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Smart Cities

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Speaker Amersfoort  (NL) Dictatorship and Freedom

Dictatorship and Freedom

Speaker, politics / governement

O.m n.a.v. my plubbed book 'Veiled Years' The /history of Iran/Persia, individual and general freedom, conservatism Dictatorship and Freedom: History and the Present

€ 600,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) The Future of Mobility Adjiedj Bakas

The Future of Mobility Adjiedj Bakas

Speaker, future / trends

The ideas about mobility in the future are far out of one. Are we going to fly everywhere? Or are we going with self-propelled cars? Find out all about the future of mobility by booking Adjiedj Bakas at ShowBird!

€ 3.598,-

Speaker Antwerpen  (BE) Harry van Hest on Antwerp

Harry van Hest on Antwerp

Speaker, human interest / behavior

What the people of Antwerp don't (want to) know A surprising story for (non-)Antwerpers! What or who is a Sinjoor? Suitable for the real Antwerp inhabitant, as for all those interested in all the clichés. Get to know them all during...

€ 1.750,-

Speaker De Hoef  (NL) Chairman of the ICT trend watcher

Chairman of the ICT trend watcher

Speaker, science / tech / ict

With a lot of knowledge and an overview of the ICT channel, HP van Tilburg can hold a meeting in which there is a link between ICT and digitisation. He is also proficient in giving Now and New Business scenarios and can encourage visitors...

€ 1.240,-

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