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Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Benjamin Fro - Customized Spoken Word

Benjamin Fro - Customized Spoken Word

Speaker, arts / culture

Are you looking for a good spoken word act? Then you've come to the right place with Benjamin Fro! He is a true language artist who brings his own view on society in a creative way. Apply now through ShowBird, and who knows, maybe Benjamin...

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Benjamin Fro - Live wrap-up

Benjamin Fro - Live wrap-up

Speaker, arts / culture

Would you like to end your event in a special way? With a live wrap-up by Benjamin Fro, you're always in the right place! A wrap-up is a summary poem with spoken word and a touch of poetry. You want that too, don't you? Request Benjamin...

€ 1.950,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Benjamin Fro - Spoken word

Benjamin Fro - Spoken word

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Benjamin Fro is a philosophical rapper who, besides making catchy raps, can also speak very beautifully and grippingly. When Benjamin speaks, the audience is silent and the listeners are made to think. Benjamin gives all his listeners a...

€ 500,-

Speaker Harmelen  (NL) Musical lecture: rock 'n roll

Musical lecture: rock 'n roll

Speaker, arts / culture

Koen & Anton musically take you back to the 50s and 60s! They make it a great show in which they use anecdotes, videos, musical performances and a little bit of music theory to paint a time picture of the musical 50s/60s in the US and the...

€ 600,-

Speaker Leiderdorp  (NL) Ice-cold adventure on the Zuiderzee

Ice-cold adventure on the Zuiderzee

Speaker, arts / culture

'Ice cold adventure on the Zuiderzee' by Michiel van Straten is about a true Dutch survival drama. It is a reconstruction of a true survival story of three ice fishermen who set out from Durgerdam into the frozen Zuiderzee in 1849 and...

€ 250,-

Speaker Leiderdorp  (NL) The world does not exist

The world does not exist

Speaker, arts / culture

"The World Doesn't Exist" by Michiel van Straten is about remarkable attempts to map our world. Anyone who thought the world looks like it does on a world map will be surprised during this lecture. That world, in fact, does not exist. Of...

€ 250,-

Speaker De Bilt  (NL) Marcel Harmsen - Wine Cabaret

Marcel Harmsen - Wine Cabaret

Speaker, cabaret / humor

Musical winecabaret van de Schoften as a separate performance or to support your wine tasting. Beverages and food have never been so tastefully presented.

€ 1.250,-

Speaker Heerhugowaard  (NL) Sander Kocken as 'Joost Social'

Sander Kocken as 'Joost Social'

Speaker, arts / culture

Book Joost to get your serious message across in a light-hearted way. People will remember your message for sure!

€ 1.750,-

Speaker Zemst  (BE) Musical Lecture: Parcours Gainsbourg

Musical Lecture: Parcours Gainsbourg

Speaker, arts / culture

In this musical lecture Rudolf Hecke talks passionately about his book Parcours Gainsbourg and takes you into French musical culture. A unique performance for your occasion!

€ 400,-

Speaker Hoofddorp  (NL) How to find your Voice of Leadership?

How to find your Voice of Leadership?

Speaker, arts / culture

Customized lectures, seminars, master classes and workshops by Irma Lohman Time and rates as requested!

€ 826,-

Speaker Kortgene  (NL) Bianca van Duyn, Passionele kunstspreker

Bianca van Duyn, Passionele kunstspreker

Speaker, arts / culture

De skills van portretkunstenares Bianca van Duyn (winnares Sterren op het doek, portret Arjen Robben) reiken niet alleen tot de kwast, maar ook tot het overbrengen van haar passionele verhaal waarin positief omgaan met tegenslagen leading...

€ 700,-

Speaker Zemst  (BE) Musical lecture: The Sixties

Musical lecture: The Sixties

Speaker, arts / culture

In this musical lecture about the book The Sixties, Rudolf Hecke talks about his book with lots of music, sound fragments and stories. A trip down memory lane and a unique addition to your event!

€ 400,-

Speaker Utrecht  (NL) Wordbites | spoken word with live music

Wordbites | spoken word with live music

Speaker, arts / culture

Wordbites is a word musician who mixes poetic lyrics with live music, song or dance. Catchy performance poetry that creaks, bites or caresses. Fragile and strong at the same time. Spherical, atmospheric and expressive

€ 800,-

Speaker Rijswijk  (Zuid Holland)(NL) DE16VAN - Live!

DE16VAN - Live!

Speaker, arts / culture

"DE16VAN - Live!" is an inspiring evening where Dutch Dope, the music label of Akwasi, invites the most diverse language artists and asks the question "What are the sixteen most important sentences of your life?".

€ 2.750,-

Speaker Hartwerd  (NL) Filmmaker en meer!

Filmmaker en meer!

Speaker, arts / culture

Looking for an inspiring master class, lecture and/or presentation? Discover the magic behind the scenes with Steven de Jong.

€ 1.875,-

Speaker Den Bosch  (NL) Poet Friso Woudstra

Poet Friso Woudstra

Speaker, arts / culture

Poet Friso Woudstra is first and foremost a reciting artist; he wants to convey his enthusiasm for language and image to his audience. His influences come from the world of cabaret, think of Freek de Jonge and Wim Sonneveld. In short:...

€ 200,-

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