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Speaker Brummen  (NL) Custom Comedy Show
Golden tip

Custom Comedy Show

Speaker, cabaret / humor

Tom is the most requested comedian when it comes to custom comedy. With his 29 years of experience, he guarantees a dynamic humorous show. So when it comes to an energetic closing, entertainment or custom comedy show or speech with a good...

€ 2.250,-

Speaker Brummen  (NL) Tom Sligting Company Roast!
Showbird's choice

Tom Sligting Company Roast!

Speaker, cabaret / humor

This is the HIT of 2023. The Roast is a perfect show for an internal company party. But needs some explanation, of course. Tom has 28 years of experience in custom comedy and knows exactly how far he can go. His goal is that the person...

€ 2.450,-

Speaker De Bilt  (NL) Marcel Harmsen - Wine Cabaret

Marcel Harmsen - Wine Cabaret

Speaker, cabaret / humor

Musical winecabaret van de Schoften as a separate performance or to support your wine tasting. Beverages and food have never been so tastefully presented.

€ 1.250,-

Speaker Heerhugowaard  (NL) The Diet Gurus - Stage Act with Movement

The Diet Gurus - Stage Act with Movement

Speaker, cabaret / humor

These 'healthy' men are a tremendously comical addition to your party! Letting your audience work out all their 'alcohol fat' is a fantastic experience for your audience! Book them now on ShowBird! Comments from previous...

€ 1.850,-

Speaker Soerendonk  (NL) TONPRAATAVOND


Speaker, cabaret / humor

A whole evening of carefree laughter with the best ton talkers in our country. For everyone who wants to give their members/guests/customers/patients or employees a wonderful comic evening, there is the ton talk evening. A ton talk...

€ 3.500,-

Speaker Mijdrecht  (NL) Keep Calm, I will use my opera voice

Keep Calm, I will use my opera voice

Speaker, cabaret / humor

Keep calm, I will use my opera voice' is a musical and humorous introduction to the opera world. Classic for dummies!

€ 370,-

Speaker Heerhugowaard  (NL) Jannes-Infiltration Improvisation Mystery

Jannes-Infiltration Improvisation Mystery

Speaker, cabaret / humor

The party is in full swing; one of the guests is becoming more and more present. He becomes freer and freer in behavior and speech. Eventually the clue comes out - It is a hired actor.

€ 935,-

Speaker Schoonhoven  (NL) Custom musical cabaret as Wrap-up

Custom musical cabaret as Wrap-up

Speaker, cabaret / humor

The Spekmennen bring custom musical cabaret. Known hits translated to your organization, goals and theme of the meeting, so custom songs especially for you. Combined with lots of humor, the Spekmennen provide a varied performance and a...

€ 1.200,-

Speaker Bilthoven  (NL) Paul Janmaat: Haka

Paul Janmaat: Haka

Speaker, human interest / behavior

An active experience of team spirit and connectedness that lingers for a long time.

€ 1.153,-

Speaker De Bilt  (NL) Marcel Harmsen - Company cabaret

Marcel Harmsen - Company cabaret

Speaker, cabaret / humor

Sharp and musically tailored cabaret about your organization and the people, an intermezzo during your congress or a wrap up of your meeting.

€ 1.882,-

Speaker Megen  (NL) Friction - Marij and Kornelis

Friction - Marij and Kornelis

Speaker, cabaret / humor

Friction. (Without Friction no Gloss! ) Friction is a musical cabaret programme full of humour, with emotion but above all a feast of recognition. The input of a man and a woman, does that lead to inspiring insights, beautiful moments...

€ 754,-

Speaker Brummen  (NL) Tom Sligting Wrap-Up Comedy Show

Tom Sligting Wrap-Up Comedy Show

Speaker, cabaret / humor

You want to close event with high energy and humor? And you have several plenary speakers? Then Tom's Wrap-Up show is highly recommended. After an online pre-conversation, he writes a framework for the show, then he is present throughout...

€ 2.450,-

Speaker Schoonhoven  (NL) Improvised wrap-up

Improvised wrap-up

Speaker, cabaret / humor

Are you looking for a humorous wrap-up? The unforgettable conclusion to your meeting or conference? Spekmen Productions delivers a playful, unique contribution to close your event. A summary with a humorous look as a recognizable closing...

€ 900,-

Speaker Arnhem  (NL) The girls of LOS - Tailor-made musical cabaret

The girls of LOS - Tailor-made musical cabaret

Speaker, cabaret / humor

LOS is a musical cabaret group consisting of four crazy girls who all graduated from the conservatory. Tailor-made entertainment, that's what LOS has been specialising in for years. The girls have been performing for companies on a regular...

€ 3.000,-

Speaker Soerendonk  (NL) Professional Substitute

Professional Substitute

Speaker, cabaret / humor

You thought you had everything well taken care of. But now someone calls off! Panic of course, because where are you going to get a comedian, cabaret performer, stand-up performer, show host, quiz master, chairman, speaker, teacher or...

€ 375,-

Speaker Rotterdam  (NL) Arie Vuyk

Arie Vuyk

Speaker, cabaret / humor

Some cabaret artists have won a cabaret festival. Arie won three. He makes total cabaret: Conferences with a high joke density, songs, types and poems. A performance by Arie Vuyk is like a well-stocked goodie bag: one surprise after...

€ 1.179,-


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