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Character/Mascott Rotterdam  (NL) Top Sinterklaas & 2 Pieten on visit

Top Sinterklaas & 2 Pieten on visit


A Saint with Pieten of high quality; strong actors, beautiful looks and an overdose of Saint Nicholas spirit. The actors of Boek de Sint can be booked for tours, company parties, shopping malls (openings), schools and other events.

€ 595,-

Band Heinenoord  (NL) Swinging Dixieband (Black Pete)

Swinging Dixieband (Black Pete)

Band, brass/dixie

A group of musical petticoats, who let everyone around them enjoy! Young or old, it doesn't matter, everyone is welcome! Book this Swinging Dixie band now on Showbird!

€ 1.200,-

Juggler Heinenoord  (NL) Marco Bonisimo - Sinterklaas show

Marco Bonisimo - Sinterklaas show


A fun interactive show for young and old. Would you like to offer the children an unforgettable Sinterklaas show? Then don't wait any longer and book Marco Bonissimo via ShowBird.

€ 725,-

Actor Heinenoord  (NL) The Stable with Amerigo

The Stable with Amerigo

Actor, animals

The Stalpiet of St. Nicholas has taken Amerigo with him. Normally only the St. Nicholas drives on Amerigo. Stalpiet secretly went for a ride on the white mould. Now he runs over your event.

€ 550,-

Actor Soerendonk  (NL) CLASS 18+


Actor, character

Who didn't grow up with St. Nicholas? Exactly... Many think back with melancholy to those days when they still believed in it. When you're 18 or older you want something like that again! But a lot spicier! That's possible! Now there's...

€ 550,-

Kids show Oost West en Middelbeers  (NL) Singing cupcake Easter Christmas Santa Claus

Singing cupcake Easter Christmas Santa Claus

Kids show, dj/music

Together with Kaatje Chocolaatje and Bella caramella, children or adults can decorate their own Easter cupcake. Cosy Easter bunnies in all colours on the cupcake.

€ 750,-

Photographer Nieuwegein  (NL) Fotograafpiet



Everybody in the picture! One even crazier than the other. And afterwards you get everything digitally delivered. This playful Pete puts everything on the picture. This is a mobile act and can be used anywhere!

€ 277,-

Kids show Amsterdam  (NL) Wish list

Wish list

Kids show

This performance is an exciting interactive performance in which the audience can determine the further course of the story.

€ 975,-

Kids show Susteren  (NL) PietenFabriek


Kids show, activity

The nicest (Pieten) factory in the country!

€ 1.200,-

Character/Mascott Rotterdam  (NL) Saint & 2 Soot Sweepers books / hiring

Saint & 2 Soot Sweepers books / hiring


Hiring soot sweepers is popular. The sootblowers & Sinterklaas glasses we offer are of high quality; strong actors, beautiful looks and an overdose of Sinterklaas spirit. The actors of Boek de Sint can be booked for tours, company parties,...

€ 595,-

Kids show Drunen  (NL) Saint and Pete Children's show

Saint and Pete Children's show

Kids show

Before you know it, it'll be here again. Sinterklaas back in the country! 'Sint' has a busy schedule together with his pieten. De Vaan Entertainment has been asked to keep it up to date for sint. Would you like Saint Nicholas to visit you...

€ 185,-

Photographer Heinenoord  (NL) On the Photo With St. Nicholas

On the Photo With St. Nicholas


Every child's dream, to meet Saint Nicholas! And now the children can even have their picture taken with him. Would you like to print a logo or text? We can also print this on the pictures.

€ 949,-

Actor Heinenoord  (NL) St. Nicholas' carriage

St. Nicholas' carriage

Actor, animals

St. Nicholas and his peckers come to you in their carriage in style! Have you always wanted Saint Nicholas in your neighbourhood? Now this is your chance! Arrange a Meet & Greet with Sinterklaas in your residential area.

€ 450,-

Character/Mascott Nieuwegein  (NL) Sint Meet & Greet

Sint Meet & Greet


To book as a solo or duo show... A very interactive show where the children can go from start to finish completely out of their peppernut ball! Last year's most requested show is back, in a new look!

€ 467,-

Actor Nieuwegein  (NL) Stiltwalking Pete

Stiltwalking Pete

Actor, stilt-walker

Stiltwalking is spectacular, this eye-catcher is a great act! You have to hire this 3 meter high Pete! Let SteltenPiet sample, flyer or hand out for you. Guaranteed success!

€ 349,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Acrobatic Pete's

Acrobatic Pete's


These naughty pete's are actually acrobats and they'll climb up and down everywhere; so they'll climb up and down on you too! Do you want to make the spectacle even bigger? Then these Acropites can bring their own stunt bikes or go out...

€ 975,-

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