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Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Belly dancer Mariana

Belly dancer Mariana

Dancer, belly dancer

Belly dancer Mariana gave a beautiful and graceful belly dance performance. Are you looking for a bellydance performance at your party or event?

€ 300,-

Fortune teller Lelystad  (NL) Soothsayer Mary

Soothsayer Mary

Fortune teller

Soothsayer Loretta reads your hand, tarot or turkish coffee in a funny way. Just to be sure, she also brought a crystal ball with her.

€ 450,-

Fortune teller Lelystad  (NL) Soothsayer Loretto

Soothsayer Loretto

Fortune teller

See your future, hear your future! Soothsayer Loretta brings positive and funny news about your love life, company or in general.

€ 450,-

Trainer/Workshop Lelystad  (NL) Darbuka workshop

Darbuka workshop

Trainer/Workshop, music

A fun, interactive workshop for parties and celebrations. Including decoration and belly dancers. (for a bit more) Are you learning the arts of Oriental percussion?

€ 550,-

Cocktails Lelystad  (NL) The Cocktailbar of the Unbeliever

The Cocktailbar of the Unbeliever


Would you like to serve drinks at your party and event with an Arab theme? Then book a nice bar with cocktails such as "sheikh your body" "taliba teaser" and much more!

€ 707,-

Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Belly dancer Tina

Belly dancer Tina

Dancer, belly dancer

Tina is a beautiful belly dancer for private and drive parties! You immediately imagine yourself in an Oriental world with professional belly dancer Tina! Always adaptable to your event!

€ 300,-

Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Belly dancer with snake Act

Belly dancer with snake Act

Dancer, belly dancer

Are you looking for a tailored act? Look no further. The ultimate exotic bellydance act can be booked here.

€ 400,-

Trainer/Workshop Lelystad  (NL) Hookah workshop and know how

Hookah workshop and know how

Trainer/Workshop, food/drink

A nice bong workshop. Learn the art of making a bong. After this workshop you learned how to make your own bong at home.

€ 612,-

Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Belly dancer Aaliyah

Belly dancer Aaliyah

Dancer, belly dancer

Would you like to book a fun, young and spontaneous dancer? Then Aaliyah is the act you're looking for!

€ 300,-

Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Belly dancer Ashvini

Belly dancer Ashvini

Dancer, belly dancer

Ashvini is a beautiful young belly dancer. She dances as a solo act or with her snake. So are you looking for a nice bellydance act? Then Ashvini is the belly dancer you're looking for!

€ 300,-

Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Male belly dancer Prens Alex (Turkey)

Male belly dancer Prens Alex (Turkey)

Dancer, belly dancer

A belly dance performance but different! Not a woman, but a beautiful performance by an international bellydancer!

€ 450,-

Stunt show Lelystad  (NL) Belly dancer Laura with fire

Belly dancer Laura with fire

Stunt show, fire show

Surprise your guests not only with a belly dancer, but also with a spectacular fire show. An act your audience won't forget in a hurry.

€ 450,-

Event show Lelystad  (NL) 1001 Nights Basic Package

1001 Nights Basic Package

Event show, themed evening

A bong terrace plus a belly dancer with (or without) hose. Do you have an oriental party and are you still looking for appropriate entertainment. Then look no further!

€ 949,-

Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Belly dancer Noor (Egypt)

Belly dancer Noor (Egypt)

Dancer, belly dancer

Customization is our keyword! Breathtaking bellydance performances can be booked here.

€ 300,-

Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Belly dancer Anna

Belly dancer Anna

Dancer, belly dancer

A beautiful woman to see and a beautiful act to admire! Book this beautiful belly dancer at your party or event!

€ 300,-

Dancer Lelystad  (NL) Belly dancer Paulina

Belly dancer Paulina

Dancer, belly dancer

Book Belly dancer Paulina for all your parties and celebrations! Paulina dances in an Oriental way and will leave your guests bewildered.

€ 330,-

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