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Speaker Brummen  (NL) Tom Sligting Keynote adaptability

Tom Sligting Keynote adaptability

Speaker, human interest / behavior

According to many studies, our adaptability is one of the most important Soft Skills to keep up with the rapidly changing world we live in today. Tom Sligting, speaker and comedian for over 28 years has created an energetic Keynote Speech...

€ 3.950,-

Speaker Brummen  (NL) Tom Sligting Masterclass in Speaker Training

Tom Sligting Masterclass in Speaker Training

Speaker, business / management

Get your team up to speed before the summer with this speaker training masterclass. Now with special offer: 20 free x the book The Speaker's Bible worth €590.00. Whether it is an informal meeting in the department, a pitch in a meeting...

€ 2.250,-

Speaker Almere  (NL) Adjiedj Bakas The Happynomy in 2024
Golden tip

Adjiedj Bakas The Happynomy in 2024

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Trends in the search for the economics of happiness, or Happynomy. Standard lecture or customization possible, act can last 30, 45 or 60 minutes. VJ-style infotainment, with lots of humor. Also interacts with audience. Based on the book...

€ 5.445,-

Speaker Leusden  (NL) Turn your best energy ON!

Turn your best energy ON!

Speaker, business / management

Thomas Hijl (Crowned by Giel Beelen as: "The Dutch Freddie Mercury") and Giovanni Pileri (Valentine, Avalon, Mike & The Mechanics.) treat you to a unique journey.... They will take you to your personal charisma along Queen's masterpieces....

€ 2.250,-

Speaker Eindhoven  (NL) AI versus Natural with Eva van Zeeland

AI versus Natural with Eva van Zeeland

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Do you favor the artificial, or do you prefer to embrace the natural? Is man already perfect at birth, or do we need external help, such as tinkering with our DNA? We are on the eve of the greatest evolutionary leap humanity will ever...

€ 1.499,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) "Healthy Long Life" with Jaap Jongbloed

"Healthy Long Life" with Jaap Jongbloed

Speaker, health / vitality

Who doesn't want to feel fit, healthy and energetic? And what does it take for a healthy long life? Jaap Jongbloed gives you answers!

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Discover your Ikigai for more (work) fun

Discover your Ikigai for more (work) fun

Speaker, health / vitality

Speaker: Brenda Serrée Interactive lecture for employees at organizations on the Ikigai secrets for a long and healthy life. These secrets came over from Okinawa, Japan, where many people live to be 100+. Dwell on your Ikigai or...

€ 1.750,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Speaker Marianne Timmer

Speaker Marianne Timmer

Speaker, sports / performance

In 2010, Marianne Timmer put an end to her skating career. She decides to pass on her experiences as a top athlete to the generation after her by working as a coach for her own skating team. She also takes this up as a speaker at events....

from € 3.900,- from

Speaker Lageland  (NL) Erik Schoppen: Trust in the brain

Erik Schoppen: Trust in the brain

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Welcome to the most sought-after speaker on trust in the Benelux. Erik Schoppen is an internet pioneer, brand expert, researcher in neuro- and behavioural sciences, designer, innovator and publicist. As a renowned expert in the field of...

€ 3.500,-

Speaker Blaricum  (NL) Speaker Leadership - Niek van den Adel

Speaker Leadership - Niek van den Adel

Speaker, business / management

What is a "resilient leader? Is one there just to make employees resilient? Can't they do that themselves? As a leadership speaker, Niek likes to take your organization through the new way of leadership. One that focuses on ownership,...

€ 3.750,-

Speaker Leiderdorp  (NL) Daily Irrational

Daily Irrational

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Speaker: Michiel van Straten We are irrational on a daily basis. Usually without realizing it. We live under the assumption that we make considered choices. But in reality, we constantly allow our behavior to be influenced by all kinds...

€ 450,-

Speaker Haarlem  (NL) Speaker Charlon Imamdi

Speaker Charlon Imamdi

Speaker, business / management

Charlon Imamdi is a name that resonates in the world of inspirational speakers. As a leading expert on innovative entrepreneurship and personal development, Charlon Imamdi offers a wealth of knowledge and experience that he loves to share...

€ 1.700,-

Speaker Blaricum  (NL) Speaker Resilience - Niek van den Adel

Speaker Resilience - Niek van den Adel

Speaker, health / vitality

The name Mr. Featherforce is truly on Nieks mind. If you can turn such a life changing event into something strong, imagine how this expresses itself on stage as speaker resilience.

€ 3.750,-

Speaker Apeldoorn  (NL) Andy van der Meijde

Andy van der Meijde

Speaker, sports / performance

Former professional soccer player Andy van der Meijde tells his life story with great anecdotes and the necessary humor. During his turbulent soccer career there were many ups and downs. He likes to share the life lessons he learned from...

from € 4.000,- from

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) Feike Cats: Entertaining can be done by anyone

Feike Cats: Entertaining can be done by anyone

Speaker, business / management

Presentations by Feike Cats guarantee inspiration, fun and energy! Over the past years Feike Cats has had the opportunity to look around at many clients and help them implement Klanthousiasme. The results were mixed. If you look at why one...

€ 2.950,-

Speaker Belsele  (BE) Tanja:Become your own interior designer!

Tanja:Become your own interior designer!

Speaker, business / management

How do you create a 'good' interior? During this presentation, interior designer Tanja Brandt will show you all about interior design. And 'Become your own interior designer'! For anyone who loves interiors, wants to get started with...

€ 750,-

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