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Speaker Wassenaar  (NL) Trendwatcher Speaker Keynote Lieke Lamb
Showbird's choice

Trendwatcher Speaker Keynote Lieke Lamb

Speaker, future / trends

LIEKE LAMB As an Innovation Ambassador and Trend Strategist, Lieke Lamb has been following technological, social and economic trends in the Netherlands and abroad for 20 years. She is one of the most sought-after trend watchers, both for...

€ 2.900,-

Speaker Lageland  (NL) Erik Schoppen: Gaining Confidence

Erik Schoppen: Gaining Confidence

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Perhaps one of the most intriguing questions of our time: how does trust work in our brain? Trust is essential for change and leadership. But how do you get it? And how does it lead to desired behavioural change? Find out how trust works...

€ 3.500,-

Speaker Ouderkerk aan de Amstel  (NL) Cyber Security: Erik Jan Koedijk

Cyber Security: Erik Jan Koedijk

Speaker, legal / security

With SurfControl Erik Jan introduced safe surfing within schools and organizations in 1999 and secured the largest companies in the world with NOKIA. His opinion: Cyber Security belongs to everyone! A passionate and inspiring story that...

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Den Haag  (NL) Speaker Herma Kluin Private Investigator

Speaker Herma Kluin Private Investigator

Speaker, legal / security

Herma Kluin the most fearless private investigator, a pit bull who bites into a case. During her lecture she will share experiences with you regarding entrepreneurship and take you through the most interesting cases such as stalking,...

€ 2.250,-

Speaker Heino  (NL) Ai Flashmaster explains Ai!

Ai Flashmaster explains Ai!

Speaker, human interest / behavior

A fun and educational show by the Ai-Flash Master on digital resilience for seniors. This show explains for seniors to better understand the digital world with both its benefits and threats.

€ 1.500,-

Speaker Den Haag  (NL) Drones: Wiebe de Jager

Drones: Wiebe de Jager

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Drones: past, present and future Drones: more and more you read about them in news reports and more and more you see beautiful drone images on TV. And many sectors are now using drones, including agriculture, inspection, security. But...

€ 706,-

Speaker Heemskerk  (NL) Lecture on cyberbullying, sexting and social media

Lecture on cyberbullying, sexting and social media

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Speaker Maria Genova-Versteeg. A particularly popular topic for parents' evenings. Many parents struggle with their children's social media use and are concerned about the dangers. During this interactive lecture, both parents and children...

€ 1.179,-

Speaker Heemskerk  (NL) Lecture on identity fraud, privacy and hackers

Lecture on identity fraud, privacy and hackers

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Maria Genova is one of the most requested speakers in the field of identity fraud, privacy and information security. Her interactive sessions full of practical examples are an eye-opener for the employees of a wide variety of companies and...

€ 1.414,-

Speaker Ouderkerk aan de Amstel  (NL) Power of Social: Erik Jan Koedijk

Power of Social: Erik Jan Koedijk

Speaker, marketing / sales

Erik Jan Koedijk has been online since 1992 and stood at the foot of leading international projects. He is a visionary with an eye for detail and speaks very inspiringly. Erik Jan is guaranteed to get the audience moving and scores high in...

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Numansdorp  (NL) Lecture Cyber Security

Lecture Cyber Security

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Don Eijndhoven is a regular speaker at national and international conferences, speaking on topics such as digital security, cybercrime, digital geopolitics, cyber warfare and online privacy.

€ 1.801,-

Speaker Soest  (NL) Speaker Rob Koch, Cybercriminality

Speaker Rob Koch, Cybercriminality

Speaker, legal / security

Johan Cruijff once said, "You only start seeing it when you realize it." And that is exactly what this presentation is about: Awareness in the field of cybercrime and cybersecurity. During this informative presentation, Rob Koch provides...

€ 695,-

Speaker Utrecht  (NL) Phishing: The Human Firewall

Phishing: The Human Firewall

Speaker, science / tech / ict

More than 90% of all successful ransomware attacks are due to human error. In this inspiring talk, Thomas will take you through the developments in phishing and the mismatch between awareness campaigns and practice, so you can turn your...

€ 1.950,-

Speaker Heemskerk  (NL) Digital trends, big data and IOT

Digital trends, big data and IOT

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Speaker: Maria Genova-Versteeg. Digital change is occurring at a rapid pace. The growth of the Internet of Things is unprecedented. The dangers of all those smart thermostats, TVs and coffee makers with wifi are underestimated. Now hackers...

€ 1.415,-

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