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The Corona virus still keeps us busy. This also affects the hospitality industry, events, festivals and nightclubs. On this page we provide practical information about what this means for ShowBird customers:

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Measures from November 13
From November 13, our country has again entered a 'mild lockdown'. This affects events.
These are the most important changes for the event industry:

- The mandatory 1,5 meters is back, in places where no corona ticket is required.
- Events can take place until 6 p.m. with a corona ticket and a fixed seat, with a maximum of 1250 people per room.
- This mandatory closing time does not apply to art and culture performances in, for example, cinemas, theaters and concert halls.
- Restaurants etc. can remain open until 20:00. A corona ticket and a fixed seat apply.
- Receive a maximum of 4 guests per day at home.
- Live Entertainment is allowed everywhere, provided the above measures are met.

From September 25, access is only possible with the corona ticket for everyone from 13 years old:

- in all catering establishments (except for pick-up such as in sports canteens),
- at events (such as festivals, performances, parties and public at professional sports competitions,
- when showing art and culture (such as in cinemas and theatres).

Hospitality and Events
In all catering establishments, the mandatory closing time between 00:00 and 06:00 continues to apply. All events can take place again with a corona ticket. There is no maximum number of visitors and no mandatory closing time for outdoor events. There is also no maximum number of visitors or closing time for indoor events with a fixed seat. The following applies to both types of events: the catering industry is closed after 00.00, with the exception of takeaway options. Indoor events without a fixed seat can allow up to 75% of the regular visitor capacity and there is a mandatory closing time between 00:00 and 06:00.

Corona admission ticket
You will receive a corona admission ticket if you have been fully vaccinated, have a valid recovery certificate or a negative test result of no more than 24 hours old. Testing remains free for someone who does not have a recovery or vaccination certificate.

Booking without risk: this is how it works

You want to organize a party but are not sure yet whether it can take place due to the weather. Corona?
We have adjusted the cancellation policy for performances in 2021:
If your event becomes impossible due to changing government measures, you can move the performance to another date for free (in consultation with the artist).
If the performance cannot be made up, you will get your money back.

My event cannot take place, now what?

Have the measures been tightened up as a result of which you have to move/cancel your event? In that case, pass this on to the artist no later than 1 week after the announcement.
This gives the artists the opportunity to take on other performances.

Contact the artist and discuss the best solution for both.
Try to move your event to a later date as much as possible.
We are ready to process any changes administratively immediately.


How can you enjoy yourself and others in Corona time? Seven tips:

It's a tough time for anyone who's tied to home.
The Coronavirus is delaying or delaying planned parties.
How do you get a healthy portion of entertainment these days?
ShowBird has prepared eight tips for those who stay at home:

1. Pick up an old hobby
Dust off the guitar you've ever bought, start dancing or juggling again. Who knows, we may find you as an artist on ShowBird soon!

2. Put a loved one in the spotlight
Serenade your friend's balcony or arrange a video message from Elsa for your daughter.
Via ShowBird you can book all kinds of fun performances remotely.

3. Do an online workshop / learn something new
This time of Corona is perfect for learning a new skill.
Take a magic course online or do a cooking workshop with the family.

4. Organize your time efficiently.
If you're not used to working from home, this can be challenging.
Think ahead of time about what goals you'd like to achieve that day and plan your time well in.

5. Re-live a favourite concert
Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged? Simon & Garfunkel live at central Park? Krezip on Pinkpop?
Many great concerts can be viewed in full via Youtube, take advantage of this.

6. Keep your distance and trust
We also want to emphasize the importance of keeping our distance and following up on the measures.
The sooner we control the virus, the sooner we will can get started together.


The ShowBird team

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