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Speaker Rijswijk  (Zuid Holland)(NL) Book world stars for your online event

Book world stars for your online event

online performance

Have you always wanted to bring an international Celebrity to your company event? For example a famous movie star, a former president or a top comedian? Or a legendary sports hero, a popular musician or world famous TV chef? Book them now...

Price on request

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) A Customer-Focused Organisation

A Customer-Focused Organisation

Speaker, marketing/communication

Presentations by Feike Cats guarantee inspiration, fun and energy! The presentation Customer Orientation in Practice is full of directly applicable tips & tricks for everyone within the organization. From receptionist to management. You...

€ 1.861,-

Speaker Rijswijk  (Zuid Holland)(NL)

"Success is a choice" by Hassan Tagi

Speaker, economics/politics

Hassan is an entrepreneur who speaks from his experience how to become a successful entrepreneur or manager! Success is a choice. He is founder of a.o. ItaQ and Showbird.

€ 6.700,-

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) Anyone can

Anyone can

Speaker, marketing/communication

Presentations by Feike Cats guarantee inspiration, fun and energy! Over the past years Feike Cats has had the opportunity to look around at many clients and help them implement Klanthousiasme. The results were mixed. If you look at why one...

€ 1.861,-

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) From satisfied to enthusiastic!

From satisfied to enthusiastic!

Speaker, marketing/communication

Presentations by Feike Cats guarantee inspiration, fun and energy! How much fun is it within your organization? Are the employees satisfied or enthusiastic? And how does that translate to your Customer (Citizen, Patient)?

€ 1.861,-

Speaker Rijswijk  (Zuid Holland)(NL) Trend watcher and speaker Lieke Lamb

Trend watcher and speaker Lieke Lamb

Speaker, marketing/communication

Lieke Lamb is a trend watcher with a practical slant. She doesn't allow herself to be quickly overwhelmed by new technology, but immediately wonders what the point of this is. Is a new gadget also easy to use? And is it useful in everyday...

€ 2.900,-

Speaker Rijswijk  (Zuid Holland)(NL) Lieke and Richard Lamb, the trend watcher duo of NL

Lieke and Richard Lamb, the trend watcher duo of NL

Speaker, marketing/communication

For years the most popular trend watcher duo in the Netherlands: Lieke and Richard Lamb are the leading trend watcher duo in Europe. Their presentations complement each other optimally. Richard works from a technical background, while...

€ 4.414,-

Speaker Nootdorp  (NL) Female Formula: Only for Women

Female Formula: Only for Women

Speaker, human interest/behavoir

This inspiring presentation by Olympic speed skater Ria Visser is like Yoga for your Mind. Unravel the mystery behind the female brain and discover how you can function and perform optimally.

€ 275,-

Speaker Rotterdam  (NL) Een allochtoon tegen food waste

Een allochtoon tegen food waste


Geld verdienen met afval! 25% van al ons voedsel in Nederland gaat verloren. Laat je als bedrijf of persoon inspireren wat je tegen deze verspilling van grondstoffen, manuren, water en geld kunt doen. Maak van je verspilling een...

€ 850,-

Speaker Zoetermeer  (NL) Bert van Leeuwen 'Conflicts & Solutions'

Bert van Leeuwen 'Conflicts & Solutions'

Speaker, human interest/behavoir

The well-known EO presenter gives lectures on conflicts & solutions, based on his experiences with the TV programme 'Het Familiediner'.

€ 2.750,-

Speaker Rijswijk  (Zuid Holland)(NL) Richard Lamb => Trendwatcher and Speaker

Richard Lamb => Trendwatcher and Speaker

Speaker, marketing/communication

Richard Lamb is one of Europe's leading trend watchers. He is regarded as an engaging and dynamic speaker who draws on an enormous knowledge of technology, innovation and marketing

€ 2.612,-

Speaker Nootdorp  (NL) Formula Flow

Formula Flow

Speaker, human interest/behavoir

Get acquainted with your inner feeling of connectedness both privately and on the work floor. Experience how vitality, inspiration and meaning play a role in this.

€ 675,-

Speaker Rotterdam  (NL) Digital Strategy & Transformation

Digital Strategy & Transformation


Errol van Engelen is a Business Advisor specializing in Digital Transformation, Emerging Technologies and Business & Technology Alignment. Watch his book trailers and request for topics which are interesting for you so he can customize his...

€ 2.750,-

Speaker Rijswijk  (Zuid Holland)(NL) 3D Hologram Act - HEREweHOLO box

3D Hologram Act - HEREweHOLO box


The future is here with the HEREweHOLO box. Surprise your audience in a way that all eyes are immediately on you or your important guest! A life-size holographic display allows you to make contact instantly at any desired location. Even...

Price on request

Speaker Rotterdam  (NL) Stacey Seedorf

Stacey Seedorf

Speaker, human interest/behavoir

Through his world successes from the 90s with the group Twenty 4 Seven, Stacey Seedorf as a motivational speaker manages to captivate his audience. Through damage and shame he has become the speaker, mindset coach, and writer he is now and...

€ 1.415,-

Speaker Boom  (BE) Happiness at Work

Happiness at Work

Speaker, human interest/behavoir

In his well-known passionate way Bart De Bondt takes the audience along the path of more employee happiness. He explains why having happy employees is important and how you can achieve that as a manager. The lecture is based on his...

€ 2.300,-

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