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Speaker Badhoevedorp  (NL) Intermittent Fasting your secret weapon

Intermittent Fasting your secret weapon


Intermittent fasting provides a 100% increase in team performance, so it has mega scientific proven sustainable health benefits for individual "business potatoes" as well. Mabel van den Dungen developed and presented several television...

€ 2.000,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) "Healthy Long Life" with Jaap Jongbloed

"Healthy Long Life" with Jaap Jongbloed

Speaker, health / vitality

Who doesn't want to feel fit, healthy and energetic? And what does it take for a healthy long life? Jaap Jongbloed gives you answers!

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Amersfoort  (NL) Speaker Robin Porrio

Speaker Robin Porrio

Speaker, arts / culture

Robin Porrio is a culinary host and his lecture is full of inspiration, hospitality, innovation, motivation ánd creativity. Themes he likes to cover are food, food-innovation and food-tech. Apply now via ShowBird!

from € 2.500,- from

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Lecture on healthy lifestyle

Lecture on healthy lifestyle

Speaker, sports / performance

Radmilo Soda is available to give a lecture/presentation or an interactive workout. In his lectures, he talks about nutrition, exercise science, lifestyle, stress and burnout, team building and personal leadership.

€ 1.800,-

Speaker Eindhoven  (NL) Maaike de Reuver, WE CANTEEN

Maaike de Reuver, WE CANTEEN

Speaker, business / management

Maaike de Reuver acts as moderator, panelist or chairman during events, meetings or brainstorming sessions in the field of food and drink. Declared 'Women to Watch', Maaike makes the difference between an average event and an event that...

€ 826,-

Speaker Sittard  (NL) Irene Lilyfield | Personal Nutrition

Irene Lilyfield | Personal Nutrition

Speaker, health / vitality

Good information does not have to be difficult or expensive. The price listed here is the most expensive so please contact me to discuss this. I am Irene lelieveld nutritionist and author of 10 books on nutrition and health. I can give a...

€ 826,-

Speaker Velserbroek  (NL) Speaker Roald Tromp

Speaker Roald Tromp


The popularity of CBD is growing in the Netherlands, but has in fact been going on since 2016. In 2016, there was a run on CBD oil. In that year, for example, the herbal supplier Jacob Hooy became known for its CBD products. A company that...

€ 500,-

Speaker Beuningen  (Gelderland)(NL) The Insect Man

The Insect Man

Speaker, climate / sustainability

The Insect Man! Minimum ecological impact with maximum nutritional value! Unique! The Insect Man has 20 years of hospitality experience and active within the insect world since 2018!

€ 1.250,-

Speaker Nijkerk  (NL) Speaker Luc Molenaar

Speaker Luc Molenaar

Speaker, health / vitality

No hypes, no nonsense stories. No marketing. In this session only things that really work! Luc Molenaar takes you into the world of fitness and weight loss and explains what really works.'s simpler than you might think....

€ 450,-

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