts


During this show, each package will provide a surprise. This show is full of music, craziness and interaction. In short, the perfect show for your event! Book now the show Fun with a Package on ShowBird!

€ 300,-

Clown Ouderkerk aan de Amstel  (NL) Clown Pepe's big magic show

Clown Pepe's big magic show


Clown Pepe gives interactive magic shows, full of surprises and unexpected events, where the audience can participate a lot. This gives great joy to the children and the adults.

€ 205,-

Clown Arnhem  (NL) Clown Fleur, brighten up every children's party!

Clown Fleur, brighten up every children's party!


Do you want to make your child's birthday party unforgettable? Give the children a festive moment on your wedding day. Make your street/neighbourhood party child-friendly Give the opening/anniversary of your company an extra festive touch....

€ 249,-

Clown Veldhoven  (NL) Balloon clown Boebie

Balloon clown Boebie


Balloon clown Boebie. Boebie has a degree in balloon modeling! He makes beautiful creations in a jiffy.

€ 175,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) The Hague Balloon Farmer Show

The Hague Balloon Farmer Show

Kids show, activity

The balloon show is a combination of balloon figures, workshops and magic acts. Especially for events where a lot of people are expected. With his balloon show the "Haagse Ballonnenboer" keeps the audience on location. Both children and...

€ 650,-

Trainer/Workshop Asten  (NL) Balloon folding workshop with Rolando

Balloon folding workshop with Rolando

Trainer/Workshop, arts

Always wanted to make a balloon dog, butterfly or flower Rolando will teach you the basics in a 2 hour workshop. With an online course on his own YouTube channel with more than 260 videos.

€ 275,-

Clown Puurs  (BE) Clown Sammi

Clown Sammi


As a very experienced clown, Sammi is a must at every party! As a clown she is one of the best clowns there is, and guaranteed a great success with young and old. Book.

€ 200,-

Balloon artist Eefde  (NL) Balloon clown OkiDoki

Balloon clown OkiDoki

Balloon artist

Not only does OkiDoki make the most beautiful creations out of figurative balloons in no time at all. As an accomplished balloon clown he also knows how to entertain the bystanders in such a way that waiting is no longer experienced as...

€ 250,-

Balloon artist Ede  (Gelderland)(NL) Dylan: 150 amazing balloon figures

Dylan: 150 amazing balloon figures

Balloon artist

An original balloon figure for everyone in no time. And not the standard dogs or swords, but self-created figures. Original, fast and always a great success for the kids! Up to 60 figures per hour.

€ 445,-

Balloon artist Vlissingen  (NL) EveryDayFest: balloon sculpting and face painting

EveryDayFest: balloon sculpting and face painting

Balloon artist

Want to surprise the kids with balloon sculpting and face painting at your event? This is possible at ElkeDagFeest.

€ 525,-

Balloon artist Delft  (NL) Balloon clown + Face painting

Balloon clown + Face painting

Balloon artist

fun combination for all your festivities, Balloon clown + make-up artist to make nice figures from balloons

€ 475,-

Balloon artist Arnhem  (NL) Colorful Balloons Party Girl/Clown

Colorful Balloons Party Girl/Clown

Balloon artist

For your party this sweet, happy girl clown is a must! Besides making beautiful balloons, there is of course a lot of personal attention for the children! A joke, a chat, a compliment.... every child is 'seen'!

€ 145,-

Balloon artist Asten  (NL) The Hague balloon maker

The Hague balloon maker

Balloon artist

The name suggests what he has in his fields. His balloons are super fresh and of the right quality. He turns his balloons into works of art.

€ 485,-

Balloon artist Asten  (NL) Balloon artist Rolando

Balloon artist Rolando

Balloon artist

Rolando makes everyone stop in amazement with his crazy balloon creations He doesn't turn his hand for it, does he ! That's why the shows and acts are applicable for every age.

€ 280,-

Balloon artist Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Mister Magic Balloons

Mister Magic Balloons

Balloon artist

Mister Magic Balloons (Frans Neijs) is a childrens entertainer with the most amazing balloon skills. Do you want to amaze the children, or have extra fun at your event? Book Mister Magic Balloons. Known from the RTL4 TV show Blow up

€ 550,-


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