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Lecture on cyberbullying, sexting and social media

Speaker , Science / Tech / ICT
The performer is residing in Heemskerk

€ 1.179

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Lecture on cyberbullying, sexting and social media
Lecture on cyberbullying, sexting and social media
Lecture on cyberbullying, sexting and social media
Lecture on cyberbullying, sexting and social media

Speaker Maria Genova-Versteeg. A particularly popular topic for parents' evenings. Many parents struggle with their children's social media use and are concerned about the dangers. During this interactive lecture, both parents and children reflect on the dilemmas and real-life examples presented.

Almost a quarter of the Dutch children have already taken nude photos of themselves and in most cases sent them to someone. 88 percent of the 'sexy selfies' leak out and are shared via mobile phones and social media. The consequences are enormous: children who no longer dare go to school because they are so terribly bullied, families who have to move and even attempted suicide
In the book "Sexy selfies. About nude photos, secret chats and cyberbullying" many victims, but also perpetrators and parents, have their say. During an interactive lecture based on the book, writer Maria Genova gives many practical examples and presents dilemmas. Who is guilty: the girl who sends a nude photo in confidence or the boy who sends it to everyone? And what do you do when you are blackmailed with a leaked nude photo?
Most parents have no idea who their child is chatting with, but they always think "my child wouldn't do something like that" Every day they ask their child how it was at school, but never how it was online. Genova gives lots of examples of smart kids who have experienced the most horrible things online and how to prevent that as a parent. This interactive lecture is also very interesting for the pupils, because the examples are recognisable to them
Figures from the government website ##### show that more than sixty percent of young people under the age of sixteen have occasionally had to deal with strangers who try to persuade them to take nude photos or have sex. Sexting is a growing problem and it starts at an increasingly younger age, because children often already have a smartphone and a laptop at primary school
What are the dangers of sexy selfies and sexting, how can you safely make a sexy selfie, what do you do when you're bullied (online), how can you prevent malicious people from remotely turning on your laptop's webcam, how can you secure your laptop and mobile in a simple way, how do loverboys choose their victims and how do they use the social media to get in touch with potential victims? During the lecture there will also be some interesting short films shown



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The artist is residing in Heemskerk

€ 1.179,-

act price ex 21% VAT

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