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Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Top digital trends by Vincent Everts
Golden tip

Top digital trends by Vincent Everts

Speaker, economics/politics

What are the 10 biggest digital trends that will change your life and that of your company in the coming years. Thanks to these trends, people, teams and organisations are becoming more and more self-managing. Vincent Everts takes his...

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) A Customer-Focused Organisation

A Customer-Focused Organisation

Speaker, marketing/communication

Presentations by Feike Cats guarantee inspiration, fun and energy! The presentation Customer Orientation in Practice is full of directly applicable tips & tricks for everyone within the organization. From receptionist to management. You...

€ 1.861,-

Speaker Huizen  (NL) Be seen!

Be seen!

Speaker, human interest/behavoir

Self-development and continued growth are a source of energy and enjoyment in the workplace. Two things are important for this: being good at what you do and telling about it! Communicate your qualities and make your own successes visible....

€ 350,-

Speaker De Lier  (NL) Are you gonna be a tree or a jerk?

Are you gonna be a tree or a jerk?

Speaker, marketing/communication

How can a 'happy acorn' turn into a 'flowering tree'? What does this mean for your attitude and behaviour? Ronald van der Molen answers these and other questions in an inspiring presentation full of interaction and humour.

€ 2.000,-

Speaker Arnhem  (NL) Innovation through History | Speaker

Innovation through History | Speaker

Speaker, science

Frank Bouman - van Veen is a historian, trainer and workshop leader and also leads the legal department of a large value carrier in the Netherlands. The combination of experience in speaking for groups, insight into the commercial business...

€ 550,-

Speaker Rijswijk  (Zuid Holland)(NL)

"Success is a choice" by Hassan Tagi

Speaker, economics/politics

Hassan is an entrepreneur who speaks from his experience how to become a successful entrepreneur or manager! Success is a choice. He is founder of a.o. ItaQ and Showbird.

€ 6.700,-

Speaker Bilthoven  (NL) Haka



An active experience of team spirit and connectedness that lingers for a long time.

€ 1.039,-

Speaker Lageland  (NL) Durable (Brand) Building trust in the brain

Durable (Brand) Building trust in the brain

Speaker, marketing/communication

Erik Schoppen is a much sought-after speaker on trust and (brand) leadership. He is a brand expert, neuroscientist and behavioural researcher and co-author of the bestseller Strategic Brand Management. He researches sustainable (brand)...

€ 1.485,-

Speaker Almere  (NL) Ali B Speaks

Ali B Speaks

Speaker, human interest/behavoir

A lot has happened to Ali in ten years. As a human being, as a public figure, and also as a rapper. He marries and becomes a father, becomes a public figure and goes in search of musical renewal and more depth.

from € 10.000,- from

Speaker Rijswijk  (Zuid Holland)(NL) Lieke Lamb => Trendwatcher and speaker

Lieke Lamb => Trendwatcher and speaker

Speaker, marketing/communication

Lieke Lamb is a trend watcher with a practical slant. She doesn't allow herself to be quickly overwhelmed by new technology, but immediately wonders what the point of this is. Is a new gadget also easy to use? And is it useful in everyday...

€ 2.900,-

Speaker Rijswijk  (Zuid Holland)(NL) Lieke and Richard Lamb, the trend watcher duo of NL

Lieke and Richard Lamb, the trend watcher duo of NL

Speaker, marketing/communication

For years the most popular trend watcher duo in the Netherlands: Lieke and Richard Lamb are the leading trend watcher duo in Europe. Their presentations complement each other optimally. Richard works from a technical background, while...

€ 4.414,-

Speaker Wassenaar  (NL) International Business Etiquette

International Business Etiquette

Speaker, economics/politics

Manners and rules of courtesy are in constant flux. At the same time, a number of values and norms are in danger of being lost in our diverse and rapidly changing society. So many people, so many differences. Dealing with differences can...

€ 707,-

Speaker Soesterberg  (NL) Inspiring speaker

Inspiring speaker

Speaker, economics/politics

Success is having a lot of fun. This is Lorraine Verterink's motto. Lorraine is Bestseller author of 9 business books, Life & Business Coach and knows how to inspire and activate people like no other

€ 1.117,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Speaker, economics/politics

A digital nervous system of 1 trillion sensors provides a continuous flow of real-time data and thus many new insights. The global market for IT solutions will be worth around $7.2 trillion by 2020. Digitization turns the existing value...

€ 2.974,-

Speaker Arnhem  (NL) The smart organisation

The smart organisation

Speaker, marketing/communication

People are making ever better use of digital technology. But while they get the best out of themselves with the help of their network, their employers often fail to exploit that potential within the organisation.

€ 2.792,-

Speaker Ouderkerk aan de Amstel  (NL) Social Media Workshop 'professional, with impact

Social Media Workshop 'professional, with impact

Speaker, marketing/communication

Erik Jan Koedijk has been online since 1992 and stood at the foot of leading international projects. He is a visionary with an eye for detail and an inspiring trainer. Erik Jan gets his participants moving. Sales, marketing and...

€ 2.477,-

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