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Actor Losser  (NL) Jack Sparrow (UK)
Golden tip

Jack Sparrow (UK)

Actor, look-a-like

The world famous Captain Jack from the worldwide film blockbusters "Pirates of the Caribean". Without a doubt, the best Jack Sparrow lookalike in Europe!

€ 1.595,-

Character/Mascott Winterswijk  (NL) Raven around the World - Solo

Raven around the World - Solo


Theatre Raven plays the children's performance 'Raven around the World' for schools, festivals, theatres, institutions and the like.

€ 472,-

Character/Mascott Den Helder  (NL) Cotton candy and popcorn.

Cotton candy and popcorn.


Cotton candy stall and popcorn with cheerfully dressed up staff. For 1 hour or more.

€ 150,-

Character/Mascott Vlissingen  (NL) An unforgettable birthday

An unforgettable birthday


We take care of an unforgettable birthday for your child! From princess party to animal party, any theme is possible!

€ 250,-

Character/Mascott Nieuwegein  (NL) Bingo Harry and Greet Foul Bingo act

Bingo Harry and Greet Foul Bingo act

Character/Mascott, mascot

Harry and Greet will take care of a delicious wrong Bingo with you. They will sing live and take care of the Bingo with musical sing-alongs. An ideal change for your company event, teambuilding and parties.

€ 750,-

Character/Mascott Nieuwegein  (NL) Soot Sweep Petes

Soot Sweep Petes


These modern Pieten conquer all hearts with acts, show and more...

€ 195,-

Character/Mascott Schinveld  (NL) Live calls with Sinterklaas and Piet

Live calls with Sinterklaas and Piet

online performance

Totally of this time and it can always continue: live calls with Sinterklaas! Meet Saint Nicholas and his best servants in an exclusive and unique way. Every family will receive the recorded conversation in their mailbox afterwards.

€ 495,-

Kids show Veldhoven  (NL) Children's show Pirate Seal: NO PANIC!

Children's show Pirate Seal: NO PANIC!

Kids show

Pirate Seabone has been through a lot on his adventures at sea. Now he wants to show what he can do and most of all he wants to dare! He has brought his biggest trunk and it is full of special things! At least... that's what he thought!...

€ 395,-

Photographer Nieuwegein  (NL) Fotograafpiet



Everybody in the picture! One even crazier than the other. And afterwards you get everything digitally delivered. This playful Pete puts everything on the picture. This is a mobile act and can be used anywhere!

€ 277,-

Actor Winterswijk  (NL) Soot wipe on stilts!

Soot wipe on stilts!

Actor, stilt-walker

Are you looking for a black Peter to make things worse around December 5th? We'll make it up to you! We also have chimney pites. Stiltwalkers can be hired in different creations and themes. The acts are a combination of music, acting,...

€ 489,-

Character/Mascott Den Helder  (NL) Mickey & Minnie at one and a half meters

Mickey & Minnie at one and a half meters

Character/Mascott, mascot

Whether it's at a children's party, Disney party or store opening, where Mickey & Minnie are, it's always a party! Mickey and Minnie brighten up your event and provide fun photos!

€ 100,-

Character/Mascott Rutten  (NL) Easter bunny

Easter bunny

Character/Mascott, mascot

This Easter bunny is for cuddling. He will entertain everyone and everything at your event. Whether he has to hide eggs, help find them or take pictures with everyone. Anything is possible! Book the Easter Bunny now on ShowBird!

€ 150,-

Character/Mascott Utrecht  (NL) Chinese Dragon Dance

Chinese Dragon Dance

Character/Mascott, mascot

Surprise your visitors with the illuminated dragon dance! The enlightened dragon is often booked for the Chinese New Year! With this Chinese folk dance you give a spectacular Chinese twist to your event.

€ 1.200,-

Character/Mascott Schinveld  (NL) Rent a real Santa and elf? (NL/EN/DE)

Rent a real Santa and elf? (NL/EN/DE)


Book the real Santa for shopping malls, events and company parties and he will spread the ultimate Christmas feeling together with one (or more) of his superiors. In Dutch, German or English! Improv actors wrapped up in beautiful costumes...

€ 495,-

Character/Mascott Veldhoven  (NL) Christmas girl Carolina

Christmas girl Carolina


Christmas girl Karolien has many different qualities! She can be used as a balloon artist, making the most special balloon creations, of which of course many "Christmas balloons".

€ 325,-

Character/Mascott Amsterdam  (NL) The face painting Easter Bunny

The face painting Easter Bunny


The face painting Easter Bunny will make your Easter party a big party.

€ 200,-

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