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Customers Away Club Harry van Hest

Speaker , Marketing / Sales
The performer is residing in Antwerpen

€ 3.000

act price ex 21% VAT

Customers Away Club Harry van Hest
Customers Away Club Harry van Hest
Customers Away Club Harry van Hest
Customers Away Club Harry van Hest

Reverse psychology... you know that. How do you deal with your clients? How do you make a difference? How do you stand out? Book this workshop full of "tips and tricks" and a hint of humour, to get on well with clients!

Reverse psychology, everyone keeps up with that. This seminar reawakens attention to what should always be a priority in business: "The focus on the customer.

Harry is not only talking about customer satisfaction, because that's not enough, it's mainly about making a difference and adding extra value in a constant way!

Harry illustrates how one can make a difference by putting one's goals, identity and conscious customer value first in all that one does.
A lot of trainings, lectures, seminars, etc. about 'customer friendliness' miss their effect in the meantime because they no longer appeal to the target group. People have heard it all before and 'they already know it all'. But that is clearly changed by the concept of 'Clients Chasing Club'

This seminar of the 'Klanten Wegjaag Club' lists the 'do's and dont's' with customers in such a refined and above all humorous way that months later the effect is still felt.

Of course, this is done in consultation with the clients. They can indicate various points for attention and improvement that will be subtly integrated in the presentation. Because thanks to the playful 'Chasing Clients Away' theme, there is never any need to raise an admonishing finger.

Of course, the tone gradually changes and the 'Chasing Customers Away' theme finally gives way to a speech full of 'tips and tricks' for dealing well with customers!

Success guaranteed and your employees will be grateful to you!

Harry has been working on 'Focus on the customer' for more than 25 years, both in practice and in theory. He has worked in retail for many years and has bundled his experiences in lectures and training courses with which he scores both at home and abroad.

Partly thanks to his ability to use intelligent humour (doesn't the KWC title speak for itself?) to package things in such a way that no one will forget the essence of this lecture. Moreover, the Clients Road Hunt Club is an international concept that was developed by his friend and colleague Guido Thys, who is active in the Netherlands, and has been and is being moulded by both of them into an ever updated production.

1) This lecture takes about 1 hour (including the short interactive workshop)
2) The lecture can also be extended with a workshop ( +/- 2 hours)
3) Or even to a complete training on customer friendliness of a part of the day (4 hours).



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The artist is residing in Antwerpen

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€ 3.000,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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