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Stunt show Spijkenisse  (NL) Acrobatics act

Acrobatics act

Stunt show

These acrobats with experience in circus Renz are welcome artists! With their spectacular stunts they will leave your guests completely amazed. Your guests will never forget this event! Book the acrobats now on ShowBird!

€ 749,-

Presenter Rotterdam  (NL) Sylvia Schuyer | Speaking Master

Sylvia Schuyer | Speaking Master


Speaker Sylvia announces all circus acts and makes sure the show has sufficient progress and is seen as one show by the audience. Book Sylvia now as a ringmaster on Showbird!

€ 1.000,-

Cabaret 's Gravenhage  (NL) Circus Etoile: Musical Comedy Act

Circus Etoile: Musical Comedy Act

Cabaret, performance

Ron Ronell presents an unusual act for a wide audience. Book now the smallest playable concertina in the world!

€ 613,-

Kids show Veldhoven  (NL) Children's show: Circus Rubble

Children's show: Circus Rubble

Kids show

Klaas Klungel and Plukje Puinhoop have been to the circus and have been inspired by the special artists. Plukje loves the girls with all their movements and Klaas especially loves the tough guys. They have been practicing all day and now...

€ 550,-

Clown Nieuwegein  (NL) Music Clown

Music Clown


This musical artist has quite a few notes on his vocals. Cheerful, ad slow and armed with a guitar, the clown of music moves between the audience. A serenade for grandma or sing-alongs for children; nothing is too crazy for this clown....

€ 235,-

Juggler Spijkenisse  (NL) Juggler act

Juggler act


Are you looking for an artist to promote your production ? Then Daniel is the right place for you! According to Daniel, nothing is too crazy and he will do everything he can to make your guests have an unforgettable evening! Book the...

€ 450,-

Kids show Apeldoorn  (NL) Circus Meerfout kids show

Circus Meerfout kids show

Kids show

With a wink to the classical circus you will get to know several "wrong" artists who are secretly very good at what they do.

€ 800,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) Cyr Wheel

Cyr Wheel


The artist moves the wheel around effortlessly without showing any effort. It takes a lot of balance and exact body movement to move it wheel in constant motion. By changing the position in the wheel you get spectacular show elements....

€ 749,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) Duo Acrobatics

Duo Acrobatics


The artist harmoniously combines flexibility with handstand technique. Contortion is called this extreme flexibility. Showing the flexibility that a human being can have together with the technique to be able to stand on your hands for...

€ 801,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) World Unique: Silks & Cyr

World Unique: Silks & Cyr


A new, surprising and World Unique show! Never seen it this way before - the combination of a spectacular and expressive Cyr Wheel act with the elegant movements in the tissue. Two acrobats, two different disciplines; one overwhelming...

€ 995,-

Event show Amsterdam  (NL) Cirque Colourique

Cirque Colourique

Event show, intermezzo

A musical and colourful circus parade brings life to the brewery with a lot of cheerfulness and frivolity. Ideal to give your event more! Book this animation now via ShowBird.

€ 2.075,-

Clown Nieuwegein  (NL) Circus clown

Circus clown


High honored audience, come and see this! Our circus clown is a born breed artist. Juggling, diabolo or riding a bike with only one wheel; he can do it all. And how! This energetic juggernaut makes breakneck rounds and doesn't hesitate to...

€ 212,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Cloths Quartet

Cloths Quartet "Teambeat


Teambeat (quartet) is an exciting choreography with 4 canvases. The diversity of combinations creates many artistic possibilities which can also be adapted to each location: Dancing canvases, synchronous and consciously asynchronous...

€ 2.500,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Trapeze-Duet

Trapeze-Duet "Styles"


Styles is a performance in a duo trapeze. A sensational synergy between two acrobats, in which different styles of graceful movements, acrobatics, interwoven positions and dynamic loosening succeed each other in a lively act. This act is a...

€ 1.500,-

Magician Antwerpen  (BE) The Great Escape

The Great Escape

Magician, illusionist

Inspired by Harry Houdini, escape artist Ben and his assistant provide an unforgettable spectacle. A unique show full of humour, exciting tricks and acrobatics!

€ 1.000,-

Acrobat Rosmalen  (NL) Lamppost Acrobatics

Lamppost Acrobatics


A story about a young lantern lighter in 1920 that climbs the tallest lantern pole he has ever seen. Not easily impressed, this acrobat doesn't easily let himself be knocked out of the field. Book the Lantern Acrobat now via Showbird!

€ 1.850,-

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