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Clown Nieuwegein  (NL) Circus clown

Circus clown


High honored audience, come and see this! Our circus clown is a born breed artist. Juggling, diabolo or riding a bike with only one wheel; he can do it all. And how! This energetic juggernaut makes breakneck rounds and doesn't hesitate to...

€ 211,-

Stunt show Spijkenisse  (NL) The African Acrobats

The African Acrobats

Stunt show

These acrobats with experience in circus Renz are welcome artists! With their spectacular stunts they will leave your guests completely amazed. Your guests will never forget this event! Book the acrobats now on ShowBird!

€ 749,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) Cyr Wheel

Cyr Wheel


The artist moves the wheel around effortlessly without showing any effort. It takes a lot of balance and exact body movement to move it wheel in constant motion. By changing the position in the wheel you get spectacular show elements....

€ 749,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) Duo Acrobatics

Duo Acrobatics


The artist harmoniously combines flexibility with handstand technique. Contortion is called this extreme flexibility. Showing the flexibility that a human being can have together with the technique to be able to stand on your hands for...

€ 800,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) World Unique: Silks & Cyr

World Unique: Silks & Cyr


A new, surprising and World Unique show! Never seen it this way before - the combination of a spectacular and expressive Cyr Wheel act with the elegant movements in the tissue. Two acrobats, two different disciplines; one overwhelming...

€ 995,-

Actor Winterswijk  (NL) Pierrot Clown on stilts

Pierrot Clown on stilts

Actor, stilt-walker

Do you want real Pierrot clowns at your event? The stiltwalkers can be hired in different creations and themes. The acts are a combination of music, acting, dance and theatre.

€ 400,-

Actor Oosterhout  (Noord Brabant)(NL) Candy Carousel

Candy Carousel

Actor, food

Mobile circus player in Candy Carousel as theatrical walking table on your event. Fully illuminated, rolling and decorated with beautiful details such as rocking horses, candy and sweets! Executable in a wide variety of themes.

€ 965,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) Aerial Ring

Aerial Ring


A unique and exciting aerial acrobatics number. The audience experiences a combination of graceful, elegant movements and fast, breathtaking turns turns. The artist whirls through the air, accompanied by emotional music. The fine nuances...

€ 598,-

Presenter Rotterdam  (NL) Sylvia Schuyer | Speaking Master

Sylvia Schuyer | Speaking Master


Speaker Sylvia announces all circus acts and makes sure the show has sufficient progress and is seen as one show by the audience. Book Sylvia now as a ringmaster on Showbird!

€ 1.000,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) Acrobatic Pole Dance

Acrobatic Pole Dance


This energetic pole dance act combines the sports of pole dance, gymnastics and acrobatics in combination with flexibility into a modern show act. The elegant pole dancer intrigues her audience with her highly sensual and acrobatic...

€ 471,-

Kids show Eefde  (NL) Presentation OkiDoki

Presentation OkiDoki

Kids show

The performance "OkiDoki" hasn't started yet. Or has it?

€ 189,-

Make-up artist Boom  (BE) Childrens Grime and Glitter Tattoos

Childrens Grime and Glitter Tattoos

Make-up artist

For young and old and for all parties, with make-up, every party is a success! Book this unique act now on ShowBird for an unforgettable party.

€ 125,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) German Wheel

German Wheel


The world champions present an artistic show at the highest level. The movements in the Rhönrad / German Wheel are combined with acrobatic elements. Dynamically the artists melt together by rolling together in one wheel or synchronously...

€ 749,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) Handstand Box

Handstand Box


A lonely box on stage? And then all of a sudden light, music, and the box opens... The artist harmoniously combines flexibility with handstand technique. Contortion is called this extreme flexibility. Showing the flexibility that a...

€ 471,-

Clown Nieuwegein  (NL) Music Clown

Music Clown


This musical artist has quite a few notes on his vocals. Cheerful, ad slow and armed with a guitar, the clown of music moves between the audience. A serenade for grandma or sing-alongs for children; nothing is too crazy for this clown....

€ 235,-

Juggler Spijkenisse  (NL) Juggler Daniel

Juggler Daniel


Would you like to hire a juggler for your event, company party, congress or other event? Then you have come to the right place at Daniël Doornkamp. Hiring this juggler stands for success. This award-winning juggler knows how to make every...

€ 499,-

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