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Stacey Seedorf

Speaker , Human interest / Behavior
The performer is residing in Rotterdam

€ 1.415

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Stacey Seedorf
Stacey Seedorf
Stacey Seedorf
Stacey Seedorf
Stacey Seedorf

1,5 hour


Through his world successes from the 90s with the group Twenty 4 Seven, Stacey Seedorf as a motivational speaker manages to captivate his audience. Through damage and shame he has become the speaker, mindset coach, and writer he is now and he tells about that inspired.

Stacey Seedorf is the founder of State of Mind Network and a passionate writer, speaker and trainer/coach in personal development, success, inspiring leadership and making dreams, wishes and goals come true. He is an expert in guiding people and organizations on their way to personal growth and business success. His State of Mind trainings are based on NLP, modern psychology and neuroscience.
In his successful career as an artist at Twenty 4 Seven, he traveled around the world many times, met the biggest international stars and experienced the wildest adventures. As a singer/songwriter he has sold in more than 20 million sound carriers since the nineties and has received many dozens of gold, platinum and double platinum awards. He lived like a king and was wealthy in a material sense. However, his success also had a downside and this made him emotionally destitute.
His life took a radical turn when he came into detention between 2003 and 2006 and this turned his life completely upside down. It is precisely this period that led him to reunite with who he was in his heart; the man behind the artist Stay-C. During this sabbatical the foundation was laid for the State of Mind Network and his later published books STATE OF MIND, ALL IS LOVE and MY LIFE, MY KHOZES, MY IMPLICATIONS..
The thread running through all his works (live and in book form) is the human Mindset, our way of thinking and the way we let our brain determine which world we perceive around us. In his vision this is all decisive, regardless of the activity.
"Go back to yourself, to your own unique foundation. There are all the answers, all the causes and all the solutions"
"The basis of my training always lies with the individual himself, this is the most essential key you can have in your hands as a human being. You always have the masterkey with which you can open any internal door. However, this can be quite a quest and that's where a coach like me comes in. In a short time I give you back the insights that give you the power and control over your subjective world of experience. This enables you to believe in yourself again and make decisions that drive you in the direction you want to go. This applies to individuals in the private sphere, but also to managers of departments within companies.
My mission is to give people and companies the push they need to get back on their feet and, as an individual or company, on the road to happiness and success".



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The artist is residing in Rotterdam

€ 1.415,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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