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Event show Amstelveen  (NL) Power Up ( The most fun warm-up )

Power Up ( The most fun warm-up )

Event show, introduction

Laat je event bruisen: Een energieke en plezierige warming-up, mogelijk vanaf slechts 1 vierkante meter per persoon, in sport- of gewone kleding. Carlos Lens kan zelfs de grootste bankzitters in beweging krijgen, zonder dat het publiek...

€ 1.500,-

Event show Winterswijk  (NL) Stiltwalkers: Water

Stiltwalkers: Water

Event show, introduction

A wonderful show from Walt Raaf Theater. The Stiltwalkers can be hired in a variety of creations and themes. The acts are a combination of music, play, dance and theater. In addition to this blue version, a green and a red version are...

€ 790,-

Event show Spijkenisse  (NL) Cyber Led Robot Duo

Cyber Led Robot Duo

Event show, introduction

Unique Led Robot Show of 2 tall robots high on stilts.

€ 1.050,-

Event show Winterswijk  (NL) Stiltwalkers Lackeys

Stiltwalkers Lackeys

Event show, introduction

For the Royal Park concert series at Soestdijk Palace, Raaftheater created these lackeys on stilts. A damsel on stilts also fit into the entourage. This act suited perfectly as street theater and reception act. Visitors frequently took...

€ 1.540,-

Event show Nederland  (NL) Lackey and Jonkvrouw for hire?

Lackey and Jonkvrouw for hire?

Event show, introduction

They seem to have run away from days gone by: the cheerful Lei the Lake and Jonkvrouw Antoinette. This couple of rank greet the guests just as they should. But who are they and how do they do it? The hilarious icebreaker for events,...

€ 710,-

Event show Winterswijk  (NL) Underwater


Event show, introduction

This is a wonderful short welcome act or reception act. Very big and colorful with colors of the dark water in autumn.

€ 996,-

Event show Nijkerk  (NL) Giant Gift

Giant Gift

Event show, introduction

You're planning a fun opening act? Then stop searching because then this giant gift wrapping with beautiful bows is just the thing for you.

€ 895,-

Event show Nijkerk  (NL) The Dragon

The Dragon

Event show, introduction

An impressive fossil (skeleton) found during work on the building site turns out to be a real percussion instrument. On the building site the 'original' residents (artists/dancers) officially transfer the ground to ... A percussion...

€ 1.863,-

Event show Nijkerk  (NL) The Red Runners

The Red Runners

Event show, introduction

With this new opening act and reception act your guests will already feel welcome at the entrance! How about we start the runner at that chilly car park! At your new building or your event your guests will be welcomed in a special way!...

€ 1.995,-

Event show Rotterdam  (NL) Clocks act

Clocks act

Event show, introduction

The bells stand like living statues at the entrance. You may be thinking, "What am I supposed to do with this? This act is very suitable as a reception act for an event! Book this act now via ShowBird.

€ 1.095,-

Event show Nijkerk  (NL) Singing on Horse

Singing on Horse

Event show, introduction

Are you looking for an opening act or show starring an impressive horse? Our singer Rosanna is the only singer in the Netherlands who masters the difficult technique to be able to sing beautiful and pure while riding!

€ 835,-

Actor Rotterdam  (NL) Opening act Her Majesty

Opening act Her Majesty

Actor, character

Are you looking for a high-level opening? Her Majesty of Europe will take care of a very special opening ceremony for your company, your shop, your new premises or festival. Book this act now via ShowBird!

€ 2.075,-

Actor Rotterdam  (NL) Opening Act the Modeler

Opening Act the Modeler

Actor, character

Opening or reception? Then of course you want a Red Carpet, to receive your guests in a stylish way and you have come to the right place. Book this Red Carpet act now via ShowBird!

€ 1.995,-

Event show Gouda  (NL) Presenters


Event show, introduction

A fun presentation act at a mall? A presenter with looks at an event? Looking for a professional presenter or presenters?

€ 300,-

Event show Nijkerk  (NL) The Shell

The Shell

Event show, introduction

Sounds of waves breaking on the coastline are audible... Slowly the beautiful jacob shell opens and closes. Every time the shell opens, smoke falls down and a strong beam of light escapes..

€ 1.882,-

Event show Nijkerk  (NL) Thunderstorm


Event show, introduction

There are white statues on two or four elevations. Dancers wrapped in tight cloths make beautiful movements... A percussion breaks loose... and the dancers free themselves from the cocoons!

€ 2.311,-

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