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Actor Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Buddies


Actor, character

These 2 buddies do love a party. And they will personally make sure that everyone gets in the party mood. both the ladies and certainly the gentlemen. Of course this will be done in a playful way.

€ 368,-

Cocktails Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Mobile cocktail bar

Mobile cocktail bar


We provide delicious cocktails including glassware, fresh fruit and ice cream on location. Totally taken care of. We serve 10 types of cocktail with n 10 cocktails without alcohol

€ 650,-

Magician Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Magician Mister Magic

Magician Mister Magic

Magician, table magic

Let your guests enjoy an evening of 'Magic Entertainment' Your guests will fall from one surprise to the next. Not only will they enjoy the magic, but they will also be a first class entertainer.

€ 554,-

Actor Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Gendarme


Actor, character

This French gendarme can serve you in many ways. Of course this is done in a playful way. Very nice act that always catches on. This act can also be booked as entrance act, walk act and hall act. Suitable for theme parties and shopping...

€ 377,-

Actor Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Mimic


Actor, character

Mime player Picobello is a taciturn little man, but he is emphatically present. If he can help someone, he certainly won't let it. A Pantomime, or mime for short, is a form of visual theatre. The actors depict a situation or story with...

€ 453,-

Actor Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Shoe shiner

Shoe shiner

Actor, character

The Shoe Shiner is a fun attraction, and can therefore add value to your event. If you are looking for extra entertainment at your event, then the Shoe Shiner is the perfect guy!

€ 500,-

Magician Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Street Magic Show

Street Magic Show

Magician, table magic

Mister Magic (Frans Neijs) amazes people with his magic tricks. This is done in a playful way, because humor is the leitmotiv of this show Entertaining people is written on his body. In the Street Magic Show the audience plays an...

€ 557,-

Actor Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Robot ct show

Robot ct show

Actor, character

This large robot of over 2 meters high is a real eye-catcher at your event. Perfect for shopping malls, fairs, openings, discotheques, clubs and other events. This robot incorporates over 20 meters of neon wire light

€ 550,-

Actor Hellevoetsluis  (NL) English Bobbies

English Bobbies

Actor, character

The English Bobby's are able to give your event extra character, making your party/event longer remembered by your guests. These funny characters always manage to create a nice and cozy atmosphere with this act.

€ 364,-

Actor Hellevoetsluis  (NL) NYPD / New York Police Act

NYPD / New York Police Act

Actor, character

This act provides extra wittyness at your event, and thus ensures that the guests will experience a nice atmosphere. Are you looking for a fun act at your event, then you have come to the right place.

€ 450,-

Actor Hellevoetsluis  (NL) The Security Boys

The Security Boys

Actor, character

The Security Boys will protect your event very strictly. The people at the event are well controlled by these tough strong men.

€ 428,-

Actor Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Paparazzi Act

Paparazzi Act

Actor, character

The paparazzi are two pushy photographers who take pictures of the guests at your event. They will do this in a fun and funny way, creating a nice atmosphere at your event.

€ 400,-

Actor Hellevoetsluis  (NL) Clochards Bums Act

Clochards Bums Act

Actor, character

These vagrants wander around your event, trying to get free food and drinks at the event. They will bring extra entertainment to your event, and thus create more entertainment value for the guests.

€ 365,-

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