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Event show Den Haag  (NL) Aladdin the Shoeblack

Aladdin the Shoeblack

Event show

Your relationships will feel like kings and queens are too rich with this crowd-pulling act! In an Oriental setting, in which an authentic Turkish shoe polish coffin together with Aladdin is the centre of attention, your guests will be...

€ 656,-

Event show Nijmegen  (NL) The Music Show (full evening)

The Music Show (full evening)

Event show, themed evening

...a suitcase full of party stuff, the best hits from the 70's, 80's and 90's, glitter balls, skippy balls and the most idiotic games and ditto prizes..

€ 2.175,-

Acrobat Roeselare  (BE) Aerial Straps - Amorcito

Aerial Straps - Amorcito


Amorcito is an aerial straps act which I perform on big events/venues with enough space to give the audience an spectaculair experience. The act is both static and dynamic, brought in an very powerful but elegant way at the same time.

€ 605,-

Event show Cuijk  (NL) Types, singing, evening filling program

Types, singing, evening filling program

Event show, themed evening

Types of duo playing, performances live vocals, and also a wrong DJ. In short, a full evening program! Typetjes alternate with vocals and come back as other types!

€ 1.250,-

Event show Erp  (NL) Who's the Rat

Who's the Rat

Event show

The ultimate game in the city based on 'Who's The Mole'. Elements such as teambuilding, excitement and conviviality come back 100% in this game.

€ 368,-

Event show Essen  (BE) Hypnosis Show The Charming Hypnotist

Hypnosis Show The Charming Hypnotist

Event show

You're looking for an original hypnosis show? A hypnosis group show with respectful comedy? Safe and responsible hypnosis? Then you're good. In addition, this hypnotist provides you with all publicity material digitally and guides you...

€ 1.375,-

Event show Den Haag  (NL) LED Hoop Show

LED Hoop Show

Event show

Enrich your event with a complete LED hoop show on your own piece of music. Let your eyes move with the colors and sound of this incredibly creative hoop show! A super fun and entertained act!

€ 350,-

Event show Den Haag  (NL) Fire entertainment, 2 performers or more

Fire entertainment, 2 performers or more

Event show

This spectacular fire show to music is an act that takes your event to a new level! Surprise your audience with this unique fire act.

€ 750,-

Event show Schaijk  (NL) Big Mama's

Big Mama's

Event show, themed evening

A day or evening full of singing, games and super fun entertainment. Sing and dance together with the moms. Make Brazilian masks and paint on a canvas to let your artistic side shine.

€ 1.350,-

Event show Amsterdam  (NL) Escape Challenge on location

Escape Challenge on location

Event show

The Escape Challenge: Morte Frio is a super exciting, mobile escape game that you can play anywhere and is suitable for small and very large groups!

€ 230,-

Event show Wernhout  (NL) The Flower Dales

The Flower Dales

Event show

With their enthusiasm and singing talent they will entertain everyone. It promises to be a great show! Book the Flower Dales on ShowBird now!

€ 650,-

Event show Wernhout  (NL) Masters of Beauty

Masters of Beauty

Event show

Masters of Beauty will make sure they entertain everyone. With their enthusiasm and interaction, it's always a successful party! Book the Masters of Beauty now at ShowBird!

€ 2.500,-

Event show Geldrop  (NL) Big Sister's Watching You

Big Sister's Watching You

Event show, introduction

A TV (plasma) screen when entering the location is nothing new. But a screen that responds to guests, that's spectacular! Book the Big Sister's Watching You now via ShowBird.

€ 2.000,-

Event show Amsterdam  (NL) Song made to measure

Song made to measure

Event show, intermezzo

A catchy custom written song to a familiar melody based on the theme of your meeting. The song can be sung at the beginning of the meeting to set the right tone or at the end as a summary.

€ 500,-

Event show Amsterdam  (NL) Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

Event show, intermezzo

A splashing interactive end to a fun day or as an entertaining break from a meeting? In the manner of a rehearsal piece, the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet is set. All attendees are used!

€ 450,-

Event show Hapert  (NL) Flea circus

Flea circus

Event show

With this flea circus at your event, you are guaranteed success! This flea circus from 1922 turns every event into an original moment. Book now on Showbird!

€ 1.050,-

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