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Clown Ravenstein  (NL) Clown Fleur, brighten up every children's party!

Clown Fleur, brighten up every children's party!


Do you want to make your child's birthday party unforgettable? The opening of give your business an extra festive touch. Or from your staff party a making super day for your employees and their children? We are happy to take your worries...

€ 170,-

Speaker Arnhem  (NL) Innovation through History | Speaker

Innovation through History | Speaker

Speaker, science

Frank Bouman - van Veen is a historian, trainer and workshop leader and also leads the legal department of a large value carrier in the Netherlands. The combination of experience in speaking for groups, insight into the commercial business...

€ 550,-

Photographer Haalderen  (NL) Singing Photographers

Singing Photographers


As an event organiser, can't you choose between a live music act or a photobooth? Then go for The Singing Photographers! That's a combination of live vocals and instant photos. In other words, a 2-in-1 act! Sisters Evelien and Marlies...

€ 874,-

Presenter Arnhem  (NL) Humorous and (inter)active Presentation

Humorous and (inter)active Presentation


Femke Vernij has it all: From presenting music and theatre evenings to fashion shows. From children's events to corporate events. Femke is your presenter! With humour she ensures that the focus is on the speakers/acts of the event,...

€ 495,-

Acrobat Arnhem  (NL) Aerial Act 'Champagne from the air

Aerial Act 'Champagne from the air


Your glass of champagne will be poured for you by a charming acrobat hanging in her beautiful chandelier. A chic eye catcher for your event.

€ 449,-

Guitarist Arnhem  (NL) Guitar Duo The Acoustics

Guitar Duo The Acoustics


Acoustic pop covers from the Stones to Ed Sheeran with two acoustic guitars and two voices. Ideal for practically any event, from wedding, dinner, reception to festival or company party. From background music to fine in the foreground....

€ 749,-

Harpist Wageningen  (NL) Wedding harpist

Wedding harpist


First of all, congratulations on your wedding plans! I hope this way to inform you about my working method as a wedding harpist. I am an experienced harpist, graduated from the conservatory and have a repertoire that includes styles such...

€ 300,-

Magician Wageningen  (NL) Miracles at the table (COVID-proof)

Miracles at the table (COVID-proof)

Magician, table magic

When Janse mingles with your guests, miracles happen. Between the corridors and festivities Janse shows his most amazing miracles ! Without the help of special mirrors, secret hatches or sneaky accomplices, he does incredible things with...

€ 300,-

Photographer Reek  (NL) The Event photographer you're looking for...!!!!!!!!!

The Event photographer you're looking for...!!!!!!!!!


This Event-photographer gives your party a face (colour, style, atmosphere, experience)

€ 400,-

Clown Groesbeek  (NL) Mike The Balloon Clown

Mike The Balloon Clown


Animals, flowers, swords, he makes them all! Mike the Balloon Clown is able to create all kinds of different balloon figures on every event, from birthdays to anniversaries. Book Mike the Balloon Clown now via Showbird!

€ 137,-

Actor Nijmegen  (NL) Odet Closet

Odet Closet

Actor, character

With Odet Closet, guests' toilet visits are transformed into a real experience!

€ 295,-

Singer (male) Elst  (Gelderland)(NL) Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Singer (male), tribute

Always wanted to attend a concert by Elvis Presley? You can now. William Smulders will take you to The King and treat you to a good evening of rock 'n roll.

€ 600,-

Actor Nijmegen  (NL) The Father

The Father

Actor, living statue

Would you like to bring a humorous living statue to your event? Then look no further and book the Father! He will amaze the guests with his fun display. Book the Father now via ShowBird!

€ 500,-

Drive-in show Schaijk  (NL) MDS type II Truss A

MDS type II Truss A

Drive-in show, party

Are you looking for a drive in show for a bigger party than a home party? Then this drive in show is exactly what you're looking for. Perfect for a party with 200 guests.

€ 450,-

Photographer Schaijk  (NL) Wedding photographer

Wedding photographer


When you experience the most beautiful day of your life, you want to relive it years later through beautiful wedding photos. With these professionals, your unforgettable day will be captured perfectly without the photographers standing out.

€ 450,-

Cabaret Nijmegen  (NL) Happy Miel: Cabaret or tailor made act

Happy Miel: Cabaret or tailor made act

Cabaret, performance

A light-hearted, musical and interactive finale to your staff day, congress or event. Ensures that everyone walks out involved and with a smile. Naturally tailored to the subject of the day or the sector in which you work. Happy Miel is at...

€ 1.350,-

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