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Actor Heinenoord  (NL) Christmas Females Sharing Christmas Wreaths Out

Christmas Females Sharing Christmas Wreaths Out

Actor, food

The Christmas ladies will walk around at your Christmas event, and treat the guests to delicious Christmas wreaths. They are dressed in a beautiful costume and therefore very much in line with the Christmas theme.

€ 626,-

Actor Heinenoord  (NL) Christmas Woman's Kiss

Christmas Woman's Kiss

Actor, food

These delicious kisses from these Christmas women will brighten up your guests. Perfect for use at an event or in shopping malls. Book this act now via ShowBird!

€ 626,-

Actor Heinenoord  (NL) 2 Waders - Christmas figures

2 Waders - Christmas figures

Actor, stilt-walker

These 2 stilt-walking Christmas figures tower high above your audience and are real eye-catchers. In addition, they meet the Christmas theme with their Christmas clothes!

€ 549,-

Magician Heinenoord  (NL) Magician Richard Top - Christmas

Magician Richard Top - Christmas

Magician, table magic

A spontaneous mobile magic sensation. While manoeuvring over your party, party or through your shopping mall, all guests are magically entertained. Book this act via ShowBird!

€ 595,-

Kids show Heinenoord  (NL) The Crazy Snowmen Team

The Crazy Snowmen Team

Kids show, activity

These 4 snowmen will perform an act in December. They will perform different arts combining humour with skills. Book this act on ShowBird!

€ 895,-

Kids show Heinenoord  (NL) Christmas Packing Plant

Christmas Packing Plant

Kids show, activity

Have your Christmas hampers packed nicely by this complete packing centre. Two Christmas figures will pack the presents in a festive atmosphere. Book this center now via ShowBird!

€ 995,-

Kids show Heinenoord  (NL) Christmas Coloring Competition

Christmas Coloring Competition

Kids show, activity

Provide extra activity in the mall through the Christmas color contest. The children will then receive a present against the exchange of their coloring picture.

€ 1.036,-

Kids show Heinenoord  (NL) Kris Scratch Christmas Balls Terrace Crafting

Kris Scratch Christmas Balls Terrace Crafting

Kids show, activity

Let the children at your event (or shopping malls) experience Christmas in a creative way. They will get to work and tinker with a wide variety of Christmas baubles.

€ 626,-

Kids show Heinenoord  (NL) Mega Christmas Treat Terrace

Mega Christmas Treat Terrace

Kids show, activity

Let the guests at your event fully taste the Christmas spirit. Guests can sit down on the terrace and be pampered with delicious hot drinks.

€ 986,-

Kids show Heinenoord  (NL) Art 4 Kids - Christmas Drawing

Art 4 Kids - Christmas Drawing

Kids show, activity

If you want to be assured of enthusiastic guests, you should choose this top among the Do-It-Yourself attractions. Let the children be interactive and creative with a form of art.

€ 541,-

Actor Heinenoord  (NL) Walking Table - Christmas

Walking Table - Christmas

Actor, food

Walking Christmas Table is atmospheric Christmas entertainment for your event! She provides a delicious treat at your event / shopping center, dressed in a special Christmas costume.

€ 626,-

Actor Heinenoord  (NL) Snowballs Treat

Snowballs Treat

Actor, food

Surprise the audience with these delicious delicacies. Served in a festive Christmas way by a Christmas girl. Book this act now on ShowBird!

€ 626,-

Fortune teller Heinenoord  (NL) Miss Mable Soothsayer

Miss Mable Soothsayer

Fortune teller

Miss Mable will use her magical powers to predict the future of your audience while she walks around the room. With her walking table she will give the guests an unforgettable experience while predicting everything. Book the Soothsayer now...

€ 595,-

Band Heinenoord  (NL) Dixie Duo Swing 'n Roll - Santa Clauses

Dixie Duo Swing 'n Roll - Santa Clauses

Band, brass/dixie

These Dixie Santa Clauses play all kinds of swinging songs in your malls or event. If you need a festive atmosphere at your event, this is the ultimate act!

€ 850,-

Actor Heinenoord  (NL) Oil Bulbs Treat

Oil Bulbs Treat

Actor, food

Treat your guests to these tasty oliebollen at your event. The oleballs will be cared for and distributed by 2 spontaneous Christmas figures.

€ 896,-

Actor Heinenoord  (NL) The Crazy Christmas Team

The Crazy Christmas Team

Actor, hosting

The awesome Christmas team makes sure that guests are entertained in every form. Various Christmas acts are shown, so you can combine Christmas with fun!

€ 895,-

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