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Lecture on identity fraud, privacy and hackers

Speaker , Economics/Finance
The artist is residing in Heemskerk

€ 1.414

Lecture on identity fraud, privacy and hackers
Lecture on identity fraud, privacy and hackers
Lecture on identity fraud, privacy and hackers
Lecture on identity fraud, privacy and hackers
Lecture on identity fraud, privacy and hackers
Lecture on identity fraud, privacy and hackers

1 (solo) performer

Indoor and outdoor


1 hour

every room is suitable, from small meeti


Maria Genova is one of the most requested speakers in the field of identity fraud, privacy and information security. Her interactive sessions full of practical examples are an eye-opener for the employees of a wide variety of companies and organisations. How do hackers work exactly? What are you doing wrong with your computer and mobile phone? How can malicious parties get their hands on the data of all customers through you? For her bestseller 'Komt een vrouw bij de [email protected]', investigative journalist and writer Genova explores the world of hackers and their victims. As a non-Ict-er, she can tell them in a very accessible and engaging way and give practical tips that help employees to better protect themselves, but also their company, against the increasing digital dangers

Based on her book 'Komt een vrouw bij de [email protected]', Maria Genova regularly gives lectures to companies and organizations to make employees aware of the risks in the field of information security and to give them useful tips. In an interactive and confronting session, she shows how hackers work and how simple it is often to steal and misuse customers' privacy-sensitive data. It is not the computers that are the weakest link in computer security, but the people who work with them. They use the same password for multiple sites, click on infected links and bravely answer the questions of scammers posing as someone else. Identity fraud, with 500 cases a day, is the fastest growing form of crime in the Netherlands and affects both employees and customers. Hacked computers and mobile phones of employees are used to infect the well-secured company networks
Legislation has now been tightened up with the obligation to report data leaks and fines of up to 820,000 euros for companies that have hacked and leaked customer data. They must demonstrate that they have done everything possible to prevent such leaks, including informing their staff of the increasing digital dangers. Maria's experience is that there is still very little awareness in this area: for every question she asks, at least half the audience gives the wrong answer.
In her book 'Komt een vrouw bij de [email protected]' she shows how companies 'leak' privacy-sensitive data and how big the consequences of identity fraud are.
Genova often gives fifteen lectures a month at the invitation of companies and organisations (including the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, KPN, ING, Schiphol Airport, Eneco, Achmea, The Walt Disney Company, the Dutch Healthcare Authority, dozens of municipalities, hospitals, accounting firms, industrial companies, water boards, housing corporations, etc.). The reactions of the participants are always very shocked, they often have no idea exactly how hackers work and what they are doing wrong themselves. The advantage of Maria is that she is not an ict-er, so she can tell it in a very accessible way, without lapsing into technical terms. She also shows amusing videos that make people think
Her lectures differ per company, because she always adapts the examples to the target group. There is a lot of interest among the employees: the rooms are full everywhere. The price of the lecture is always negotiable, with a discount for multiple lectures, because she finds it important to reach as many people as possible. There is also a large discount for organisations that give the book or ebook as a gift to the participants. The 10th edition has been completed with many extra tips to protect you against hackers. The book can be arranged with a 5 euro discount per copy through the publisher.



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The artist is residing in Heemskerk

€ 1.414,-

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