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Speaker Essen  (BE) Dominik Messiaen: Hypnosis keynote

Dominik Messiaen: Hypnosis keynote

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Looking for the ideal kick-start for your meeting or congress? Do you want to know how hypnosis works? Or do you want to know how you can use NLP within your organization? Then this keynote is the perfect solution tailored to your...

€ 1.600,-

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) Feike Cats: Entertaining can be done by anyone

Feike Cats: Entertaining can be done by anyone

Speaker, business / management

Presentations by Feike Cats guarantee inspiration, fun and energy! Over the past years Feike Cats has had the opportunity to look around at many clients and help them implement Klanthousiasme. The results were mixed. If you look at why one...

€ 2.950,-

Speaker Zaandam  (NL) Frans Reichardt: Happy Customers

Frans Reichardt: Happy Customers

Speaker, marketing / sales

What is the shortest route to more customer focus, customer experience and customer satisfaction? What motivates your customers? What do they like and where is the pain? Using original perspectives from psychology, scientific research,...

€ 1.653,-

Speaker Lageland  (NL) Erik Schoppen: Gaining Confidence

Erik Schoppen: Gaining Confidence

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Perhaps one of the most intriguing questions of our time: how does trust work in our brain? Trust is essential for change and leadership. But how do you get it? And how does it lead to desired behavioural change? Find out how trust works...

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Lageland  (NL) Erik Schoppen: Trust in the brain

Erik Schoppen: Trust in the brain

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Welcome to the most sought-after speaker on trust in the Benelux. Erik Schoppen is an internet pioneer, brand expert, researcher in neuro- and behavioural sciences, designer, innovator and publicist. As a renowned expert in the field of...

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Hardenberg  (NL) Magical Presenter: Jan Kosters

Magical Presenter: Jan Kosters

Speaker, climate / sustainability

You are looking for a light break for a congress, (scientific) study day or meeting. I am a speaker who provides variety in the programme. As a magician I can make your theme visual, for extra impact on the visitors. Can be combined as a...

€ 675,-

Speaker Heusden-Zolder  (BE) Motivation Speaking: Jo De Rijck

Motivation Speaking: Jo De Rijck

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Let Jo help the members of your organization with his hypnosis and mentalism techniques. Ideal for training, teambuilding or company animation. Book Jo, because Jo stands for Growth!

€ 1.500,-

Speaker Doetinchem  (NL) Lectures / Mentalism: Jarno Smit

Lectures / Mentalism: Jarno Smit

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Speaking about his profession as a mentalist, Jarno di Parno is trusted. If you want to know more about how we perceive, Jarno will open up a new world for you. How do we influence perception (?), can we be distracted (?), do we look well...

€ 1.035,-

Speaker Kasterlee  (BE) Happy Relationships Truus Druyts

Happy Relationships Truus Druyts

Speaker, human interest / behavior

How do you keep a relationship happy? How do you deal with yourself in a relationship? Join Truus Druyts on a journey through your own heart and learn all about self-love! Make an application and book this lecture through Showbird!

€ 1.250,-

Speaker Antwerpen  (BE) Customers Away Club Harry van Hest

Customers Away Club Harry van Hest

Speaker, marketing / sales

Reverse psychology... you know that. How do you deal with your clients? How do you make a difference? How do you stand out? Book this workshop full of "tips and tricks" and a hint of humour, to get on well with clients!

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Den Haag  (NL) Speaker Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

Speaker Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

Speaker, economics / finance

As former Secretary General of NATO, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer is one of the most booked speakers within the topic of geopolitics. Everything is about "investing in more balanced international relations," according to Jaap. Want to know more...

€ 2.000,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Corona crisis; facts and fables

Corona crisis; facts and fables

Speaker, politics / governement

Based on data analysis and scientific studies, Maurice de Hond brings the facts about the many myths surrounding the Corona crisis.

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Kasterlee  (BE) Body Language: Truus Druyts

Body Language: Truus Druyts

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Body language is a language we all speak, but how do you make sure you tell what you want to tell? Truus Druyts can explain it to your audience in detail and makes sure everyone radiates self-confidence!

€ 1.250,-

Speaker Amstelveen  (NL) Generations in the workplace

Generations in the workplace

Speaker, business / management

Speaker Kim Jansen takes us into the world of the 5 generations in the workplace. Which generations and generation differences are we dealing with? How do the different generations relate to each other?

€ 1.850,-

Speaker Zoetermeer  (NL) Bert van Leeuwen 'Conflicts & Solutions'

Bert van Leeuwen 'Conflicts & Solutions'

Speaker, human interest / behavior

The well-known EO presenter gives lectures on conflicts & solutions, based on his experiences with the TV programme 'Het Familiediner'.

€ 2.750,-

Speaker Leeuwarden  (NL) Hypnosis can do it yourself.

Hypnosis can do it yourself.

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Book through ShowBird an original lecture on hypnosis, what is hypnosis and what is self-hypnosis? An interesting humorous lecture by Joop Fenstra!

€ 850,-

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