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Kids show Asten  (NL) The Hague Balloon Farmer Show

The Hague Balloon Farmer Show

Kids show

Known from the commercial of MyDomain ! Why would you invite the Haagse Balonnenboer? Because he takes his balloons fresh from the land maybe?

€ 613,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) Balloon show

Balloon show

Kids show

The balloon show is a combination of balloon figures (songs) and magic acts. Because of this Rolando holds the audience on the location. With his humor and enthusiasm it will be a big party.

€ 613,-

Trainer/Workshop Asten  (NL) Workshop balloon folding

Workshop balloon folding

Trainer/Workshop, arts

Always wanted to make that balloon dog, butterfly or flower At Rolando you will learn the basics in a 2 hour workshop. With an online course on his own YouTube channel.

€ 236,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) The Magic Bookcase

The Magic Bookcase

Kids show, magician

Ain't no ordinary bookcase. They are magic books filled with predictions, disappearances and spells. But there's more in this bookcase, but it's still secret!

€ 235,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) Christmas show with Rolando

Christmas show with Rolando

Kids show

The Christmas show consists of different entertainment. It is a combination of balloon folding in Christmas atmosphere, songs and magic. Everything is mixed together so you get a special whole.

€ 707,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) Toddler or preschool show

Toddler or preschool show

Kids show

An active show where children can sing and experience magical moments. The exciting story about Gnome Dot and Giant Step With songs by Rolando his CD and an Ernst and Bobbie song.

€ 354,-

Balloon artist Asten  (NL) The Hague balloon farmer

The Hague balloon farmer

Balloon artist

The name suggests what he's got in his fields. His balloons are supervised and of the right quality. He turns his balloons into works of art on his farmers.

€ 278,-

Balloon artist Asten  (NL) Balloon artist Rolando

Balloon artist Rolando

Balloon artist

Rolando makes everyone stop in amazement with his crazy balloon creations He doesn't turn his hand for it, does he ! That's why the shows and acts are applicable for every age.

€ 278,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) Magic show of Rolando

Magic show of Rolando

Kids show

Magic moments combined with sing-alongs! Rolando thinks he's a magician But why does he need the help of the children?

€ 518,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) Children's party with Rolando

Children's party with Rolando

Kids show

What do you have to make up on your child's birthday? I've had it all! Then it's time for Rolando's children's show !

€ 278,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) Magic for the birthday boy

Magic for the birthday boy

Kids show, magician

Magic moments in the living room? With Rolando it's always a party at home! A complete children's show from which the sparks fly.

€ 278,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) Children's Show Party with Rolando

Children's Show Party with Rolando

Kids show

Entertainment, conviviality and magical moments! That's what Rolando is known for. It's not for nothing "Party with Rolando"!

€ 518,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) Piet Rolando show

Piet Rolando show

Kids show, dj/music

Dance with Pete Rolando! This dazzling musical show is full of songs and an exciting story. Together they bring in Sinterklaas in an appropriate way.

€ 1.037,-

Kids show Asten  (NL) Piet Rolando songs show

Piet Rolando songs show

Kids show, dj/music

Party with Pete Rolando! Nobody can stop thinking about this. A dazzling song show full of interaction with the children.

€ 749,-

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