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Health / Vitality

22 items found
Speaker Badhoevedorp  (NL) Intermittent Fasting your secret weapon

Intermittent Fasting your secret weapon


Intermittent fasting provides a 100% increase in team performance, so it has mega scientific proven sustainable health benefits for individual "business potatoes" as well. Mabel van den Dungen developed and presented several television...

€ 2.000,-

Speaker Blaricum  (NL) Speaker Resilience - Niek van den Adel

Speaker Resilience - Niek van den Adel

Speaker, health / vitality

The name Mr. Featherforce is truly on Nieks mind. If you can turn such a life changing event into something strong, imagine how this expresses itself on stage as speaker resilience.

€ 3.750,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) "Healthy Long Life" with Jaap Jongbloed

"Healthy Long Life" with Jaap Jongbloed

Speaker, health / vitality

Who doesn't want to feel fit, healthy and energetic? And what does it take for a healthy long life? Jaap Jongbloed gives you answers!

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Vlaardingen  (NL) Werkgel(e)uk workshop

Werkgel(e)uk workshop

Speaker, health / vitality

Presentations by Feike Cats guarantee inspiration, fun and energy! How fun is it within your organization? Are the employees satisfied or enthusiastic? And how does that translate to your Customer (Citizen, Patient)?

€ 3.450,-

Speaker Driebergen-rijsenburg  (NL) Richard van Hooijdonk: The care

Richard van Hooijdonk: The care

Speaker, health / vitality

What will the future of our healthcare system look like when certain care tasks are taken over by digital healthcare providers and our hospitals make way for intelligent e-health applications? This question will be addressed in the lecture...

€ 4.950,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Discover your Ikigai for more (work) enjoyment

Discover your Ikigai for more (work) enjoyment

Speaker, health / vitality

Speaker: Brenda Serrée Interactive lecture for employees at organizations on the Ikigai secrets for a long and healthy life. These secrets came over from Okinawa, Japan, where many people live to be 100+. Dwell on your Ikigai or...

€ 1.275,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Headcare - Adjiedj Bakas

Headcare - Adjiedj Bakas

Speaker, health / vitality

Depression, stress, poor sleep and all kinds of addictions cause all kinds of ailments. Headaches as Adjiedj Bakas calls them. During this presentation you will learn everything about Kopzorgen. Book now Adjiedj Bakas on ShowBird!

€ 3.598,-

Speaker Eemnes  (NL) Transitions and sustainability Leon Simons

Transitions and sustainability Leon Simons

Speaker, health / vitality

It's a time where we, as a citizen, municipality, company, have to deal with an energy transition, climate change, climate agreement and a lot of change to reduce CO2 emissions. Then Leon Simons is a relief to have as a speaker at your...

€ 950,-

Speaker Knegsel  (NL) Living with ALS in the healthcare jungle

Living with ALS in the healthcare jungle

Speaker, health / vitality

In 2007, Johan Foliant, then 47 years old, was diagnosed with ALS. The neurologist gave him only three years to live. Now, many years later, Johan, along with his caregiver Marieke Meischke, shares his remarkable story and insights as an...

€ 350,-

Speaker Boxtel  (NL) Menny Landman

Menny Landman

Speaker, health / vitality

Trend watcher in home care.

€ 893,-

Speaker Zwolle  (NL) Happiness Makes Money

Happiness Makes Money

Speaker, health / vitality

Paul ter Wal is a speaker and advisor in the field of Workgroup Happiness and Engagement. He speaks about the importance of engagement for the results of companies in a broad sense. He helps employers and employees to get started with...

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Speaker Ralph Moorman

Speaker Ralph Moorman

Speaker, health / vitality

Are you organizing a conference, symposium, debate or corporate event? And, you are looking for a speaker to give an engaging workshop/lecture on healthy nutrition or solving (hormone) complaints? Found!

€ 100,-

Speaker Oudehaske  (NL) Jeltje Minnesma: Health Escaperoom

Jeltje Minnesma: Health Escaperoom

Speaker, health / vitality

Escaperoom positive health, including conversation techniques, introducing caregivers or supervisor to the basics of positive health.

€ 1.195,-

Speaker Nederland  (NL) Speaker Ramon Roelofs (Charly Lownoise)

Speaker Ramon Roelofs (Charly Lownoise)

Speaker, health / vitality

As a speaker, storyteller and inspiration, Ramon Roelofs takes you on a journey. He will tell you about special events and life-changing lessons.

from € 2.500,- from

Speaker Boxtel  (NL) The Art of Upcycling, Nicholas

The Art of Upcycling, Nicholas

Speaker, health / vitality

Am I creating a third win? Does our business create added value for people and the environment? If not we don't start it. Nicholas takes you to the flip-flop-strewn beaches of Kenya. The artisans at Kenya's Ocean Sole upcycle these worn...

€ 850,-

Speaker Breda  (NL) From Apache to Buddha

From Apache to Buddha

Speaker, health / vitality

Why has Peter Gordijn exchanged his 20 million fighter helicopter for centuries of ancient spiritual wisdom? And where does he get his clear insights and indestructible inner peace?

€ 1.339,-

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