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Magician Haarlem  (NL) Hans Klok

Hans Klok

Magician, illusionist

Hans Klok, one of the best illusionists in the world and known as "The fastest magician in the World"! Give your event a magical unique touch with a performance by this world-class artist!

Price on request

Magician Hilversum  (NL) Magic Unlimited

Magic Unlimited

Magician, illusionist

At high speed, Oscar, Renzo and Mara Kazàn take you to a world full of fantasy and dreams. Spectacular illusions, beautiful music, wonderful acts and the sincere passion of these young, successful entertainers make this show an...

€ 5.500,-

Fortune teller Den Haag  (NL) Aladdin the handlezer

Aladdin the handlezer

Fortune teller

Spirituality is an integral part of our society and our lives. Spirituality therefore means nothing but awareness. Did you know, for example, that your character and your life are literally carried by your hands. Hand-reading has existed...

€ 656,-

Magician Den Haag  (NL) Dutch Champion: Niek Takens - TABLE MAGIC

Dutch Champion: Niek Takens - TABLE MAGIC

Magician, table magic

Niek Takens is Dutch champion juggling 2017 and has won major international prizes at home and abroad. Niek is young and innovative and makes your event unforgettable

€ 472,-

Magician Rosmeer  (BE) Magic at the table

Magic at the table

Magician, table magic

This is where our crazy table magician Close-up will perform magic to your guests. He will immerse your guests in the world of card magic.

€ 250,-

Magician Heino  (NL) Table magician

Table magician

Magician, table magic

If you want to be enchanted by your event or party, book the table magician now and guarantee an enchanting experience!

€ 350,-

Magician Haarlem  (NL) CasinoMagic


Magician, table magic

MAGIC ENTERTAINMENT with a theme: Casino! CasinoMagic: a real eye-catcher and very interactive during every event. For three or four hours we provide non-stop every 20 minutes a completely new show full of magic, surprising twists and...

€ 694,-

Magician Alkmaar  (NL) Magician & Mindreader Carim

Magician & Mindreader Carim

Magician, illusionist

Walking around among your guests magician Karim shows the most bizarre magical miracles a few centimeters away from the audience! This professional magician will make your party unforgettable!

€ 995,-

Magician Hardenberg  (NL) Cheerful Party Show

Cheerful Party Show


Magic Theatre for children aged 4-12 years by 3-time Champion Children's Magic (2011, 2013, 2016). Rate depends on your wishes and the number of children. Mentioned rate is for schools, including professional sound and 2 performances!

€ 561,-

Magician Purmerend  (NL) Magician David Nathan - Central Show

Magician David Nathan - Central Show

Magician, illusionist

Are you looking for entertainment for your party or event? Then Magician David Nathan is perfect for you! In his central show he shares magical moments with the guests, mixed with a lot of interaction and humour.

€ 450,-

Magician Haarlem  (NL) Pickpocket & Magician / Steve Carlin

Pickpocket & Magician / Steve Carlin

Magician, illusionist

Steve Carlin is seen as one of the fastest professional pickpockets in the Netherlands! He is a master is the art of distraction and manipulation. He rolls watches, ties, belts, wallets, cell phones, keys, money, pens and glasses. Of...

from € 1.495,- from

Magician Amsterdam  (NL) Nape The Magician

Nape The Magician

Magician, table magic

THE magician for your show! Young, professional and among the best He can walk around among the guests or stand on stage, with both Nape is experienced enough and he has a solution for everything!

€ 150,-

Magician Kapelle  (NL) Table Magician Evert van Asselt

Table Magician Evert van Asselt

Magician, table magic

The magic tricks of Evert van Asselt are amazing! His fantastic magic tricks will be talked about for a long time to come. This can also work to your advantage. Do you have a company or organization and would you like to organize an event...

€ 495,-

Fortune teller Zutphen  (NL) Soothsayer


Fortune teller

Who has never been curious to ask questions about your own future? What about health? Give your event an extra dimension and book a fortune teller!

€ 236,-

Magician Almere  (NL)

"WOW!" Do you belong to Bart Uriot (Business)

Magician, table magic

Where did you find him?! That's what guests ask you when you book Bart Uriot. Sponsored by an international playing card company & part of the Amsterdam Magic Show. Quality & reliability are great!

€ 550,-

Kids show Den Haag  (NL) Aladdin the Oriental Magician

Aladdin the Oriental Magician

Kids show

As Aladdin from the fairy tale of 1001 Nights, he exerts a great attraction on both children and adults. He takes them into the world of magic and creates with his attributes a mystical Oriental atmosphere. With his overwhelming enthusiasm...

€ 655,-

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