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Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Flamenco dancer Laura Rivas

Flamenco dancer Laura Rivas

Dancer, latin/caribbean

Flamenco dance performances and Flamenco dance workshops for parties. Something to celebrate in Spanish style? Laura Rivas provides Flamenco dance performances and Flamenco dance workshops at your party!

€ 300,-

Dance group Lelystad  (NL) Spanish dance group Alegria

Spanish dance group Alegria

Dance group, latin/caribbean

A nice Spanish dance group with nice clothes and great shows. Price mentioned per dancer. A full evening act!

€ 264,-

Band Lelystad  (NL) Duo Alegria - Laura and Alvaro

Duo Alegria - Laura and Alvaro

Band, latin/caribbean

Duo Alegria! Exotic live music and entertainment for parties, celebrations, weddings, receptions, and other events that could use a cheerful note

€ 550,-

Dance group Lelystad  (NL) Pata Negra Flamenco dancers

Pata Negra Flamenco dancers

Dance group, latin/caribbean

Two flamenco dancers serving pata negra! Once in a while they also give a flamenco show in between. With or without musicians to book.

€ 519,-

Band Lelystad  (NL) A Bailar Duo

A Bailar Duo

Band, latin/caribbean

A Bailar! The Right Duo for all your Latin event! A Bailar plays fun, cheerful swinging Latin music for your party.

€ 450,-

Food truck Lelystad  (NL) Tropical cocktail bar

Tropical cocktail bar

Food truck

We organize fully catered Tropical feasts. We bring this cheerfulness to your party or event with our dance group and bands.

€ 708,-

Band Lelystad  (NL) Mariachis - Mariachi serenade music duo

Mariachis - Mariachi serenade music duo

Band, latin/caribbean

Mariachi's are very popular for serenades, short interludes and regular performances. With their beautiful serenade music and show they make your party complete!. Vanaf 2 mariachis. Afgebeelde prijs is voor 2 mariachis - 1 x serenade van...

€ 450,-

Dance group Lelystad  (NL) Parade samba dancers

Parade samba dancers

Dance group, showdans

A large group for parades that make it a spectacular show. Dancers and drummers, but also music, fire breather or snakes!

€ 1.349,-

Photographer Lelystad  (NL) Photographer with Spanish Theme

Photographer with Spanish Theme


An event with a Spanish theme? This Photographer takes different things with him or her to take fantastic photos that will bring you into Spanish atmospheres. This creates a lasting memory that is also unique.

€ 900,-

Dance group Lelystad  (NL) Limboshow Exotica 2 dancers

Limboshow Exotica 2 dancers

Dance group, latin/caribbean

Dansgroep Exotica provides limboshows for tropical parties. With your guests and a little help from our two dancers your Caribbean party will be an unforgettable party!

€ 472,-

Actor Lelystad  (NL) Promotion and Hostesses for parties and fairs

Promotion and Hostesses for parties and fairs

Actor, hosting

Do you want to bring your product to the customers in an original way? Book us! With professional and experienced hostesses who also look great, your product, company or brand will be promoted to the max!

€ 264,-

Dance group Lelystad  (NL) Bollywood / Indian dancers

Bollywood / Indian dancers

Dance group, showdans

Indian / Hindu dance for parties and celebrations! Bring variation and colour to your party thanks to these beautiful dancers.

€ 264,-

Dance group Lelystad  (NL) Burlesque dancers

Burlesque dancers

Dance group, showdans

Are you looking for a special act in the theme "The great Gatsby" Mafia or burlesque? Look no further! These professional dancers are at the top of Burlesque entertainment and will make a big success of your party!

€ 300,-

Actor Lelystad  (NL) Horse show

Horse show

Actor, animals

This unique horse show is a fantastic experience! Swing along to the Spanish rhythms and experience a beautiful show with authentic flamenco dancers! Book now on Showbird!

€ 800,-

Tasting Lelystad  (NL) Spanish Wine Tasting

Spanish Wine Tasting


Tasting the tastiest Spanish wines while enjoying tasty Spanish snacks? With this Spanish Wine Tasting you get the total package! Book this tasting for an unforgettable evening now at Showbird!

€ 500,-

Actor Lelystad  (NL) Moving Spanish table

Moving Spanish table

Actor, hosting

This moving Spanish table not only serves delicious snacks and drinks, but also looks beautiful. Surprise your guests with a beautiful table lady and give your event a Spanish touch. Book now on Showbird!

€ 750,-

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