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The Olympics

31 items found
Speaker Volendam  (NL) Kees Kwakman & Freek Jansen - EK Voetbal
Golden tip

Kees Kwakman & Freek Jansen - EK Voetbal

Speaker, sports / performance

Kees Kwakman and Freek Jansen come with a special European Championship edition of their lecture. How does such a final tournament actually work for a journalist? What can we expect from Orange? And which talents should we keep an eye on?...

€ 2.250,-

Speaker Den Haag  (NL) Chris Woerts as speaker
Showbird's choice

Chris Woerts as speaker

Speaker, sports / performance

Chris Woerts is a sports marketer, making him the perfect speaker for just about anything related to sports sponsorship. Make a no-obligation request through ShowBird now!

from € 1.500,- from

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Formula One presentation Robert Doornbos
Showbird's choice

Formula One presentation Robert Doornbos

Speaker, sports / performance

As a former F1 driver, Robert Doornbos knows what it is like to perform under pressure. He likes to share this knowledge and experience with others. So do you want to learn how to put down a good performance at the right moment and how you...

from € 6.750,- from

Speaker Dordrecht  (NL) Danny Makkelie

Danny Makkelie

Speaker, sports / performance

Discover the power of leadership and collaboration with Danny Makkelie, an expert in soccer arbitration. His engaging presentations offer in-depth insights into leadership, communication, decision-making and successful collaboration. Book...

from € 3.950,- from

Speaker Nootdorp  (NL) Formula Female by Ria Visser

Formula Female by Ria Visser

Speaker, sports / performance

This inspiring presentation by Olympic speed skater Ria Visser is like Yoga for your Mind. Unravel the mystery behind the female brain and discover how you can function and perform optimally.

€ 650,-

Speaker Nootdorp  (NL) Formula Flow by Ria Visser

Formula Flow by Ria Visser

Speaker, sports / performance

When you feel good, you function better! Discover the (source) power of connection and experience Flow!

€ 750,-

Speaker Volendam  (NL) Kees Kwakman & Freek Jansen

Kees Kwakman & Freek Jansen

Speaker, sports / performance

In their youth, Kees Kwakman and Freek Jansen played against each other as youngsters of FC Volendam and De Graafschap. Now Kwakman and Jansen can be booked as a duo for an evening full of special, funny, sad and revealing anecdotes, which...

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Rotterdam  (NL) Speaker Richard Krajicek

Speaker Richard Krajicek

Speaker, sports / performance

Do you ever take a risk or do you prefer to avoid it? And what are the (possible) consequences? Former tennis player Richard Krajicek likes to tell you. He takes the audience into the world of tennis and the emotions that come with it. He...

from € 6.000,- from

Speaker Doorn  (NL) Kees Jansma

Kees Jansma

Speaker, sports / performance

As sports presenter, producer and former press chief of the Dutch national team Kees Jansma knows everything about (team)sports and communication. Book Kees Jansma now as a speaker through ShowBird!

from € 1.995,- from

Speaker Soest  (NL) Ben van der Burg as speaker

Ben van der Burg as speaker

Speaker, sports / performance

A former speed skater, Ben van der Burg talks passionately about performing optimally in both sports and digital areas. Frequent topics in his presentations are digital innovation, impact of technology on our society and how to deal with...

from € 3.500,- from

Speaker Groningen  (NL) Speaker Margriet de Schutter

Speaker Margriet de Schutter

Speaker, sports / performance

Margriet de Schutter is a former short track speed skater and nowadays she can also be booked as a motivational speaker, day chairman, presenter, speaker and interviewer. As a Dutch former short track speed skater, Margriet is an...

from € 2.000,- from

Speaker Eemnes  (NL) Tom Coronel on entrepreneurship and e-retail

Tom Coronel on entrepreneurship and e-retail

Speaker, economics / finance

Do you want to know more about the future of e-retail? Then Tom Coronel is right for you! After all, he is not only a racing driver, but also an entrepreneur and owner of Booster Media Solutions and Create2fit. Tom himself says: ''if you...

from € 3.000,- from

Speaker Apeldoorn  (NL) Andy van der Meijde clinics

Andy van der Meijde clinics

Speaker, sports / performance

Andy can be booked for clinics at soccer clubs where he can tell talented children and young people (and parents) with a dream of becoming a soccer professional, for example, where the challenges and pitfalls lie. Want to book Andy for a...

from € 4.000,- from

Speaker Delden  (NL) Bas Nijhuis as speaker

Bas Nijhuis as speaker

Speaker, sports / performance

Bas Nijhuis became known as a soccer referee. He is also an entrepreneur and can be booked as speaker and chairman of the day. In his lectures he likes to talk about the world of business and his love for soccer. Apply now!

from € 4.500,- from

Speaker Heiloo  (NL) Team building 2 + 2 = 19. LIVE

Team building 2 + 2 = 19. LIVE

Speaker, sports / performance

Team building speeches for more positivity, better cooperation and better results! Are you looking for an inspiring, educational, motivating and fun team building speech for executives and teams? Rob Wuijster, former national coach of the...

€ 1.500,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Speaker Marianne Timmer

Speaker Marianne Timmer

Speaker, sports / performance

In 2010, Marianne Timmer put an end to her skating career. She decides to pass on her experiences as a top athlete to the generation after her by working as a coach for her own skating team. She also takes this up as a speaker at events....

from € 3.900,- from


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