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Speaker Volendam  (NL) Kees Kwakman & Freek Jansen - EK Voetbal
Golden tip

Kees Kwakman & Freek Jansen - EK Voetbal

Speaker, sports / performance

Kees Kwakman and Freek Jansen come with a special European Championship edition of their lecture. How does such a final tournament actually work for a journalist? What can we expect from Orange? And which talents should we keep an eye on?...

€ 2.250,-

Speaker Soest  (NL) Speaker Wilfred Genee
Showbird's choice

Speaker Wilfred Genee

Speaker, sports / performance

Wilfred Genee has a lot of experience in the sports industry, but also in business. He therefore knows how to put down the story sharply, substantively and with humor.

€ 6.600,-

Speaker Volendam  (NL) Kees Kwakman & Freek Jansen

Kees Kwakman & Freek Jansen

Speaker, sports / performance

In their youth, Kees Kwakman and Freek Jansen played against each other as youngsters of FC Volendam and De Graafschap. Now Kwakman and Jansen can be booked as a duo for an evening full of special, funny, sad and revealing anecdotes, which...

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Den Haag  (NL) Willem Post America expert

Willem Post America expert

Speaker, politics / governement

A unique look into that so special land of Uncle Sam. A fascinating presentation about the race to the White House and the consequences for us in the Netherlands and Europe as well. Or any other America topic!

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Speaker Maurice de Hond

Speaker Maurice de Hond

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Maurice de Hond is a Dutch pollster and entrepreneur. He enjoys speaking about entrepreneurship and politics. As of now, he is also booking on ShowBird. Make a request without obligation!

from € 2.500,- from

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Maurice de Hond: Covid facts and fables

Maurice de Hond: Covid facts and fables

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Based on data analysis and scientific studies, Maurice de Hond brings the facts about the many myths surrounding the Corona crisis.

€ 2.500,-

Speaker Amsterdam  (NL) Chazia Mourali as communications trainer

Chazia Mourali as communications trainer

Speaker, marketing / sales

Communication occurs only when there is a spark from the sender to the receiver of a message. First the emotion, then the content! Chazia's goal with every presentation is to surprise, entertain and hold the audience's attention until the...

from € 1.500,- from

Speaker New York Speaker Michiel Vos
Golden tip

Speaker Michiel Vos

Speaker, economics / finance

America correspondent Michiel Vos takes you behind the scenes of American politics and economics. Michiel also likes to talk about the opportunities for you as a Dutch entrepreneur to do business in the USA.

from € 2.500,- from

Speaker Warnsveld  (NL) Hydrogen by Paul Bombeld

Hydrogen by Paul Bombeld

Speaker, climate / sustainability

Paul Bombeld is editor-in-chief of Hydrogen Magazine and works for several chains of filling stations. He presents current developments in the hydrogen economy worldwide in an engaging and dynamic way. For business, government agencies,...

€ 995,-

Speaker Heino  (NL) Ai Flashmaster and Willem Post on USA

Ai Flashmaster and Willem Post on USA

Speaker, politics / governement

Will it be Joe Biden in November 2024 or Donald Trump after all? What impact will AI have on this election and on democratization? With ChatGPT as the new assistant, Willem Post and Ai Flashmaster Matthijs Akkenaar explain - -> what AI...

€ 3.500,-

Speaker Doorn  (NL) Kees Jansma

Kees Jansma

Speaker, sports / performance

As sports presenter, producer and former press chief of the Dutch national team Kees Jansma knows everything about (team)sports and communication. Book Kees Jansma now as a speaker through ShowBird!

from € 1.995,- from

Speaker Heemskerk  (NL) Digital trends, big data and IOT

Digital trends, big data and IOT

Speaker, science / tech / ict

Speaker: Maria Genova-Versteeg. Digital change is occurring at a rapid pace. The growth of the Internet of Things is unprecedented. The dangers of all those smart thermostats, TVs and coffee makers with wifi are underestimated. Now hackers...

€ 1.415,-

Speaker Den Haag  (NL) Speaker and chairman of the day Job Knoester

Speaker and chairman of the day Job Knoester

Speaker, human interest / behavior

With sharp wit and humor, Job Knoester takes you into the special world of TBS, criminal law, crime and journalism. As a lawyer, Job knows better than anyone how to captivate an audience if you want to get a message across. As a criminal...

€ 1.750,-

Speaker Soesterberg  (NL) Lorraine Verterink | speaker

Lorraine Verterink | speaker

Speaker, business / management

Success is having fun doing what gives great pleasure. This is Lorraine Verterink's motto. Lorraine is Bestselling author of 9 entrepreneurial books, Life & Business coach and knows how to inspire and activate people like no other.

€ 1.116,-

Speaker Blaricum  (NL) Anita Witzier as speaker

Anita Witzier as speaker

Speaker, human interest / behavior

Are you looking for a charismatic speaker with empathy? Then look no further! As presenter of TV programs such as Tien voor Taal and Hints, Anita Witzier is of course a familiar face. Combined with her friendly appearance and social...

from € 2.000,- from

Speaker Rijswijk  (Zuid Holland)(NL) Speaker Jan Joost van Gangelen

Speaker Jan Joost van Gangelen

Speaker, sports / performance

Jan Joost van Gangelen is a Dutch sports journalist and presenter who is also available for bookings as a speaker for events and meetings.

€ 3.500,-

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