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Robotics / Ai

28 items found
Speaker Wassenaar  (NL) Trendwatcher Speaker Keynote Lieke Lamb
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Trendwatcher Speaker Keynote Lieke Lamb

Speaker, future / trends

LIEKE LAMB As an Innovation Ambassador and Trend Strategist, Lieke Lamb has been following technological, social and economic trends in the Netherlands and abroad for 20 years. She is one of the most sought-after trend watchers, both for...

€ 2.900,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) The Top AI Trends, ChatGPT & 10 AI demos
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The Top AI Trends, ChatGPT & 10 AI demos

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Discover the AI future with Vincent Everts! See how organizations and businesses should and should not use ChatGPT. Become more productive through practical AI demos of, among other things, the smart (and not so smart) version of ChatGPT...

€ 2.750,-

Speaker Heino  (NL) The Magic of Ai Matthijs & Hans
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The Magic of Ai Matthijs & Hans

Speaker, future / trends

Edutainment show The Magic of Ai along with Hans Kazan. "The Magic of Artificial Intelligence." A unique and educational fusion of AI edutainment and magic.

€ 3.975,-

Speaker Doorn  (NL) Trendwatcher Richard van Hooijdonk

Trendwatcher Richard van Hooijdonk

Speaker, future / trends

Trendwatcher Richard van Hooijdonk has already had the opportunity to give some 1900 lectures in 35 countries for large companies and organizations such as Interpol, Unilever and the European Commission. Meanwhile, Richard has already...

from € 4.950,- from

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Maurice de Hond: Covid facts and fables

Maurice de Hond: Covid facts and fables

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Based on data analysis and scientific studies, Maurice de Hond brings the facts about the many myths surrounding the Corona crisis.

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Almere  (NL) The Future of Healthcare - Adjiedj Bakas

The Future of Healthcare - Adjiedj Bakas

Speaker, human interest / behavior

How is the practice of both GPs and specialists changing, among other things, with the rise of AI? What place will new medicines have in the healthcare sector of the future? That is what this inspiring Bakas lecture is about.

€ 3.995,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Danny Mekić as a speaker

Danny Mekić as a speaker

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Technology expert Danny Mekić helps your organization reinvent itself. He knows everything there is to know about business, technology and innovation. His unique humor and knowledge combined with his young age make for an engaging and...

from € 5.750,- from

Speaker Soest  (NL) Ben van der Burg as speaker

Ben van der Burg as speaker

Speaker, sports / performance

A former speed skater, Ben van der Burg talks passionately about performing optimally in both sports and digital areas. Frequent topics in his presentations are digital innovation, impact of technology on our society and how to deal with...

from € 3.500,- from

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Getting Started in AI

Getting Started in AI

Speaker, science / tech / ict

How do you get the most out of AI? What impact will AI have on the job market - and on your job? Should we be afraid of AI? Aaron Mirck answers those questions in an engaging, interactive keynote. He is a sought-after speaker and author of...

€ 1.997,-

Speaker Doorn  (NL) Richard van Hooijdonk: AI Revolution

Richard van Hooijdonk: AI Revolution

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Brace yourself for the generative AI shake-up and discover how ChatGPT is turning the world upside down. Gen-AI is already having a major impact on jobs, industries and organizations. This keynote will give you a taste of the world of...

€ 4.950,-

Speaker Doorn  (NL) Richard van Hooijdonk: Trends 2030

Richard van Hooijdonk: Trends 2030

Speaker, future / trends

Richard van Hooijdonk is a renowned trend watcher and has proven himself an authority on emerging technologies. With multiple chip implants, he wants to personally experience the future. His inspiring sessions have already captivated more...

€ 4.950,-

Speaker Tilburg  (NL) Artificial Intelligence, people & value

Artificial Intelligence, people & value

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Ton Abelen takes you into the world of Artificial Intelligence that offers unprecedented possibilities, the question is whether you are ready for it. His knowledge and experience make his presentation not only highly recognizable but also...

€ 1.250,-

Speaker Heino  (NL) Ai Flashmaster explains Ai!

Ai Flashmaster explains Ai!

Speaker, human interest / behavior

A fun and educational show by the Ai-Flash Master on digital resilience for seniors. This show explains for seniors to better understand the digital world with both its benefits and threats.

€ 1.500,-

Speaker Arnhem  (NL) Day Chairman Technology | Arnold Groot

Day Chairman Technology | Arnold Groot

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Arnold is on the side of the room as chairman of the day. Boring speakers become fun, reclusive individuals become compelling, and the panel-that-always-agrees-with-each-other suddenly goes into battle. From his background as an engineer,...

€ 1.600,-

Speaker Rotterdam  (NL) Speaker AI & Transformation

Speaker AI & Transformation

Speaker, business / management

Errol van Engelen is an online course creator, author, speaker and consultant. He specializes in Artificial Intelligence (AI and ChatGPT), Business (Model) Transformation and Business Development.

€ 1.875,-

Speaker Den Haag  (NL) 3D Hologram Act - HEREweHOLO box

3D Hologram Act - HEREweHOLO box

Speaker, science / tech / ict

The future is here with the HEREweHOLO box. Surprise your audience in a way that all eyes are immediately on you or your important guest! A life-size holographic display allows you to make contact instantly at any desired location. Even...

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