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Circus acts

68 items found
Juggler Spijkenisse  (NL) Circus Juggler

Circus Juggler


Hiring a circus juggler for your event, corporate party, conference or other event? Then you have come to the right place. Hiring this juggler guarantees success. This award-winning juggler knows how to make every occasion unique with his...

€ 650,-

Actor Amsterdam  (NL) Cirque Colourique: Parade

Cirque Colourique: Parade

Actor, parade

A musical and motley circus parade brings life to the stage with lots of merriment , frivolous antics, daring tricks and (sometimes) challenging audience participation.

€ 2.350,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) Partner Acrobatics - Dance & Acrobatics

Partner Acrobatics - Dance & Acrobatics


Acrobatic Hand to Hand Duo - Balance Act Strength, agility & elegance come together in this breathtaking partner act! A harmonious Duo show that highlights power, romance and trust. Inspire your audience with one of the most traditional...

€ 650,-

Juggler Eindhoven  (NL) Juggler & Entertainer

Juggler & Entertainer


Nigel Voets is a young professional juggler. He has over 10 years experience in the most famous circuses, variety shows & TV shows. Juggler Nigel is a fresh and modern artist who is very versatile. Nigel is: ''A real entertainer with a...

€ 650,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) Aerial Silks & Cyr Wheel - Duo Show

Aerial Silks & Cyr Wheel - Duo Show


Looking for a spectacular act for your event? A new, surprising World Unique Show! Never seen before in this way. The combination of a spectacular and expressive Cyr Wheel Act with the elegant and beautiful movements of the aerial acrobat...

€ 850,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) Cyr Wheel Acrobatics (LED) - Solo Show

Cyr Wheel Acrobatics (LED) - Solo Show


Professional entertainment from world champions! The artist lights up the stage with his highly energetic Cyr Wheel Show. Fascinating - like magic, the artist circles and spins the wheel effortlessly Aesthetic, powerful and unique! Check...

€ 650,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Cloths Duet "Teambeat"

Cloths Duet "Teambeat"


Teambeat (quartet) is an exciting choreography with 4 canvases. The diversity of combinations creates many artistic possibilities which can also be adapted to each location: Dancing canvases, synchronous and consciously asynchronous...

€ 1.500,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Trapeze-Duet "Styles"

Trapeze-Duet "Styles"


Styles is a performance in a duo trapeze. A sensational synergy between two acrobats, in which different styles of graceful movements, acrobatics, interwoven positions and dynamic loosening succeed each other in a lively act. This act is a...

€ 1.500,-

Stunt show Spijkenisse  (NL) The African Acrobats

The African Acrobats

Stunt show

With experience in circus Renz, these acrobats are popular performers! With their spectacular stunts they will leave your guests completely amazed. Your guests will never forget this event! Book the acrobats now on ShowBird!

€ 950,-

Actor Rotterdam  (NL) Circus Girl

Circus Girl

Actor, hosting

Our Circus Girl is a beautiful hostess in themed costume. The activities can vary within the requirements of your event. She can also be booked as an entertainer, she is a true artist at heart. She is the clown, tiger tamer and acrobat in...

€ 253,-

Presenter Rotterdam  (NL) Sylvia Schuyer | Speaking Master

Sylvia Schuyer | Speaking Master


Speaker Sylvia announces all circus acts and makes sure the show has sufficient progress and is seen as one show by the audience. Book Sylvia now as a ringmaster on Showbird!

€ 1.500,-

Acrobat Zaandam  (NL) Aerial Ring/Hoop - Air acrobatics (LED)

Aerial Ring/Hoop - Air acrobatics (LED)


A unique, graceful and exciting acrobatic show in the Aerial Ring. The audience will experience a fusion between elegant movements and fast, breathtaking twists. The artist swings through the air accompanied by dynamic music. Enjoy complex...

€ 600,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Circus Clog: Calf Love

Circus Clog: Calf Love


Light poetic farmer's comedy with spectacular stunts. It's coffee time for farmer Driekus and his wife Bertha. Their daily pattern is broken when a game of teasing and challenging develops from daredevilry on stacked chairs to acrobatic...

€ 1.100,-

Actor Amsterdam  (NL) Circus Clog: Stilt-Animation

Circus Clog: Stilt-Animation

Actor, stilt-walker

Cheerful interaction of these Dutch giants. beautiful eye-catcher. Walking animation with costumes in giant size. But even the smallest spectator can get a hand.

€ 1.100,-

Clown Winterswijk  (NL) Pierrot Clown on stilts

Pierrot Clown on stilts


Do you want a real Pierrot clown at your event? Or do you want other nostalgic clowns? These clowns can be hired in different creations and themes. The clown can be on stilts, but without stilts they also stand out!

€ 461,-

Acrobat Amsterdam  (NL) Cloths Act "Gold"

Cloths Act "Gold"


A versatile choreography with 1 to 4 canvases! The beginning is mystical and romantic. When the rhythm is set, a lively atmosphere is created. The canvases blow through the air like magic wings. In the finale, spectacular drops take the...

€ 749,-


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