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Clown Ravenstein  (NL) Clown Fleur, brighten up every children's party!

Clown Fleur, brighten up every children's party!


Do you want to make your child's birthday party unforgettable? The opening of give your business an extra festive touch. Or from your staff party a making super day for your employees and their children? We are happy to take your worries...

€ 190,-

Balloon artist Amsterdam  (NL) Balloon artist Marielle

Balloon artist Marielle

Balloon artist

Marielle Heuft from Schminkkoppies is a super cozy enthusiastic balloonfolder who will make your party even more fun.

€ 250,-

Clown Boom  (BE) Clown Sammi

Clown Sammi


As a very experienced clown, Sammi is a must at every party! As a clown she is one of the best clowns there is, and guaranteed a great success with young and old. Book.

€ 200,-

Clown Veldhoven  (NL) Balloon clown Boebie

Balloon clown Boebie


Balloon clown Boebie. Boebie has a degree in balloon modeling! He makes beautiful creations in a jiffy.

€ 160,-

Clown Nieuwegein  (NL) Face Paint Clown

Face Paint Clown


These colourful artists make a picture of every face. In order to serve their little customers at their beck and call, our professional make-up artists are constantly looking for new techniques and figures.

€ 142,-

Clown Nieuwegein  (NL) Circus clown

Circus clown


High honored audience, come and see this! Our circus clown is a born breed artist. Juggling, diabolo or riding a bike with only one wheel; he can do it all. And how! This energetic juggernaut makes breakneck rounds and doesn't hesitate to...

€ 211,-

Balloon artist Den Helder  (NL) terrace artist

terrace artist

Balloon artist

This terrace artist will gladly come and cheer up your customers on the terrace!

€ 125,-

Kids show Alkmaar  (NL) Show balloon story of Clown Niekie

Show balloon story of Clown Niekie

Kids show

Balloon show with entertainment for all small children at the same time by Clown Niekie in every theme possible.

€ 184,-

Clown Amsterdam  (NL) Gringo the Clown

Gringo the Clown


This magic clown will enchant everyone with his spectacular act! Gringo the Clown is a real child's friend and you'll see this in the show! Book Gringo the Clown now on ShowBird!

€ 395,-

Balloon artist Den Helder  (NL) Balloon folding Cowboy at one and a half

Balloon folding Cowboy at one and a half

Balloon artist

Also as a cowboy I make the most beautiful balloon creations. A Country of Western party, fair or event? Success guaranteed!

€ 125,-

Clown Alkmaar  (NL) Balloon clown Niekie

Balloon clown Niekie


Clown Niekie loves to colour every party with her balloons and folds balloon figures with a high WOW content

€ 165,-

Clown Heino  (NL) Clown Knap Therapy

Clown Knap Therapy


Clown Knapie makes the children laugh every time at the children's events. If you are looking for entertainment for your children at your event, clown Knapie is the right place for you.

€ 200,-

Balloon artist Heino  (NL) Balloon artist Catootje

Balloon artist Catootje

Balloon artist

Balloon artist Catootje folds the balloons for your children in all shapes and sizes for your event. If you are looking for a balloon artist, Catootje is the right person for you!

€ 200,-

Balloon artist Veldhoven  (NL) De Balloon Piet

De Balloon Piet

Balloon artist

This cheerful piet walks between the audience and makes beautiful balloon creations. She can "turn out" pretty much the whole animal kingdom!

€ 160,-

Balloon artist Ravenstein  (NL) Christmas woman Balloon artist

Christmas woman Balloon artist

Balloon artist

Unfortunately, Santa Claus is terribly busy around Christmas. That's why he's sending his lovely wife to your party. This professional balloon artist will give a personal performance at your home.

€ 75,-

Balloon artist Den Helder  (NL) Clown Dombo's Entertainment show 1,5 m

Clown Dombo's Entertainment show 1,5 m

Balloon artist

For (re)openings or other festivities Clown Dombo offers many ideas. Cheerful decorations, balloon pillars or balloon arches etc etc etc for a festive look.

€ 675,-

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