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Actor Lede  (BE) Aquatopia 2.0 (NEW 2023)

Aquatopia 2.0 (NEW 2023)

Actor, stilt-walker

These stiltwalkers bring peace to your event! They shower their audience with love and peace. Book this act now via Showbird!

€ 1.052,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Saurhumano


Actor, stilt-walker

This special act will make your event something special. The dino family with roll cage for the baby is funny to see for young and old! Book this act now via Showbird!

€ 1.098,-

Band Gent  (BE) The Almost Swinging Jazz Band

The Almost Swinging Jazz Band

Band, jazz

Are you looking for a cozy and swinging band for your event or wedding? Then book a performance of The Almost Swinging Jazz Band now!

€ 860,-

Violinist Wachtebeke  (BE) Violinist Anouk

Violinist Anouk


Book violinist Anouk! Live violin for your wedding, party, reception,... Also Turkish, Hindu, Moroccan weddings! Timeless classical, pop, tango, film music, Turkish music,... everything is possible. Request songs are welcome! Certified...

€ 225,-

Actor Lede  (BE) C-Rex World

C-Rex World

Actor, character

This creepy act will make your Halloween party complete! Do you dare to look for the dinosaurs on the loose?

€ 2.415,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Crazy Troll

Crazy Troll


This is something you have never seen before! This spinning troll will provide lots of entertainment at your event, you'll want to see this!

€ 1.052,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Insectara


Actor, stilt-walker

This stilt walking insect will complete your event! Looking for something different? Then this is the perfect act for you, book it now through Showbird!

€ 1.299,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Timberbiotic


Actor, stilt-walker

These funny stiltwalkers will put your event on stilts! They let the audience get closer to nature again. Book the act now on Showbird!

€ 1.352,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Les Voyages de Gwipaz

Les Voyages de Gwipaz

Actor, stilt-walker

This special stilts act gives your event just that little extra. These creatures come from another world and take the audience to this special place.

€ 1.299,-

Magician Gent  (BE) Close-Up Magic - Anthony Holt

Close-Up Magic - Anthony Holt

Magician, table magic

MAGIC OF THE HIGHEST LEVEL Have you ever experienced a miracle ten inches away? No? Then it's about time you met Anthony Holt. Under your eyes let Anthony Holt amaze you with the most impossible effects and demonstrates his magical...

€ 600,-

Band Wachtebeke  (BE) String Fuse - violin duo

String Fuse - violin duo

Band, other

String Fuse! A professional violin duo for your wedding, party, reception,...? Ask for more info! Qualified musicians with lots of experience!

€ 300,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Bukarang


Actor, stilt-walker

These funny stilt walkers will make your event unforgettable! They dance on stilts like you have never seen before. Extra special are the luminous costumes they wear.

€ 1.352,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Mysterious Collection

Mysterious Collection

Actor, stilt-walker

This special act takes you into the funny mythical world of elves, trolls and mysterious creatures. The rolling troll is something you've never seen but definitely want to experience!

€ 1.650,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Mystic and Fauny

Mystic and Fauny

Actor, stilt-walker

Two stilt walkers from a magical world. This special act will make your event something special!

€ 754,-

Actor Lede  (BE) Camping Terror

Camping Terror

Actor, character

This creepy act will make your Halloween party complete! Do you dare? And do you dare camp after this?

€ 2.645,-

Actor Lede  (BE) C-Rex


Actor, animals

These dinosaurs will make your event an unforgettable party! Their striking blue appearance will ensure that no one walks past these large creatures.

€ 1.299,-


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