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Relationship Marketing

17 items found
Speaker Wassenaar  (NL) TOP SPEAKER and TRENDWATCHER Richard Lamb
Showbird's choice


Speaker, future / trends

Richard Lamb is one of Europe's leading trend watchers. He is regarded as an engaging and dynamic speaker who draws on an enormous knowledge of technology, innovation and marketing

€ 2.599,-

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) Feike Cats: satisfied to enthusiastic

Feike Cats: satisfied to enthusiastic

Speaker, marketing / sales

Presentations by Feike Cats guarantee inspiration, fun and energy! How much fun is it within your organization? Are the employees satisfied or enthusiastic? And how does that translate to your Customer (Citizen, Patient)?

€ 2.950,-

Speaker Zaandam  (NL) Happy Customers Don't Bite

Happy Customers Don't Bite

Speaker, marketing / sales

What is the shortest path to greater customer focus, customer experience and customer satisfaction? What drives your customers? What do they like and where is the pain? Using original angles from psychology, scientific research,...

€ 2.300,-

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) Feike Cats: Customer Focus

Feike Cats: Customer Focus

Speaker, marketing / sales

Presentations by Feike Cats guarantee inspiration, fun and energy! The presentation Customer Orientation in Practice is full of directly applicable tips & tricks for everyone within the organization. From receptionist to management. You...

€ 2.950,-

Speaker Zaandam  (NL) Bring Back That Loving Feeling

Bring Back That Loving Feeling

Speaker, marketing / sales

Do you want to be indispensable and irresistible to your customers? Do you want to work on indestructible customer relationships? Then listen to your customers with unconditional love. They will be happy to give you the answers you are...

€ 2.300,-

Speaker Zaandam  (NL) Kiss the Cactus

Kiss the Cactus

Speaker, marketing / sales

Discover the hidden power for customer-centric thinking & doing

€ 2.300,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Grow with the Loyalty & Retention Mindset

Grow with the Loyalty & Retention Mindset

Speaker, marketing / sales

Niels Vonk's mission: increase your sales without big investments. Don't leave loyalty to chance anymore! The opportunities are often close at hand, through the right focus and mindset: grow your top customers, instead of using sales only...

€ 975,-

Speaker Doetinchem  (NL) Speaker Sjoerd Weikamp

Speaker Sjoerd Weikamp

Speaker, business / management

€ 1.750,-

Speaker Den Haag  (NL) B2B digital selling 2.0

B2B digital selling 2.0

Speaker, marketing / sales

Sales bij B2B bedrijven wordt steeds onpersoonlijker. Flitsende websites, productpush content, marketing automation, chatbots….en het salesteam krijgt een LinkedIn knoppen training…. Maxim denkt dat het anders kan. 15 jaar geleden...

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Sassenheim  (NL) Inspirator/spreker Niels Langeveld

Inspirator/spreker Niels Langeveld

Speaker, sports / performance

Door middel van lezingen en presentaties deelt hij zijn kennis en ervaring op ’t gebied van autosport. Hierbij wordt al gauw duidelijk dat coureur zijn veel meer is dan snel zijn alleen. Er komt een stukje ondernemerschap, marketing,...

€ 1.000,-

Speaker Utrecht  (NL) Simple at the table

Simple at the table

Speaker, marketing / sales

Have you ever had trouble getting an appointment with a potential client who didn't know you at all? Karen van Riel will show you how to get to the table with the best clients in your market faster, easier and more easily.

€ 997,-

Speaker Rosmalen  (NL) David Savage: Make Your Customers Matter

David Savage: Make Your Customers Matter

Speaker, business / management

Engage - Experience - Evolve Savage (owner of TEoC - The Experience of Customers) is a commercial strategist that builds bridges between innovation, behaviour, business value and customer experience. His presentations can be "performed"...

€ 2.273,-

Speaker Antwerpen  (BE) Customers Away Club Harry van Hest

Customers Away Club Harry van Hest

Speaker, marketing / sales

Reverse psychology... you know that. How do you deal with your clients? How do you make a difference? How do you stand out? Book this workshop full of "tips and tricks" and a hint of humour, to get on well with clients!

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Antwerpen  (BE) Customers of the future Harry van Hest

Customers of the future Harry van Hest

Speaker, marketing / sales

As an organisation, you constantly think in terms of your customers' expectations. During this lecture you get to know your future customers. Book this interactive lecture with humor and make your organization future proof!

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Assen  (NL) The customer is (not) king! [keynote]

The customer is (not) king! [keynote]

Speaker, communication / media

Meet Gertjan Polet, an entrepreneur in the field of marketing and communications and the ideal speaker for your entrepreneurial and/or marketing event. With his own vision on marketing and communication, he teaches listeners in an...

€ 455,-

Speaker Heiloo  (NL) Work 3.0: Paul Moers

Work 3.0: Paul Moers

Speaker, economics / finance

An inspiring lecture with lots of humour that gives a clear picture of the situation in the Dutch retail sector

€ 2.950,-

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