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Fortune tellers

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Fortune teller Den Haag  (NL) Aladdin the handlezer

Aladdin the handlezer

Fortune teller

Spirituality is an integral part of our society and our lives. Spirituality therefore means nothing but awareness. Did you know, for example, that your character and your life are literally carried by your hands. Hand-reading has existed...

€ 656,-

Fortune teller Zutphen  (NL) Soothsayer


Fortune teller

Who has never been curious to ask questions about your own future? What about health? Give your event an extra dimension and book a fortune teller!

€ 236,-

Fortune teller Alphen aan den Rijn  (NL) Walking Soothsayer

Walking Soothsayer

Fortune teller

With her tarot cards, the walking fortune-teller is a welcome artist at parties and events. She distributes small gifts with mini-readings that touch the heart of your guests. She surprises them with a stimulating question, a compliment...

€ 377,-

Fortune teller Amsterdam  (NL) Soothsayer Amarah photo reading & tarot

Soothsayer Amarah photo reading & tarot

Fortune teller

The beautiful Amarah connects to your energy and can make a deep reading of the soul by means of (digital) photo reading and tarot cards. Amarah is happy to answer the burning questions of your guests. Suitable for large events, fairs,...

€ 450,-

Fortune teller Den Haag  (NL) Aladdin the soothsayer

Aladdin the soothsayer

Fortune teller

Always been curious about the spiritual world? Interest in the spiritual is growing day by day worldwide. Aladdin is able to use tarot cards to take your guests and you on a mystical journey into the unknown.

€ 656,-

Fortune teller Lelystad  (NL) Soothsayer Mary

Soothsayer Mary

Fortune teller

Soothsayer Loretta reads your hand, tarot or turkish coffee in a funny way. Just to be sure, she also brought a crystal ball with her.

€ 450,-

Fortune teller Alphen aan den Rijn  (NL) Oracle in Red - walking oracle

Oracle in Red - walking oracle

Fortune teller

So much fun has never been 'fortune-telling'! Guests take an object out of her dress and a personal story follows based on this playful object.

€ 425,-

Fortune teller Rosmalen  (NL) Soothsayer Karina

Soothsayer Karina

Fortune teller

Step into another world for a moment! During a map laying with the classic Lenormand cards you will hear Karina's questioner (-star) a piece of the past, present and possibly also future. Book fortune teller Karina now via Showbird.

€ 495,-

Fortune teller Groningen  (NL) Soothsayer Samiera, laying tarot cards

Soothsayer Samiera, laying tarot cards

Fortune teller

Soothsayer Samiera lays the tarot cards for the Present, Past and Future. It is real and serious, but also with humor and a wink, Samiera will never predict a bad future. Also in combination with handle lenses. For company parties,...

€ 330,-

Fortune teller Groningen  (NL) Hand reader Soothsayer Samiera

Hand reader Soothsayer Samiera

Fortune teller

Not only the lines in your hand, but also your fingers say something about your character... Soothsayer Samiera looks into your hand and tells you who you are. For small groups also a workshop hand reading possible. Possibly in combination...

€ 330,-

Fortune teller Lelystad  (NL) Soothsayer Loretto

Soothsayer Loretto

Fortune teller

See your future, hear your future! Soothsayer Loretta brings positive and funny news about your love life, company or in general.

€ 450,-

Fortune teller Alphen aan den Rijn  (NL) Fortune Fairies

Fortune Fairies

Fortune teller

A very stylish fortune teller act! Spiritual entertainment at an exceptionally high level. Stylish, warm, welcoming. Those are the characteristics of these three special ladies. They all have their own qualities and bring the message in...

€ 1.095,-

Fortune teller Alphen aan den Rijn  (NL) Reading business cards

Reading business cards

Fortune teller

Unsuspectingly, your guests give their card to the spiritainer. With the intention of exchanging tickets. Surprise everywhere, because there is no card to return, but there is a personal analysis on the basis of their business card!

€ 450,-

Fortune teller 's Gravenwezel  (BE) Soothsayer with Moroccan Tent

Soothsayer with Moroccan Tent

Fortune teller

Book this fortune-teller and book your future! The future of you and your guests is foretold by the fortune-teller in a Moroccan tent.

€ 525,-

Fortune teller Heinenoord  (NL) Miss Mable Soothsayer

Miss Mable Soothsayer

Fortune teller

Miss Mable will use her magical powers to predict the future of your audience while she walks around the room. With her walking table she will give the guests an unforgettable experience while predicting everything. Book the Soothsayer now...

€ 595,-

Fortune teller Rotterdam  (NL) the Rotterdam Fish Wives

the Rotterdam Fish Wives

Fortune teller

FUTURE FORTUNA FISHWIVES: The Rotterdamse Viswijven are a small group of mermaids that provide fun entertainment, and can be used at any event because of our extensive offer.

€ 500,-

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