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Customers of the future Harry van Hest

Speaker , Marketing / Sales
The performer is residing in Antwerpen

€ 2.500

act price ex 21% VAT

Customers of the future Harry van Hest
Customers of the future Harry van Hest
Customers of the future Harry van Hest

As an organisation, you constantly think in terms of your customers' expectations. During this lecture you get to know your future customers. Book this interactive lecture with humor and make your organization future proof!

During this penetrating, but with appropriate humour interwoven lecture, Harry presents you with the results of the customer research conducted into what that 'customer of the future' expects from companies in your sector.

Are we 'now' still approaching our customers of the future in the way they expect us to?

In recent years, our customers have increasingly taken the initiative themselves. More than 75% make full use of the digital possibilities, to look up information and especially to compare. All this makes the customer feel that he or she is in control. This also means that the relationship with our customers is completely different than before and above all, this digital evolution will not stop! So if we want more sales and good profit margins, we will have to anticipate smartly!

The latter depends on how everyone in your organisation deals with the environmental factors that influence the creation of 'value' for customers on a daily basis.
Based on dozens of in-depth conversations, this lecture collected the essential characteristics that only successful companies and people appear to possess when dealing with customers.

Heard of purple cows in the blue oceans?
Are you sufficiently engaged in competing, innovating and changing mindsets?

In a way that is understandable to everyone, Harry explains the elementary factors that will have a very large impact on the customer flow from the future to your company/organization as well.
Your audience will be busy, because everyone puts on the shoes that suit them best.

1) This lecture takes about 1 hour (including the short interactive workshop),
2) The lecture can also be extended with a workshop ( +/- 2 hours)
3) Or even to a complete training on customer friendliness of a part of the day (4 hours).



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The artist is residing in Antwerpen

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€ 2.500,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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Artist responds normally within 4 hour.

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