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Harpist Gent  (BE) ZEM Singer & Harpist

ZEM Singer & Harpist

online performance

ZEM sings and plays on her semi-electric harp and mixes different styles from folk to triphop. She writes and sings in three languages (En, Fr, Nl).

€ 500,-

Violinist Wachtebeke  (BE) Violinist Anouk

Violinist Anouk


Book violinist Anouk! Live violin for your wedding, party, reception,... Also Moroccan and Turkish weddings! Timeless classical music, film music, request songs, Turkish music, everything is possible! Qualified violinist!

€ 175,-

Magician Gent  (BE) Close-Up Magic - Anthony Holt

Close-Up Magic - Anthony Holt

Magician, table magic

MAGIC OF THE HIGHEST LEVEL Have you ever experienced a miracle ten inches away? No? Then it's about time you met Anthony Holt. Under your eyes let Anthony Holt amaze you with the most impossible effects and demonstrates his magical...

€ 600,-

Band Wachtebeke  (BE) Violin duo Coppia Corda

Violin duo Coppia Corda

Band, other

A professional violin duo for your wedding, party, reception,...? Feel free to ask for more info.

€ 250,-

Magician Gent  (BE) Group show Magic - Anthony Holt

Group show Magic - Anthony Holt

Magician, illusionist

MAGIC AS THE ULTIMATE RE-ENERGIZER! Surprising, full of humour and above all amazing effects. That's the best way to describe Anthony Holt's group performance. Is really? Is it magic? Or is it something in between? Maybe you'll come back...

€ 495,-

Magician Gent  (BE) Stock market juggling - Anthony Holt

Stock market juggling - Anthony Holt

Magician, illusionist

Anthony Holt is the only magician in Belgium who turns your prospects into customers. Specialised in entertainment on the trade show floor, Anthony Holt is the lead generator par excellence that ensures that your representatives don't even...

€ 1.000,-

Band Wachtebeke  (BE) Duo Kintsugi

Duo Kintsugi

Band, other

Violin and (bass) clarinet duo for every occasion! Be pleasantly surprised by this special duo! We have a very large repertoire (all styles) and request numbers are also very welcome. Qualified musicians!

€ 250,-

Band Wachtebeke  (BE) Aranti


Band, other

Violin - guitar duo for every event! All genres!

€ 350,-

Band Gent  (BE) The Almost Swinging Jazz Band

The Almost Swinging Jazz Band

Band, jazz

Are you looking for a cozy and swinging band for your event or wedding? Then book a performance of The Almost Swinging Jazz Band now!

€ 860,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Wobble Santa

Wobble Santa

Actor, character

This special Santa Claus will make your Christmas celebration something special! Can you keep him awake?

€ 808,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Saurhumano


Actor, stilt-walker

This special act will make your event something special. The dino family with roll cage for the baby is funny to see for young and old! Book this act now via Showbird!

€ 847,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Aquatopia


Actor, stilt-walker

These stiltwalkers bring peace to your event! They shower their audience with love and peace. Book this act now via Showbird!

€ 809,-

Dancer Gent  (BE) Gogo Dancers Lab

Gogo Dancers Lab

Dancer, freestyle

These experienced dancers adapt completely to your event from dance style to theme costumes! From festival to disco, always a spectacle!

€ 248,-

Dancer Gent  (BE) Dancers Lab Cheerleaders

Dancers Lab Cheerleaders

Dancer, other

Give your event a boost and book these cheerleaders via ShowBird! Make your party complete with these experienced cheerleaders!

€ 372,-

DJ Gent  (BE) ZEM DJ with live electric harp & vocals

ZEM DJ with live electric harp & vocals

DJ, club/dance

Looking for a club or lounge vibe for your event? You can book ZEM for a complete live act with harp and vocals on a DJ set.

€ 1.000,-

Actor Oosterzele  (BE) Hernest & Soul

Hernest & Soul

Actor, character

These playful penguins arouse the laughing muscles of young and old. Who can resist Hernest & Zamiel's "fluffy" and innocent appearance? Entertainment of top level! This walking act will be a guaranteed success element for your event!

€ 900,-

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