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Cabaret De Bilt  (NL) Company cabaret

Company cabaret

Cabaret, performance

Sharp and musically tailored cabaret about your organization and the people, an intermezzo during your congress or a wrap up of your meeting.

€ 1.882,-

Actor Zwanenburg  (NL) André van Duin imitator

André van Duin imitator

Actor, look-a-like

Imitating is a feeling. In order to imitate someone exactly, you have to be able to empathize with that person. Bart Juwett has succeeded in bringing a perfect imitation of Holland's greatest comedian ANDRÉ VAN DUIN.

€ 850,-

Cabaret Badhoevedorp  (NL) Custom Comedy Show

Custom Comedy Show

Cabaret, performance

Tom is the most popular comedian when it comes to custom comedy. With his 24 years of experience he guarantees a dynamic humorous show. Perfect for closing your event or conference.

€ 1.950,-

Cabaret 's Gravenhage  (NL) Circus Etoile: Musical Comedy Act

Circus Etoile: Musical Comedy Act

Cabaret, performance

Ron Ronell presents an unusual act for a wide audience. Book now the smallest playable concertina in the world!

€ 613,-

Cabaret Zoetermeer  (NL) The Indian Comedian

The Indian Comedian

Cabaret, stand-up comedian

Who's Mino? Mino is a stand up comedian/presenter/entertainer of the top shelf. He was born in India and immigrated with his family to the Netherlands in his infancy. Here he combined hilarious stand up jokes with his upbringing in the...

€ 939,-

Cabaret Brugge  (BE) The Good Ways Show

The Good Ways Show

Cabaret, performance

Etiquette at the table... Who knows them all? With passion and humour, Brigitte Balfoort tells the historical facts and contemporary blunders around "etiquette 2.0" at the table. Learn them all during this fascinating show!

€ 650,-

Cabaret Brugge  (BE) The Good Ways Table

The Good Ways Table

Cabaret, performance

Every day in your life you eat and drink something good. Do you also think about how you eat at dinner every day? Certified etiquette consultant Brigitte Balfoort teaches you and your audience the right rules during a private or business...

€ 650,-

Cabaret Gent  (BE) Hogwarts, an improvised history

Hogwarts, an improvised history

Cabaret, performance

Never received your Hogwarts admission letter? Then this is your chance! Take the Hogwarts Express to this unique comedy Harry Potter adventure, made up on the spot. Our improv magicians will make all your potter's dreams come true: you'll...

€ 1.500,-

Cabaret Gent  (BE) Amai improcomedy show

Amai improcomedy show

Cabaret, performance

An Amai improcomedy show is a hilarious, intelligent and up to date improcomedy show that can be completely adapted to your event With suggestions from the audience, this young talented group builds scenes.

€ 1.500,-

Cabaret Alkmaar  (NL) Rene on his own

Rene on his own

Cabaret, performance

Half an hour of relaxed laughter at the West Frisian humour, where you can deliver anecdotes yourself that are processed by René. A great success for years. We don't need to get rich from it, hence the low price.

€ 220,-

Cabaret Nijmegen  (NL) Happy Miel: Cabaret or tailor made act

Happy Miel: Cabaret or tailor made act

Cabaret, performance

A light-hearted, musical and interactive finale to your staff day, congress or event. Ensures that everyone walks out involved and with a smile. Naturally tailored to the subject of the day or the sector in which you work. Happy Miel is at...

€ 1.350,-

Cabaret Leeuwarden  (NL) Theatre Dinner The Wedding Examination

Theatre Dinner The Wedding Examination


A cabaret program over dinner, to prepare for the wedding. By a real wedding official!

€ 250,-

Cabaret Haarlem  (NL) Keep Calm, I will use my opera voice

Keep Calm, I will use my opera voice

Cabaret, performance

Keep calm, I will use my opera voice' is a musical and humorous introduction to the opera world. Classic for dummies!

€ 250,-

Cabaret Rotterdam  (NL) Arie Vuyk: Always Price

Arie Vuyk: Always Price

Cabaret, performance

You came into the world for free, but you're here for a reason. For what? Arie Vuyk explains it to you. When he had nothing to do, he looked past life and death and came back with a suitcase full of conferences, types, songs and...

€ 1.179,-

Cabaret Almere  (NL) I Truccatori (2 persons)

I Truccatori (2 persons)

Cabaret, performance

I Truccatori is a theatre group with various qualities. Truccatori has been at the top of the Dutch entertainment world since 1991, and has been able to put on great performances for years.

€ 1.350,-

Cabaret Badhoevedorp  (NL) Company Roast!

Company Roast!

Cabaret, stand-up comedian

Important: You only roast the one you love A comedy show where the edges are searched for, as an outsider Tom can say anything.

€ 2.200,-

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